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Passion - The Backbone of Life

The most important thing, one need to find in life is passion. If you have not found it yet, then it isn't late, search it and find it, even if it takes your entire lifetime. Why os it so important to find passion? Passion helps you make you human. Passion, can help you open doors to the world of love, peace, happiness and fulfillment. Passion is the gateway to heaven. Passion is one easy way to find God. If the whole world knew what their passion was, then this world would have been a better place to live. Hope you would find your passion and live happily ever after.

Social Media - Effects On Students

       12 year old John’s day begins by checking his facebook, instagram and wattsapp messages, responds every message with likes, hearts and smileys and posts his own quirky comments and selfies and checks on the likes he receives for that. He has his breakfast, watching youtube and his free time is completely used for playing group games from different parts of the world and in between, he checks his facebook, Instagram and wattsapp status. As the day comes to an end, John’s day never ends, his day is still alive and thriving with games and chats and posts. That is the effect of Social Media on students.      Social media, which connects people and helps in exchanging information from different parts of the world in a blink of an eye is both a curse and a boon for students. Before social media, we received limited information through parents, teachers and libraries. Now we can immerse in the ocean of information without leaving the comfort of our room. The range of information we can

How To Control Your Mind?

  There is only one way to do that. Meditation. That does not mean, sit in one place, close your eyes and breathe. Well, if you can do that, then that's perfectly cool. But if you can meditate, every waking hour, then, that is the best way. How do we do that? So, let's find, "who usually says, Meditation is boring?" Yes, your mind. What exactly is meditation? Meditation is to find your inner silence and peace. What exactly happens, when you decide to meditate or pray or be quiet? Your mind will shout "Its BORING!!!" You know you will have to sit there without TV, without your phone and you will have to sit still. You know it's impossible. You have so much to study, to work, to go there, etc... And you will hear it and say, "Yes, its boring and you have no time." You are now a slave of your mind. It is controlling you and you are not even aware of it. All the problems you are having in life is because  you are following what your mind is saying.

How To Stop Creating Negativities?

By consciously being aware that whatever you think, speak and do has a consequence. You are an energy being. Whatever you think, say or do, all has the same consequence. If you think bad but didn't do anything bad, that doesn't mean, you have not done anything bad. You have done bad because you thought it. Because, thought, word and action all produce the same vibration. So consciously stop yourself, when you begin to think bad.  If you can control yourself from bad thoughts, then you can stop creating negativities. It's easy to say, but very difficult to follow in life because you need to control your mind to stop from thinking bad. Because every human being thinks only bad of others, which we call judgemental. If you can control your mind. Then you will have only good consequence in life. Good luck with that. Bye. Meena

How Can You Break Your Rebirth Cycle?

 Quite easily. Let's check how can we break the water cycle. You cannot break the water cycle. But you can break a drop of water from the water cycle. How? When Hydrogen separates from Oxygen or vice versa. Then there will be no water, in its place it will be Hydrogen and Oxygen. Likewise, you can get out of this rebirth cycle. If you can remove hurt, anger, hatred and all negative, thoughts, feelings and emotions from you.  When you have no cravings, needs or dreams.  And if you fill yourself completely with love. Then you can break the cycle of rebirth. So live your life, wisely. And how can you remove your negativities? That's a topic for another day. Until then. Bye Meena

There is Reincarnation

How can I say that? Its simple. We are energy beings. For energy, there is no death or birth. It only transforms from one form to another . So you transform until you stop your vibration. Let me give you an example. Look at nature,   Let's check the water cycle Solid ice, when melted, becomes water.  This water, when heated, becomes steam and  after some time,  the steam cannot be seen.  But we know, that this steam,  is rising up the sky.  As it is rising, it will join other water bodies from ponds, rivers, seas, oceans, trees, gutters, etc. and become cloud. When the cloud becomes heavy, the water comes down from the sky and falls either  in oceans or ponds or mountains or fields or somewhere else. And what happens to the water? Its life starts all over again from wherever it fell until it becomes steam again to go up the sky.  This, is "A Never Ending Cycle". Its unimaginable right? John 3:3 New International Version Jesus replied,  “Very truly I tell you, no one can s

How Can We Forgive Our Enemies?

That's easily said, but very very difficult to follow. We all know, that when we do something, we will have to face its consequence. If it's negative, then negative consequence. If it's positive, then positive consequence. When Adam made the first mistake,  he had to face the consequence and we too. Do you think, God would have forgiven him,  if he had said, "I'm sorry, please forgive me"  instead of blaming Eve? " Of course. And not only that, God would have loved him more."  But unfortunately, Adam just blamed Eve for his wrong doing. Now look where it ended. I am writing and you are reading about it. Remember, no one can force you to make a mistake, unless, you choose to do it. So there is no point in blaming anyone for your mistake. But what has it to do with enemies? The people whom we say as enemies are the people who are here to clear our mistakes which we did. What does that mean? When you make a mistake, in thought, word or action, it become

What Are The Consequence of Your Choices And How Will You Face it?

In the Bible, the first mistake was the mistake of Adam. When Adam made his first mistake. His consequence continued for all mankind and is still continuing.  So what happens when you make a mistake? You would be blocked out from light. The light which is your lifeline, that gives love, peace, happiness, abundance and all the good things you imagine. You will be in darkness where hatred, anger, hurt, unforgiving and all the bad unimaginable lives. That will all be filled inside you. And we all think, God gave this situation, you cannot do anything about it. But in reality, you can. That's why Jesus had to come and die on the cross. When Jesus, died on the cross, everyone thought, it was unfair. But in reality it was actually a study tour of facing the consequence. We blamed Judas, the pharisees and the people, for crucifying Jesus. But in reality, they did not do it purposefully, they were all part of helping clear the consequence of one single mistake, Adam made.  Imagine!!! If th

When Do We Make Bad Choices?

Hey Guys There is no such thing as good or bad choice.  Whatever you choose to do or say or think is always right.  Its the consequences of that choice, which sometimes won't be what you expected and it can follow you lifelong.  So don't blame your destiny, you chose it. The only advise I can give you is,  " Choose Wisely ".  The key to make the right choice is, look around and watch the people who made the same choices and how they are living.  Sometimes elders advise, about wrong choices, hear them and then decide, they can save you from several heart breaks and tears.  But then, that too would be your choice. Good Luck!! See you. Meena


 Hey guys The best moments of our life is in small things, that happen at the right time at the right place, with the right people. There is no better time than now, which you have it in plenty to acknowledging whatever you have, because nothing stays for long. Enjoy it, while you have it. If you want to make your life a success, then value you, your relationships and the time you have now. It's the people who makes our life special.

What to Expect from Life?

Hey guys In life, when you give your best, people don't see it as such. In fact, they take it in the opposite sense. And you feel sad and depressed. But don't be. That, is life.  Your life is your mirror image. In a mirror, your right becomes its left. So, when everything goes wrong, remember, you did indeed gave your best shot. Now you know what to expect from life. Enjoy it while you have it. No matter what, others think, the consequence of your action, will always be the best. See you. Meena