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A Second Chance

Dear friends!!!!! Some days back, one of my colleagues asked me, "Chechi (sister), we help others and they do not reciprocate in that same way, should we continue to help them?" That is the usual way of thought for most people, we expect in return what we are giving, so I replied, "Then what will be the difference between you and them? Just give them a second chance or a third chance or a fourth, it doesn't matter, how much." Its better to lose count of giving chances than to lose hope in humanity because we all do need more than second chances in our lives at one point or another. So that we are able to make a difference for ourselves as well as for others. But there is one big glitch in it, we will have to have a big heart to forgive to give them the second chance. I'll give an example, Suhaz, my colleague, he is a very good guy, who helps lot of people a lot and he is a fast and good cook, he is punctual and ensures all the guests are happy