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To Have Christmas The Whole Year Round

Hey Guys!!! I just watched a Christmas movie and you know what? I love to always watch Christmas movies, if ever I get a chance, even if it is in the middle of an hectic schedule, I wouldn't miss it. You might wonder Why I like it or What I like about it?  Its the uplifting experience, its the feeling of joy, love, anticipation and that special something.... Hmmmm...the special something? Well, its nothing but, " The Gift" Yes, The Gift . Christmas is the time of giving. That is when we feel happy. Even before we give, we tend to anticipate what the person who gets our gift would feel. And the subsequent feeling of Love..... peace... happiness....Hmm the perfect mix of feelings for a good contented  life. In short - Just give something, it can be a smile or a helping hand in work or wherever or gifts as in material gifts thing, a good word, a kind gesture, an ear to hear, etc.... etc...etc... Believe it, small small simple acts is what mainly counts in th