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Which Route?

Take Risk is easy to say, but do you know what you are taking risk from?  deciding  between good and bad or black and white or yes and no, which means we are replanning our life. If we are following the same route, there is no need for any thought, we can even reach destination closed eyes. But in this type of life, there would be no room for growth, it would be stagnant, that is the time we take a decision, to cut a new path, it would not be easy. That is a bit risky, but still,if you are courageous to make the move, then, that would be a turning point to the path of success. The lives of famous people proves it. Even Gods too proved that, taking risk can resurrect you from the dead. Yes you guessed it right, Jesus Christ. He took the decision to die on the cross and look what happened, he resurrected from the dead. That's impossible, right? But that's the beauty of taking risk, you making the impossible, possible, making yourself invincible. Isn't it cool? Yeah

Steadfast Commitment of the Tree

Rafael, why is it that we are like trees? Nature, is our users manual, which shows how we should live, and the tree is the pictorial representation or we can say real life representation, now we learned, the importance of sun for the survival of plants and be sure, that the plant have no choice, because its a necessity, without sun, it will not live. We too have a necessity, a necessity for survival, not by food or water, but by our inner light, without that we would be lost. Now the next quality of tree, which is very important for its survival is, steadfast commitment to the soil. What does that mean Rafael? First and foremost, it stays true to the soil whicg gave place for its survival and even after death, it would hold steadily the soil together and give the very last of its very being to its creator, the soil, which means, we should have a commitment to our creator, that too an unwavering commitment. We are not the owners of our being, it has to return back to the cr

Family First

Chapter - 27     “Now back to the story, the lady died. So we buried her in her own courtyard and the princess too stayed there until all the rituals were completed.” “Rafael, did the hermit stay back?” “No he left, saying, the old lady is accompanying him to his hermitage, as she always wished to go there. So he left immediately.” “But Rafael, how can he do that? Isn’t have any consideration for the old lady?” “Yes, he had, Rebecca, that’s why he left immediately. For the people who have find the path to God, know that there is a soul, which lives forever and for them the soul is important than the body, that’s why he left because for the soul there are no barriers. And he knew, the love the old lady had towards him. So she would reach there to see his place, that’s why he ran.” All nodded. “But Alfonso, the old lady left and the hermit too left, then how did you return to the main land, with a fleet of ship filled with gold?” “After burying the o

Just Shut Up!!!!!!!

Chapter - 23 All took seats for breakfast. Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened. "Father, where did you get the Amulet?" "In my bandage." "Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced. “Father, sorry, I didn’t get your permission, but I felt, Alfonso needed it, more than me.” “Don’t worry my child, you did the right thing or else, I would not have walked.” All nodded. “But father, how did it return here?” “It has served the purpose of protecting. If I am not wrong. he might actually be right on our door step.” “Really!!!!!!!!!!!” “Hmmmm.” At that time there was a knock on the door and Sanjo ran to the door and indeed Alfonso and the rest of the crew was there safe and sound.” “Oh Captain!!!!!!!!!! we were just speaking about you. But you were quick in returning. Did you kno

Waiting with Love....

Chapter - 20  “The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.” “What was so special about the gift Rafael?” “Well, every time when the hermit arrives, he brings something unique, which satisfies her need, that brings the old lady lasting happiness, inner peace and above all contentment.” “Rafael, what is it, you are really trying our patience.” “Well, that is what he brought, patience.” “Rafael, are you joking? How can we bring patience?” Rafael smiled and nodded. “Yes Ajay, he had brought patience and that too which could be seen and felt.” “But how is that possible?” “Patience is one big thing, which is very important in every living being’s life.” “A mother has to wait, till her baby is out of the womb. A bird has to wait to hatch its chick. A child has to wait to grow, sun takes time to rise and set, the flower takes time to bloom, season has a time to arrive, trees takes time to bear fruits. And we have to wait to see the results and for

Know your Future

Chapter - 18 “Rafael, there’s a small question, which has been nagging at me for sometime,  before we go to the story, you told there is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives. Rafael, do you mean to say that even after death, we would relive on this Earth?” “Yes Monica, we would be born again physically, but our spirit, our soul has only one life, there is no death for the soul. We are born from the God soul and end in God soul, but if we have to get united to the God soul we should gain perfection and that is possible only when we fulfill all our wishes, promises and clear our curses, bad behaviours, etc…. until then we will be born again and again.” “Thank you Rafael, I’ll have to redo my life.” All nodded and smiled. “Now Rafael, what happened to Alfonso and the crew, they rectified the problem of

Lost in Time

Chapter - 17 “Rafael, what happened when Alfonso stepped on the open space?” “The act which happened 2000 years back came back to life.” “What!!!!!! You mean, the prince and princess on dry land?” “Yes Mathew, the ocean floor disappeared and instead of the ocean and all the crew members transformed into their old self, the witch, in the act of stealing the crown of the princess and the prince with his sword.” “Wow!!!!!!! So they have turned the time back within a few seconds.” “Well, you can say that Mathew, 2000 years, some minutes and seconds.” “But how did that happen?” “There are some deeds, which we are destined to do. No matter we think, that there are so many people in this wide world, some works, it could be fulfilled through us and at that time, we are the key to the lock. Our presence is enough for the action to be done. Here Alfonso was the only person, who could save the princess, that is why, he got the amulet, as a protection, tha

The Unending Life

Chapter - 15 “ Christopher nudged Alfonso with his snout, he was actually a dolphin now. So Alfonso straddled on him and all the crew followed the princess to a cave and the force with the water was coming, it was very difficult to get into the cave.” “Oh!!!!!!!! so its good, that they became fishes or else, how could they have got in?” But Alfonso held on to Christopher tightly and they travelled for sometime. “Alfonso, how come you didn’t transform and we did? forget I asked. Now I know, why this many years, no one was able to help this princess. They might all be becoming fishes” Christopher spoke to Alfonso with his thoughts. “But Rafael, how did the princess stay young and not died?” “Good question, Mark. There is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives because that wish or that duty is imprinte

The Purse

Chapter - 2 “Rafael, what did Alfonso see?” “He saw a dismembered body of a man, with full consciousness.” “You mean, the legs and hands cut off?” “Exactly” “Oooo….h my God. But Rafael, why should Alfonso be shocked at seeing this sight? He usually kills people?” “Well, Alfonso never killed people, Monica. He would never harm anyone in the process of looting. He usually locks them in a room and takes off their valuables but if there is surplus food and water, they would take some and. they never attacked cruise ships. They targeted only cargo ships.” “That’s a relief.” All nodded. “Then what happened?” “He immediately called the other crew members and they all arrived quickly. Sanjo lighted his torch and lighted all the lamps. Since these people knew, the basic first aid, they immediately got to work, first placing the sick man in a safe and comfortable place, as he had to wait till the current situation is rectified.” All nodded “Ra