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My Big Dinosaurian Fear

Yesterday I saw fear face to face. Its not an easy moment. But I liked that experience, you know, that is how I knew that I had fear within me. When I look back to my life I have found that there is not a single moment without fear. Then how come, I was able to survive? Simple!!!!! By looking at myself, I have no role in my birth, growth, daily happenings and all these happened without my being aware. Then why am I frightened? For nothing. Then why waste my fear for nothing? So I just didn't allow my fear to take over. But yesterday it took over. I was in a beach, though I live near the beach, compared to my beach, the beach I was facing was like a huge elephant near an ant. So when huge waves which are ready to gobble up the whole place rise, I really felt like fleeing, but I tried to control my mind and I sat there facing it for half an hour, seeing the uprising and the disintegration of these giant waves within the span of mere seconds. I felt like laughing at my stup