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Merry Christmas!!!! And A Very Happy New Year!!!!

Dear Guys!!! For me, Christmas is really special. Its not because I am a Christian. I think, this is the only festival which has crossed all boundaries of religion, caste, creed and country. Why does it hold special? I think there are lots of factors, but the main thing that has touched me is the "Sharing Part". One Christmas, I was alone, no family, no friends and in a very very different world, far away. I was sooooooooo alone that I felt very very sad. So, I bought several gifts for the orphans of the nearby orphanage and wrapped it and kept it underneath their pillows  and felt very happy. I returned back to my place, prepared for sleep and burrowed into my blanket and something got stuck in my leg and I tried to push, wondering what can be under my blanket, thinking of all the creepy, crawly things which can give me company on this very very cold night, sent a shiver through my spine and an extra energy to my hands. I  jumped off my bed and yanked the blankets