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Good Friends

The third factor that touched me in the movie, Kungfu Panda is the people, who is helping the Panda, when he barely knows to fight. A praying mantiz, a snake, a monkey and a tigress. And they fight the opponent and receive the wrath and fury of the enemy before Panda gets to fight. Here, I was thinking of my friends. You know, lucky are the people who have at least one friend as the above set. I was lucky to have many such friends, even now, they call me and say Hi and if I really am in a fix, they try to help me out in ways, which I would not have imagined. We cannot select friends, they come to us. They are the iron filings and we, the magnets and the best part is this magnet only attracts selective type of iron filings. Do you know why God has given friends for us, to help us when we are in need, to shield us from harsh realities. But lucky you should be to have good friends, they are the route map to reach Self Realization. See you tommorrow. Until then take care, Bye Me

The Power of Prayer

You know, for me, I was bought up in a prayerful atmosphere. You know, morning wake up, prayer, go to church or temple or mosque or whatever. After, returning, prayer before breakfast, prayer before going to school and in school, another set of prayers, then in afternoon, again prayer, then evening prayer and in night, the last prayer. I know, you might be thinking, its a lot of prayer. But imagine, the mentality of a school going kid from the age of five who has been going through this, till the age of seventeen, naturally, I should be averse to prayer. But unfortunately, I got attached to it, not for the long recital of prayer, forget that part, even today, thinking of it, gives me goose bumps. But the talking part, between my drop of soul with the ocean of God soul, is so powerful, that believe it or not, you could be wonderstruck, with the speed it gets fulfilled. I always say to everybody and anybody to just inform the God soul, with your soul, whatever you feel, just plainly an

Heaven on Earth

Long time back, there was an advertisement of master card. The theme song was regarding the reaching out the whole world with our hands. Now there is a Lenovo tab advertisement, that roo about hands. Though man has several body parts, hands has a big role in it. In real life, hands has a very big role in making our life an absolute stunner, the musician needs hands, for the perfection of his art form, so does an artist, that doesn't mean the others can   live without. Normal people use their hands for working and earning their livelihood, to pet their chikdren and thelike, these moments would always become an heartrending experience, but the best part of it all is, you gave your hand to make history by extending it to anither human being. Thus begins a life journey of a small baby. If a doctor or a nurse, denies her hand, there could never be a new life.  So is the hands of a mother, who nourishes life. Now I hope you understood, its not the body part, that makes our life special,

A Message to all the thieves in the world

When  I was a kid, I used to always think, that all children were my friends. Its not because, they always did good to me, believe, my childhood, was a time of things getting lost and firing from the boarding mistress, but still, I do not know, how I kept my heart intact against hatred or hurt or whatever. I had complete faith in everybody. But my cousins were just the opposite, they looked everyone with a jaundiced eye, it is very difficult to get their faith. It was during my boarding life, I had the opportunity to learn about the story of the 'Bishop's Candlesticks'. In that story, a thief steals, the most precious gift, which his mother had given him and his sister on her deathbed. The Bishop knew that the thief had stolen. Though he was sad, he forgave the thief, thinking the thief deserved it more than himself. So, when the police officer brings the thief for questioning, the Bishop answers, that the thief was his friend and he had gifted him the candlesticks, thus

What a Relief

How do you feel, when a long pending work is completed? Relieved,  right. That is what I felt today, Relief. You know, Whatever the job you are in, this word has more importance than any other word. Don't you think? Its like releasing the air from the balloon and when the air goes, the dance of the balloon is what we feel to do. If we do not have that feeling in life, then what would be the life of us? A nightmare, isn't it. That would be bad for our health and also to our heart. Its like we cannot find an ending to any situation. But the funny part is, in real life, we are in this situation.  For example, our great grand fathers went to school, they tried to scoot class and olay pranks on teachers, etc,. Then our grand fathers did the same and then our fathers and then we did it which again was continued by our children, our grand children. You might ask, how come, I'm so sure of it. Well, with just one simple dialogue, passed on through our forefathers,