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Its Boring & Lonely

Hey Guys!!!! This is an apt description for this generation or shall we say the mankind of this era? What happened to bring us to this situation? Well!!! its high time to re-evaluate our lifestyle, what do you think? Shall we? If you want it in a sentence what's wrong with us, then face the truth, we have a void within ourselves that we are trying to fill it with some sort of activity like having fun, party, eat, shop, sex, learn, read, pray, surround with friends, family, love,  the dream girl/boy, etc..etc.. but still you cannot fill it, you are not happy. The happiness we get from the above activities is a momentary thing. After a day or two, you are in the same craving state, a feeling of something missing. Its an unending void and it cannot be filled, no matter what you do. Did you know it? Well, its true, you cannot fill it with the activities stated above, but don't lose heart, you can be fulfilled in the simplest way,  if you love your self, if you respect