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How old are you guys?

Seventeen Fourteen Thirteen Are you sure? I feel, you are above thousand years old. Rafael, we know you are not joking, even in Guinness book, it is 115 years old, and then how will we cross 1000 and still look youthful? Because you are spirit. Spirit has no death. You didn't arrive in this world just seventeen or fourteen or thirteen years before. You were here long before that. Who knows, you might have been the first parents or the Pharaoh of Egypt. Whoever you may be or whatever you are, during each lifetime whatever actions you have done would return to you, if it has not returned in that very life, it crosses to the next life or lives. No wonder, why some people always are not lucky from birth onwards, I have thought it If you have hurt your parents in your previous life, by ill treating them, by putting them in oldage homes or someone else's home or pushed them into the street and abused them, beat them, then it has to return to you. That is why, some chil

An Excerpt - Why Should You Love Your Parents

Can I ask a question Raj? Sure Rafael, What is it? Who are your parents? Naturally, my dad and mom. You are right, and can anyone say, what is their specialtye? One thing is sure, the main specialty of parents is, and they are not short of advices. They feed us, cloth us, and try to give us a comfortable life. Hmmm. that about sums them up, good Ranjith. But do they understand you, when you are facing a problem or do they know your wishes, when it blooms in your heart? I don't think so Rafael, but sometimes, yes, they do answer our hearts but not always, they do not understand us. Have you ever thought why our parents cannot understand us? Because they are our parents, normal human beings. But, do you know, why you thought it? Because they sometimes are more dumb to our ideas. No children, don't say such words, it’s because in you, you know that they are not your real parents. Whaaaaaat!!!!!! Sorry, I had to shock you, it's better now than never,