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The People Who Made A Difference

Dear friends Its not necessary to be rich or beautiful or a great personality to do something good. I would like to introduce you to a personality, who in her small way has made a lot of difference. She lives in a very remote village of Andhra Pradesh Name :- K. Vijayalaxmi Age :- 33 yrs Profession :- Social Mobilizer The day for Vijaya starts very early, whether its a weekday or a weekend, it doesn’t make any difference.  She takes the 6 o’clock bus to reach her destination - Budharam before the day begins for the farmers and the labourers of the land, to meet her wards. As one parent put it “ A fear passes within my heart when I see Vijaya. She is one force to reckon with, there is not an obstacle that can hinder a child to be in class. She really tackles any problem head on even it is a big officer. She ensures that each and every child are present in school before the school bell goes off. Its not very easy.” When we ask her, how she manages her day, shuttling so