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Sorry, Please Forgive Me...

    I have always wondered, if Adam had replied to God, “Sorry God, Please forgive me.” What would have been the result? We don’t know, because he didn’t say it. But one thing we all know, we are all carrying the consequence of his one mistake. And adding to that, we are making several mistakes both knowingly and unknowingly. If you knew, that your mistake will affect your children and all the generations that follow, will you make a mistake? of course not. And You will be very careful when making each decision, right? Well from now on, you can be careful. But what about the past mistakes?   If you do not correct it, while you are alive, then you will be passing all the consequence of the mistake, on to your future generation. That’s sad right? How can you correct it?   You are an Energy Being . Each time, when you do something negative, like being angry, hating someone, hurting someone, not helping someone, lying, robbing, cheating, killing, etc. it becomes a memory in your energy lev

Nobody Needs Me

Hey Guys!!!!! "Nobody Needs Me"  is a dialogue or a thought every human being goes through at one point or several points in their life. I too had it several times. Its natural. But how do you face it, that is what makes the difference. Saying it loud helps, I didn't mean shout it, just answer Q :- What is the problem? A :- I feel unwanted, I feel alone, I don't know... I feel like dying..... Q :- But why? What made you think that? Is it because somebody did not acknowledge you or appreciate you or left you out? A:- I don't know...... its the feeling of sadness its just coming up, I don't know, I can't put it into words. I don't know how to explain. Q:- Okay, can you say what happened today in your life since you woke up? A:- Say all the details.... every single minute one, even if it is just nothingly nonsense, just say it... Q:- There lies the answer, a small minute matter triggered this thought. I will give my life experience It wa

Tips to Save Love Marriage

Hey Guys!!!! Love Marriages!!!! Hmmmm....Its so fantastic an experience to be in Love. And I love to see the happiness when these guys decide to get married. In India, the elders, just sigh and shake their head and say, "Its no use, they are doomed to break." And Lo Behold!!! it so happens as such. Do you think, its jinxed? Everywhere in the world its the same. Do you really feel that the Lover couple purposely do what they do because they want to break up the relationship, which they have decided to be happily ever after? We all know the answer to it. Its Emphatically No. Then why is it they break up? Well, we'll check out how we can save a break up from my perspective. Full stomach is a must. Have a secure job, or else, love can sustain until the stomach rumbles, afterwards, believe it or not, you are going to fight for sure - For Food (ha..ha..ha.. what a joke!!!) Little acts of kindness is a must. Whether you believe it or not, the lady is the ligh