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Happily Ever After Series - I Respect Me

We always want everyone to respect us. For that, we go to any extremes to make people notice, our actions and words. And when the targeted people do not acknowledge it and do not respect us, we feel sad and depressed. Stop right there. Imagine you consciously smiled at someone. You should feel happy because you really gave a smile without expecting anything in return from that person.  When you are conscious of each moment of your life, you will feel proud of yourself and you'll feel, I really did a good job in smiling.  You do not need to do any grand gestures, just simple things in life can make a lot of difference. When each action counts, you will start feeling proud of yourself. So after each kind, loving and caring thought, word or action, be thankful and look around, you will feel that the world is changing around you. But in reality, its you who changed this world. So, let's start the journey together for  "A Happily Ever After Life". Meena