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How Do You Love You?

Hey Guys!!! How do you love you? Its actually simple, but as a human being we complicate it. How???? By not acknowledging. First and foremost thing, 1. Enjoy the gifts we have been bestowed with - you can see, hear, taste, feel, walk, run, sleep, eat anything you like, have a roof over your head, dresses to wear, parents who brought you up, (lucky they didn't leave you on the streets), a good normal brain and there are loads of things you have been gifted with and you live daily with all these and much more. Be happy about it and thank the super power - God who gave it and cherish it with all your heart.(Tomorrow we might not know whether we will have these). Live consciously. 2. This is the most important factor which you should read carefully, you have all the faculties and how do you use it? Is it only for your own good or do you extend it to help others too? I will give an example, when we have to pick a very heavy object, we use two hands in