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This One Habit Can Make You Successful

    What is it? It’s Passion. Let me tell you a story   “One day, an old man came to town. He told his neighbour that he needed someone to help him in his work for a month. The only condition was, the person should be willing to work. So, the neighbour went to her son, Ajaya and asked, “Would you like to work for your neighbour? Ajaya replied, “Is there a pay?” The neighbour answered, “He’s an old man, so it won’t be much.” The son shook his head and replied, “No mom. I am not interested.” In life, if you put a price for the work you do, then your heart will shut off. And your intelligence and mind will be working overtime, planning your future, which would be an utter failure. Why is that? The heart is your antenna to God or the Universe, that receives all the good things and good people towards you. It’s the heart that attracts all opportunities towards you. Now back to the story,     Luckily, Ajaya’s friend Joby, who had come to meet Ajaya, spoke, “Ajaya, is it okay, if I take up th

A Life Lesson You Should Learn From Children To Make You Successful

    Why are children always happy? Why don’t they have any problems? Let me tell you a story. Two-year-old Jacqueline and her sister, 17-year-old Soniya were watching the Animal planet. Both were  watching a lion chasing a deer. After the show, the lion came out of the Television set. Soniya ran out screaming, but, baby Jacqueline welcomed the lion with a smile and started playing with it and it never harmed her. Why did Soniya run? because Soniya judged the lion for attacking and killing the deer and Jacqueline accepted the lion as it is, without judgement.   Let me tell you Another story   3 year old Dennis saw the tip of a saucer at the edge of the dining table. She stretched herself to take it, but in that saucer, there was a cup too. So when she pulled the saucer, she couldn’t hold it in her small fingers, both the cup and the saucer fell down and crashed on the floor. But Dennis didn’t stop there, She took a piece of the saucer, unfortunately, she cut her finger. Blood started oo

A Teenager's Happily Ever After Guide

Hey Guys Wishing you all the Very Best New Year. May all your wishes come true. May you have love, peace, happiness, prosperity in abundance. My New e Book published in amazon which you can get anywhere in the world. "A Teenager's Happily Ever After" Guide is a ready to live book for all ages, caste, creed, nationality and sex. It gives you an idea of, Why you are here in this world? What is the point in living? Why is your life going in circles? Why is your life boring? How can you get out of this life cycle? And many more. But this is specially written for teenagers in their language they understand. Why teenagers? “Teenage Years” the best years of a person’s life. The time you are free with no cares. It’s the time you are bursting to make decisions like an adult. You are fearless. You do not believe in “Impossibl