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The Dream Job

Hey Guys!!!! Today I was talking to my son, who is in search of his dream job. From my point of view, its a bit elusive for him. But I am not voicing it loud to him. Seeing his quest, I felt, that I am seeing myself in his age, I too had the same problem. I really didn't like any job because I didn't know anything about any job. So I was not confident to put myself out there, thus making me a bad candidate to all the post I applied. I was passionate about being a doctor, but unfortunately, circumstances forced me to drop it and search for a new passion, which I didn't have, but that does not mean that I should skip living. I took my life one day at a time and here I am to say the story of " The Dream Job" When you think of a dream job, the first thing we think about is, be happy about it be expert in the field of work being comfortable about the work being at leisure always while working highly paid If all the above or some of the

Five Senses, A Necessity????

Hey Guys!!!! First lets check, what the five senses are :- Eyes Nose Ears Tongue Skin Now, why do we need these five senses? Ans :- To see, smell, hear, taste and to feel. Its cute isn't it?  But when the stomach rumbles or the heart pains or the breathing acts up does these senses have any role? Do they know that there is a stomach or a kidney or a heart or whatever inside the body who is working very hard day and night, without fail, in the first place who help to survive us, making our life a better place to live? Ans :- I as Meena or we as human being look in the mirror and see a very beautiful face and see a scar or an acne or a dark circle or a mole or whatever we see we immediately wail and whine and turn the world upside down to correct it, that goes for the other senses. But we would not even know the ailments inside our body unless its too late.  What does that mean? Our world revolves around the five senses, we are conscious of each and ev

Setting Goals

Hey Guys!!! Do you know what I need in life, total freedom to follow my passion. That means we should have a true passion to make our life meaningful and a total freedom to do it. So when you set goals, try to connect it with your passion and the chances are you can reach it within no time. My thoughts :- If ever you set a goal, make sure that its not achievable or out of your reach. That is when your mind and heart strengthens itself to take that leap of faith. Which faith? The faith in your self, that you can achieve it no matter what and that will be the ride of your life. Believe it or not, the moment when you reach that summit or the destination or the goal, you will learn how priceless it is and don't stop there, set the next non achievable goal, because all goals are achievable within no time,  but the key word is " Passion ". Do you want to hear my story? I had a very big passion, to become a doctor and save as many people as possible and mostly

Nobody Needs Me

Hey Guys!!!!! "Nobody Needs Me"  is a dialogue or a thought every human being goes through at one point or several points in their life. I too had it several times. Its natural. But how do you face it, that is what makes the difference. Saying it loud helps, I didn't mean shout it, just answer Q :- What is the problem? A :- I feel unwanted, I feel alone, I don't know... I feel like dying..... Q :- But why? What made you think that? Is it because somebody did not acknowledge you or appreciate you or left you out? A:- I don't know...... its the feeling of sadness its just coming up, I don't know, I can't put it into words. I don't know how to explain. Q:- Okay, can you say what happened today in your life since you woke up? A:- Say all the details.... every single minute one, even if it is just nothingly nonsense, just say it... Q:- There lies the answer, a small minute matter triggered this thought. I will give my life experience It wa

Go For It

Hey Guys!!!! You might be wondering, what does " Go For It " means. Well!!!!! when we were small we had only small goals and each and everyone around us motivates us to " Go For It".  You can do it. And we have gone for it and achieved it too. But as we grow older, we decide or choose according to the dictates of our experiences, society and above all, anything which has no risks or pitfalls - The result - Unhappiness, a voidness, something missing. Why is that? Its because there is this one key ingredient which is missing - Passion to " Go For It" . I would like to say an incident which happened in my life. As a rule, I am not a great cook or a home maker or a person who knows to clean her own room or for that matter her own room or wash clothes. So I ended up in a place where I had to be all of these and more, I became the lady of an ancestral house with parents who are 80 plus with workers to help in the field and family members going in

Society - A Necessity

Hey Guys!!! You know, when you are full of ideas, you wouldn't know where to start or what to start. But one thing is for sure, you will have to get off from the regular life to know the difference between the way you live and way you can make your life live. Get to see the people other than you, your family or your immediate society, believe it, its an eye opener. The society where I live are people who are more bothered about appearances than anything which has depth. There is a saying which says that if your wife is from Cochin, its better to meet her family on the street than in her house because she would not have anything commendable there. Its not only in one place now its a part of society - thinking of me and my immediate family, the rest are outsiders. So after a long time, I travelled to the slums of Mumbai. The amount of work, the number of people living and working there, the busy streets, the small pathways, the way they manage their space, the ceremonie