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The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Tree

Grandma Naomi, Look!!!! so many trees and we have no flood here. Yes Ram, trees do help us a lot in helping save our nature. Really!!!! how so? Look at the trees Ram. What do you see there? I see leaves, fruits, flowers, branches and roots Grandma Naomi "Even I too see the same dear, now I want you to learn something." All nodded. "Trees take water and minerals from the soil and the leaves with the help of sunlight makes food to keep it alive and while its living it bears flowers and fruits. These flowers and fruits are not used by the trees, it is for us." Yes grandma, I do have a mango tree and I get loads of mangoes from it and its very tasty too. But  Grandma Naomi I don't use any leaves for anything?" "Hmmm... what do you think Grandpa Robert, do you think the leaves of trees are useful?" "Oh you know Ram, when its very hot I sit under the tree, I even have a hammock under the shade of the trees. I love to be there, do