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“My Pet”

“Loving without Conditions Caring without Criticism Frolicking with all its Might And that’s my Pet " Honourable judges, respected teachers, loving parents and my dear friends. I’m here to speak a few words about “My Pet” I have a very cute puppy named Tuffy. Small and fluffy, she is a Pomeranian. She is so white and looks at me with black eyes. My pet is my best friend. She wakes me   in the morning, by licking my face and in the evening, waits for me when I come home from school. I play with Tuffy and frolic around for an hour or two, she fetches my fallen pencils and erasers for me and pokes me when I doses off during my study time. She sleeps in my room as my companion, making me feel secure. Tuffy is a well behaved whelp. She barks when strangers come and doesn’t sit on the couch or the cushion. She doesn’t dirty the house and always keep herself clean. My family loves her and takes her to the market and for picnics too. One day Tuffy saw a snake near me, and immediately star

Techniques To Become A Good Teacher - Part 2

              Now for the best part, what is the technique to reach the said goal? Well I have just a story to tell you which really touched my heart and it would do the same for you too. And I want you to remember it when you are not happy as a person.                One evening a Swamiji of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt was addressing the participants on the concept of work culture. One of the participants asked    the following question to the Swamiji: "I am the headmaster of a very reputed school. I joined this school 25 years ago as an ordinary teacher and over the last 25 years I have gone through every experience in the school and I am now the senior teacher as well as the headmaster with all perks and independence. During the initial part of my career, the job was very challenging and    interesting. Every day was exciting and I looked forward to each day   with    lot of interest. However, all those exciting days are gone since I do   not    find my job any more interesting becaus

Techniques To Become A Good Teacher - Part 1

This   is a vast subject, with lots of ideas and ideals.   Everybody will have their own opinion on who is a good teacher, because it is impossible to please everybody at the same time. It is very difficult to say what a good teacher is. But as an experienced teacher, I think that the qualities that a teacher should maintain are the abilities to relate to their students on their own level, make learning fun and easy to understand, be nice, so students will listen, make the kids look forward to entering the classroom, and above all.... maintain control. Then we also can say, that a good teacher is someone who can learn from his students, who can learn with them, one who has no bias, open eyes to see and explore life and learning itself. He also must be honest in his relationships with students, and proud enough about his own value to work, from there, on helping his students to build their own self esteem. Now I would like to ask you all a question? Do you have a philosophy as a teacher


            Work, what is it? Is it doing something for a purpose or is it doing something because somebody has forced us to do? Well, there are many definitions which is better to avoid as anyone can define work according to his circumstances. A fortnight back, I had the opportunity to meet some special group of people whom we see only when necessary – the medical staff. My mother (mother-in-law) had a stroke and she was hospitalised for a fortnight. We were at the mercy of the hospital staff, especially the nurses. My mom(biological mother) was a nurse, so usually I had a high esteem for this group, as my mom was a dedicated nurse and her friends too were the best in the field. So I was not unhappy of my mother being hospitalised. My mother was really an old person, aged approximately 85 plus and she was paralysed on the right side. She couldn’t move or talk or eat or defecate on her own. We were new to this situation. So, we (my husband’s family and myself) were literally at the mer

Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12d-Last Chapter

          John, Lisa, Spidey and Antsy bid the three wizards farewell and left them to catch up on their news. Spidey knew that now he and Antsy had to decide what they have to do with their lives. It is not correct to always depend upon John for their livelihood. Seeing Spidey in deep thought Antsy took hold of his hand and squeezed it. Spidey, seeing the serene face of Antsy was relieved. He knew with the presence of Antsy in his life he could face any problems easily. They all reached the parlour.           John and Antsy excused themselves as they were not properly dressed for socialising. Antsy sat near Spidey and enquired, "What is it?" Spidey didn’t voice his problem loudly, but he wanted to hint but Antsy surprised him, “Are you thinking of leaving, Spidey?” Spidey couldn’t believe his ears, but he was relieved. I don’t know, what to do. Do you think its right to always live here depending John and Lisa? Antsy shrugged (lifting both shoulders). “Well to be frank we ar

Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12c

          Both the human forms just like Spidey and Antsy, except for the dark hair stood at the doorway. Both Spidey and Antsy stood up and all the others followed with wonder and awe (admiration). They couldn’t believe it. But still it was the truth -   a happy truth. Master Troy turned towards Ramo and patted on his shoulder. You have indeed done a great job son. I’m really proud of you. Troy pulled Rufus towards him and embraced him and whispered, “Thanyou son, your duty has been fulfilled.           Lisa couldn’t believe that she was transformed into her old self. She felt like a treasure box. She would never part with it. She would cherish what she has with her life, to become a human being.           John felt his body, his hands, legs, face, eyes. Gone were the Spindley legs and loads of eyes. It was wonderful to have been bestowed as nature’s best of creatures – a human being. He looked around to find Lisa, as beautiful as she was or has she become a bit more beautiful? But he

Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12b

          He took the two bottles, kept it on the table and turned towards John, “Please do come forward John.” John did as he was told and Ramo joined his hands as in prayer and closed his eyes in front of John and spoke softly but clearly, “I’m really sorry for the curse I had cast upon your forefather which you had to go through for no reason of yours and your wife Lisa’s. I would really like to rectify my mistake. Ramo opened his eyes and looked at all the assembled and at John and Lisa. Everybody felt, it as a genuine apology. John cleared his throat and said, “Ramo, it’s OK. We accept your apology. Everyone do make mistakes, at least you are able to bring us back to our natural forms. But most of the time we won’t be able to correct our mistakes. Everybody nodded.           Ramo asked John to follow him to the adjacent (nearby) room. Rufus extended one of his gowns to Ramo. With the gown and one of the bottles, they both went to the adjacent room and closed the door. Lisa was v

Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12a

       “So Antsy, Ready?” Yes Rufus, Hey Roby, I’m leaving, we’ll meet tomorrow. “Yes aunty and thank you uncle Rufus for giving my first broom ride.” Rufus smiled and waved at Roby and moved towards his house with Antsy. They were talking when they heard a swish over them and they saw, Ramo coming towards them on his broom. They smiled and greeted him. Rufus opened the door and invited both Antsy and Ramo in. When Ramo entered, he couldn’t believe his eyes. In front of him sat Master Troy, his teacher.         He felt so happy that he couldn’t stop crying. He went and embraced his master and spoke, Oh master, I’m so glad to meet you, I really felt so lonely without you. I’m really sorry that I hurt you. I really do not want to leave you. Will you live with me? Please?” He didn't answer as there were things to be fulfilled. Troy was very happy to meet his best student. He felt contented when he was able to see Ramo and embrace him. He looked over the shoulder of Ramo at Rufus, who

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–11d

          Really! so its true, that it can make anything happen? “Yes Rufus, Anything can happen, but it should not harm any other living being only then it would work or else it would do more harm than good. Do you have anything to fulfil, Rufus?” Rufus smiled shyly and said, “Yes master I have two wishes to fulfil.” I have come to wish for John and Lisa who are now spider and ant to be transformed to their old selves when Ramo gives his curse antidote and my second wish is, I want to nullify the effect of Infinity leaf from my body, so that I can live a complete life with surprises and fulfilment. Master Troy nodded understandingly. "Then don’t waste time, better wish when the moonlight is still on the tree."           Rufus took his wand and touched a silver bud of the tree and closed his eyes and wished for John and Lisa. Then he touched another silver bud and wished for himself. He felt an electric current passing through him and immediately his eyesight became dim and h

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–11b

Ramo felt ashamed of his situation. Rufus continued, he didn’t criticise Ramo for anything, but he spoke, “ Ramo I want you to rectify the mistake you made, it would be the right way to decurse it.” OK. But can I ask you something? “What is it?” Who are the people affected by this curse? “The best way to know about them is to meet them. I’ll introduce you to them. Come with me.” Ramo followed Rufus with his broom and Rufus took the lead. They reached the castle within seconds and Ramo could not believe his eyes, he saw one of the weirdest scenes of his entire life, a giant spider and ant talking like human beings and mingling with humans. Seeing Rufus and Ramo the group stood up. Antsy came forward with a smile and said “Oh Rufus you were able to cure Ramo, that’s so wonderful. How do you feel Ramo?” Like a just born baby. Everyone smiled and Ramo and Rufus joined the others. They had tea and then Rufus introduced everyone to Ramo and told the entire incident from the previous day. And

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–11c

Ramo immediately reached his abode and went to his library and searched for the parchment he had kept hidden years back. He had written the antidote of the curse he had cast on Sir Bradley. He searched for sometime and he found it in his memento box which his teacher, Troy had given him which should be used only for very important purposes. He kept the box on the small table and with his magic wand recited some magic words over the box and the box started shaking and then a parchment flew out of the box. Ramo caught it immediately in mid-air and took the box and kept it back in its nook in the library.           Ramo started reading the antidote of the curse and went to his potion room, a very vast one. He had a large collection of very rare ingredients, which he had collected over the years. He reached his work table and extending his magic wand, shouted “Collecto Ingredio” and all the ingredients started shaking and he continued, “numero 34” and a bottle of flower petals flew from th

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–11a

          Rufus placed his wand on the mixture and lo behold! all the ingredients were absorbed into the wand and he took the wand and placed it on Ramo’s legs and electric sparks started emanating (coming out) from   the mixture applied on the legs and Ramo could feel his feet, he could wriggle (move) it, then he began to move his legs and suddenly Ramo was standing on his own two feet. He started to walk, run, jump, shouting “I can walk again. Oh Rufus, thankyou sooooooooooo much” and he hugged him so tightly that Rufus breath stopped in the middle.           After sometime, when Ramo’s excitement subsided (came down), he came towards Rufus, who was sitting on the couch. He sat beside him and asked seriously, “What can I do for you Rufus in return for this favour?” Rufus smiled and said, “Nothing, I have one more thing to give you.” Ramo looked at him quizzically. “Your Magic Power”. Ramo’s eyes widened, you could bring it back? Rufus nodded and extended his wand towards the air and

Adventures of Spidey–Face to Face-Chapter–10d

Rufus nodded, with a small smile flickering on his lips, then he spoke softly, “Yes I found the infinity leaf and I drank its potion too but   I have a price to pay, though with lots of perks, I have lost my freedom to view the rising sun, the blooming flowers, to move around during day time.” Now I know the value of day, the sun. I have brought you the infinity potion. Ramo could not believe his ears. He had been in search of this leaf for years and now when he lost hope and gave his parrot, and removed the idea from his head, it came to him. But he had already decided to give up living infinitely. He wanted to live his life to its full capacity and to complete his span of life. For that he has to be a whole person - The person, whom Troy had found, the person who helped the lad from the jaws of death, the person who could rectify the mistakes due to his curse. And now is the time. He looked directly at Rufus and spoke, “Thankyou Rufus for giving me a choice of limited or unlimited li

Adventures of Spidey–Face to Face-Chapter–10c

To bring you back to your own good self. Troy used to say that you were very understanding and kind and helpful. You were the best he has ever found. But you got deviated. How did it happen, Ramo? Ramo slowly closed his eyes and lay down deep into his bed. Then he opened his eyes and looked towards the ceiling and tried to remember the incident which turned her life. It was just like it happened yesterday. He was 20 and he had only one wish – to become a great wizard. But one day as I was walking through the forest there was a heavy downpour and I just ran to a shade of a big tree. I had to wait for sometime for the downpour to stop. As I was waiting I found a big hole in the tree I just peeped through the hole but it was dark. I with my wand lighted the place and I found a very old book. I slowly took it to my room and in that I found very rare and powerful magic. I was very happy and I tried to practise it in my room, but before long, my teacher, Troy found out and he warned me not t

Adventures of Spidey–Face to Face-Chapter–10b

Oh My God, its his little friend. He had been searching for this boy. How come he is here. “Son, how come you are here? How did you become a wizard?” Sir, you really helped me a lot by giving me this container. If it weren’t for this powder my family could not have had any warm nights during winters. You made my life easy. So I came in search of you in the forest several times to meet you, but it was no use. Then I saw an old man while returning from the forest. He asked me, what I was doing in the forest. I didn’t feel to say other than the truth. He was very happy to hear the truth. He introduced himself as your teacher in wizardry, Troy. I expressed an interest becoming his pupil (student). He willingly accepted and I became wizard, but he used to say, you were the best, but you had lost track of your ambition, but he hoped one day, you’ll find the right path. But I hoped to meet you once more, so that I’d be able to thank you properly for saving my life. Hearing all these Ramo smil

Adventures of Spidey–Face to Face-Chapter–10a

Rufus found Ramo sleeping peacefully. He sat beside his bed looking at him lovingly. He was happy to be near the person, who had saved his life. It was years back when he was 8 years old. He was a normal kid just like Roby but he was an orphan. They were three children, His elder brother, Mark elder sister, Marie and himself. They were staying in their parents house and it was his duty to collect firewood from the forest. As he was collecting firewood alone in the forest, he heard a crackle and turned to look directly into the eyes of a panther. He was so shocked that he lost his voice. He knew, that any moment, he’ll be in the mouth of the panther. He closed his eyes very tightly and stood there without moving. Suddenly he found himself airborne (flying). and he opened eyes to see himself high above the ground and he looked up to see a man with smiling grey eyes and he put him just outside the forest area and asked, “Well, that was close, isn’t it?” Rufus nodded. “Next time don’t s

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–9c

          As the sun began its descend, Rufus, adorned (put on) his official wizard costume and took his magic wand and his broom. It had been long since he had met any other wizards and he had a jittery (nervous) feeling. He was a recluse since he had consumed (drank) the infinity potion. He didn’t feel necessary to communicate with others and the constraints (control) the magic potion has put on him forced him to be indoors for the whole day, which made him nocturnal (night time traveller).           Now thanks to Sir Bradley, I hope to make changes within myself and the society of magic. Ramo was an evil person, he couldn’t be predicted. He can cheat. But the infinity potion acts as a barrier to thefts, cheating and lies. Nothing can touch me. But I hope he doesn’t lose his ethics on another wizard. If he does, he won’t be able to be revived of his magical powers. I hope he knows the rules.           He went to his potion cabinet and mixed some potions and some herbs and made it int

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–9b

Antsy smiled and walked towards the castle along with Roby, Rambo and the parrot. All were present in the tea room, except for Rufus. Spidey seeing Antsy's arrival, jumped up from his seat and came forward. “How did it go?” Oh it was fine. He was happy to see us, isn’t it Roby? Roby nodded a bit nervously. Look, he presented him with his rainbow parrot. They all were surprised to see such a valuable gift given so freely. “So that means, he has dropped the infinity leaf?” enquired John. Yes, that’s what he’s told. He just wants to walk and return to become a wizard. I have already introduced Rufus to him and he’s happy to meet him today in the evening. At that moment they heard soft footsteps through the corridor and all turned towards the noise and there in his black robe stood Rufus. Immediately, the rainbow parrot flew towards Rufus and sat on his shoulders. Roby was shocked to see his gift just flying away so easily. But Rufus, spoke something to the parrot and the parrot flew b

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–9a

Roby was sitting near Ramo and playing with the rainbow parrot. The parrot was very smart. Roby was so excited to have it. He couldn’t control his excitement. Ramo had given his pet to him for helping him sit comfortably. That was easy for him. He was not expecting anything from this fearful looking person other than fright. But he was kind. Antsy slowly moved towards them taking in this happy scene and all looked up seeing her and Roby helped her with the tray so that Antsy could arrange the bed to serve food for Ramo. She did with ease and let Ramo eat the food in private as they knew that he was hungry. Ramo ate the whole food while they looked around the house. Seeing all the curios, Roby didn’t like to leave the place. It was a place worth exploring. “Aunty, have you seen these types of things before?” Antsy shrugged, No Roby, this is the first. “It’s a treasure house isn’t it?” I don’t know. Is it very expensive? “No aunty, we don’t find this everywhere, its very rare and we won’

Adventures of Spidey–In The Forest-Chapter–8d

I have a friend, named Rufus. Do you know him? Ramo shook his head in the negative. He is a wizard, he can help you regain back your magic powers and also back your health. He is the person who sent me here, but the only problem is, he is unable to come during day time. If you are willing to accept him as your friend, he will be here by dusk (evening). Ramo scratched his chin thinking very deeply and then wide eyed, he asked, “Do you know, why he’s unable to travel in the morning?” Antsy smilingly replied, “Why don’t you ask him directly, it would be much more easier isn’t it?” Ramo smiled and replied, “I’d surely like to meet your friend Rufus, but what about my current (present) situation? I’m really feeling hungry.” Where’s the kitchen? “Over there, Ramo pointed towards the kitchen. Antsy walked towards the kitchen and Roby followed her silently, but Ramo stopped him and asked, “Were you the person, who was playing in the forest yesterday?” Roby with fear filled eyes turned toward

Adventures of Spidey–In The Forest-Chapter–8c

“How did you know?” Well, I’m not a witch. My name is Antsy and this is Roby. I really could help you. Just think that I’m your friend. I saw you were suffering and I knew that you had camouflaged your house with the rainbow flowered tree and locked with a sing-a-song password. Isn’t it? Ramo’s mouth were agape (open-mouthed). “No one knows about my presence here. How did you know?” Now, its time for food, so what should I do for you Ramo? “If you could bring my magic wand, then I can prepare my own food. But I don’t know whether it would work as I have been incapacitated (injured).” We can try and see whether it would work and she went to the room she had seen yesterday and took the magic wand and gave it to Ramo. He swished his magic wand but there wasn’t any response. Ramo felt depressed. He didn’t know, what he was going to do without his wand. His life as a wizard has come to a close. Seeing his sad face Antsy consolingly came to Ramo and said, “Don’t worry Ramo, I’ll bring you ba