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The Alone Time

Hey Guys!!!! Its so long since I spoke to you. I had a pilgrimage to fulfill for my mother. So I left for 4 whole days. Isn't it lovely????? You know when we travel, we meet people of different culture, caste, tradition, outlook and perspective and its a small window to a world which we have not thought about.  So I met a youngster, very energetic with very positive outlook, while I was talking, I asked, "Are you happy with your life?" He replied without any hesitation that he was, he loved his job. I asked, how do you spend your life? He replied,  apart from my job, I have my personal time of one week, where I go for adventure sports within the country with other people whom I am meeting for the first time for this trip alone and then we have family tours, sometimes it might be weekends or trips with all family and friends. Hearing him, I could feel his enthusiasm of life. That is when I felt that giving the quality time for our own Self can bri