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I Believe in God

Hey Friends Yesterday I had the most touching conversation with my friend. He is abroad. It was his birthday two days back. So I happened to ask him, how he celebrated his birthday because I was thinking that he would not have come out of his stupor of sumptuous meal. He said, "None knew it was my birthday and I made sure to keep it like that because, that day they do not have the cook to prepare food. Anyway, he decided to forego lunch. Since the decision was made, the day started as usual bright & sunny. Did I say, my friend is a priest? Well, he is a priest. So he presided the 7 am mass on his birthday. After mass, an Indian man, a marine surveyor came to the priest and asked, "Fr. are you free today?" Priest :- "Yes, until 5 pm because I have a prayer meeting scheduled at 5.  Mariner :- "Oh Good, would you be able to bless my home Fr?" Priest :- "No issue, if you are ready, I can come with you now itself." Mariner