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Face Value - Jinson S Velamkunnel

Hey Guys!!!! Today its the boys of my class I am supposed to speak about, believe it or not these guys were gentlemen through and through but if you ask me very deeply about them, I would not know a single thing, because this was a convent school, the nuns were overwhelmingly protective when it comes to mingling with boys. That doesn't mean we cannot talk, we talk, joke, etc..etc.. but not the heart to heart talking eh!!! Still, I would like to write what I felt about these guys and how it made a difference in my life, it might not be true from their perspective. I am just jotting what I felt and make sure you understand, its my perspective okay???? So I will start with Jinson S Velamkunnel. He is a first bencher and a very studious boy. He was a real masterpiece in thinking. His thoughts had depth. Its like if we are talking chemistry, he thinks in chemistry, but does not connect to the real world, for eg :- 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom combine to form water, b