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Happy Diwali

    Hey guys!!! Happy Diwali!!! Its simply awesome to know that I am still in the middle of fire crackers and sweets. The whole place is filled with gaiety and glitter. The expression on the faces of both young and old is simply touching. All have a small smile lingering when they see the sparkler light or the rockets flying over rooftops, but the nostalgia of it all stays for the days that follow. I have had several Diwalis in my life. And I always think, why waste money on burning crackers, when there are hoards of people out there in the street who are looking at the same rockets but not enjoying the spectacle as their stomachs are crackling more louder than any crackers. The tears that flow when hunger calls is heart rending than any other tears.           It was during one of my Diwali celebration that I met Mayur, a six year old rag picker, with his two street friends Radha and Sohail both near and above his age, all washed and scrubbed clean. They were going around hous


Tears - The flood gate of the heart is the most heartrending master piece of God. Tears – The undoing of oneself as well as others Tears – The Best expression of sadness as well as happiness. When we win, we cry. When we lose we cry When born, we cry When we die, others cry Wow!!!! That’s a lot of emotion in one Expression. But Why Tears? ??????? G aaaa wwwwddd its so messy!!! Handkerchiefs, nose blowing, bleary eyed, hiccups....... Its because we are earthlings, we live like human beings. Hii Hi Hi!!!! Sorry, don’t misunderstand, as per scientists, we are the much more advanced stage of apes, a cloistered existence. We are happy, when we get something and sad, when we lose. And in a day, how much losing and winning, hurts and comforts, pleasure and pressure takes place, God only knows. Is it worth it to go through all these on a daily basis? Don’t you think, that we really are in a mixer being churned and churned with all these experiences, life long? Come on g