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Guys!!! In my previous post, we proved that we are all part of the Universe, where we have no barriers. So how come then we see all these things around? Its because we live in the box of our five senses. We know and believe a world of five senses. If we see or hear or taste or smell or feel then we believe or else we say, its simply a fluke!!!! And we think, we are intelligent. What do you think? Are we intelligent? I will say, if you and I accept and believe only what the five senses say and trash it out which is outside its purview, then you and I are A VERY BIG MORON!!!!! Why? If a scientist says, you are made up of trillions of cells, will you believe it? Have you seen it? Have you felt it? Have you tasted it? Have you heard it? Then how do you know it? The real truth cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt, its above that. Intelligence is guided ONLY by the five senses. So its time to put the five senses in the trash box and live life freely and give a BREA