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You Needn't Pray

Today, during our family prayer, we have this Bible reading session too. So today, it was my turn to read. I got the part where St. Peter heals a lame man outside the temple. And this man had never gone until then inside that temple. It's really weird, isn't it? Because, we all go to the temple or any place of worship to fulfill our needs and the real gift is distributed outside it. When Jesus was alive, He too did the same. Why is it like that? Have you wondered? Well, I became aware of it today. There is a reason. People, who believe that they have not done any wrong in their eyes and in the eyes of the Lord are the people, who go to pray inside a place of worship and they are sure, they are entitled for a sack full of gifts. But for the people outside the place of worship knows for sure, that they are not eligible to be in the vicinity of the Divine and that is why, they stay out. But there lies the truth, no man is perfect. We all make several mistakes a day wit

When Will I Reach My Grave?

Yesterday, we were discussing that we do not have much to boast of. But have you ever thought, that human beings are the most perfect creatures in the whole of the Universe? I know you might have, but there is a very serious part. We have no role in making ourselves perfect. O. K. Who places a child in the womb of a mother? I don't know. Who decides whether it should be a boy or a girl? I don't know. Good, who decides, whether it should be a twin or a triplet? I don't know. And this child comes out to the world and grows grows to become a man or a woman and how does all the body parts come into existence both inside and outside their body? I don't know. Well, you can explain scientifically for sure, but the life part is still a mystery, as well as the death part too. Our body works so systematically and properly,that do you have any say in it? I hope not. Then what is there which we have created? Which we can say our own? Nothing, except som

Be Resilient

Today, I was not keeping well, with high temperature, I thought I would skip today's blog. But then I knew,I should continue what I have started till this year end. So the next best quality a man should gain is perseverance. To be able to last till the very end, whether it is word or action. For those people, the inner power would guide them to success more than the weak willed because without that power, we all are zero. Want to bet? So Just think, what type of person you are and do the necessary changes until you become resilient. See you tomorrow. Until then take care, Bye. Meena

Any other Gods?

The next best thing I learned from my friend is, never expect anything from human beings. Its not their fault, they are imperfect in the physical sense, which naturally transmits through their thoughts, words and actions. But the eventual heart break is very drastic. If you want to avoid the last part - the heartbreak part. Then you should abstain from attachment. When we are attached to something or someone, we expect a lot from them or from it. And that creates heart break and we are not here to waste time breaking our hearts. Breaking, joining and healing is along process. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. The owner of the monument Taj Mahal in Agra was so obsessed with his wife, that he was a living dead after her death. And he was like that until his death. I know you would say,it is sad. But I was thinking about his obsession that he forgot to live. There are some people who would get mental imbalance or sometimes commit suicide because of his obsession. This is a very v

Sow Wisely

What you sow, so shall you reap. Don't think that you should be a farmer. Its the actions, thoughts, words, what you sow and it will return it back. See you tomorrow. Until then take care, Bye. Meena

Pass On Your Effect

For me, I am glad I am a human being. Not because, I can do several antiques, but we hold more power than any living beings. You might be wondering what antiques. Simple, the best way to watch people, have a cup of coffee near a hectic road, with lots of shops, traffic, etc..etc... Then you will get to see the antiques of human beings. While I walk to work, I used to wonder, the topics of thoughts, I cover in a span of twenty minutes. When we meet our foes, friends, so different are my thoughts. When I see food, another set of thoughts. But the funny part is, we don't openly air our thoughts for all to hear, do we. But, without our knowledge, thoughts have taken control of us, are you aware of that? No. But now, its time to take note, its very important that you control your body and mind with your soul, which shows the right direction. How do you know, that soul has upper hand of your body? You would not be angry. No hatred for others would touch you. You would alway

The Best Technique to Revenge Your Worst Enemy

"Rafael,   I have still a doubt." "O.k.,  what is it Ajay? " "You were speaking of our enemies, as route pointers in the maze of life. But our enemies did a wrong to us, not right, so how can we justify their action? And help us in gettimg us to the destination, Rafael? " "Hmmmm good question,  I'll say about a real life incident." All nodded. "There is an incident in the Bible,  where Judas betraying Jesus." "Yes Rafael,  I really hate that part." All nodded. "Hmmmm it's natural. Do you know,  why Jesus came to this world? " "To save mankind. " "Exactly,  for that Jesus had to remove His physical body to unite with God soul.  No one in hos right sense would do that, even the kings too were afraid,  but Judas lit the first fire and the chain reaction started,  you know the rest, Jesus died, a very humiliating death but that ends when we throw the body in the tomb or cremated.&q

Within Your Privacy

Chapter - 8 “Giving a pouch of gold to both Juan and Sanjo, he turned to Dr. Martin and said, Sir, we’ll try to return at the earliest and don’t feel bad in making Juan and Sanjo work. By the time, I hope you’d heal and start to walk, while I return.” “Alfonso, I’m glad to hear, you decided to return  and no problem, in asking Juan’s and Sanjo’s help. I’d be glad of their company. But before your departure, I need your help, Alfonso.” “Speak up sir, what can I do for you?” “Could you please shift me to my home? I would have my privacy and no one would disturb me there. I know, at this hour no carriage could come our way, but I have only you people to ask.” Alfonso smiled and nodded. He looked at others and all nodded, within no time, the last light was down darkening the clinic and the whole group moved talking and joking.” “Rafael, what happened?” “Well, Dr. Martin, was as light as a feather, when compared to Rojer and it was not a big deal to make

The Medicine Bag

Chapter - 3 “Actually, what was the reason that Sanjo couldn’t ask anything?” Rafael smiled. “Beauty.” “Beauty? Rafael please say it clearly.” “The lady standing in front was the most beautiful one, Sanjo had ever set eyes upon.” “Well, that’s natural because, he has no opportunity to see a woman at sea.” All nodded. “Yes, its true, Mathew. Now, there is one difference, there are two types of beauty, skin deep and soul deep?” “Oh Wow!! that’s cool. But what is the difference?” “Well, skin deep beauty, is just beauty which deteriorates as time passes. It can be kept intact only with regular make up  and the soul deep beauty, stays till the very end of time, there is no need of make up.” “I’d rather have the soul deep one, at least I can save on make up.” All smiled. “That’s a wise thinking Rebecca and it is easy to achieve too.” “Really, hey guys sorry eh. I really would like to know how I can make myself beautiful.” “No problem

I Wish I had

(64) “Well how was your day children, anything new happened?” “Rafael, one of my classmate’s mother was thrown out, but the family says she left. But why is it so Rafael? Which is the truth?” “Well it’s a sad thing, I’m sorry to hear it. I’ll say a story, are you ready to hear?” All nodded. Once upon a time, there was a man, named Asif who collected beautiful things, it was so rare and very beautiful, that it was worth his money and energy. So one day, one of his friends Jameel happened to see this collections and wished he had one and he asked directly to Asif, since Jameel was his friend, he consented to give him, whatever he wishes to have it. So Jameel said, that he would select it the next day.” “If I were in Jameel’s place, I’d have selected done then and there or else, if Asif would change his mind next day, its gone, what do you think Rafael.” All nodded. “Well, if I were in Jameel’s place, I’d never ask Rebecca. I fell its not fair to Asif. How mu

How To Prevent Diseases In Infants

            When I was a new mother, I was really excited to be the perfect mother. Actually I was lucky not because I took care of him but because the paediatrician gave me a Multi Vitamin Drop . Its name was A***@@**!!. I do not want to say it because, it’s not fair. My mother, a nurse by profession, said, “Meena, I gave you this same medicine.” Oh! that’s wonderful, my child is following the same legacy. But the 2 day old child started showing expressions when I gave this medicine and then it was O.K. But after 1 week and after one month too the expression didn’t seem to change and I was a bit confused. So I just tasted a little. I do not know whether I should spit it or to vomit it. Such was the taste and immediately I disposed of the medicine, because if I cannot tolerate this medicine why should I make my child tolerant. I immediately went to the paediatrician and asked for a much more tastier multi vitamin drops and he prescribed “Delices”. The first thing I did was taste it a

Reduce Fever

Fever is not a disease but a symptom for another malady. But if we do not treat it timely, we’d face a life threatening situation. Usually when the fever shoots up, the hospital gives a sponge bath. Then at home we try to give bath or put a cold press on the forehead. But that cold press would be the undoing of our body immunity. If   we are not careful as in a hospital atmosphere, the chances of the patient getting cold, chest infection and ultimately pneumonia are more. But I have a suggestion to make. To reduce fever, take a wet handkerchief which is sodden ( soaked) with ice water. Make the patient to hold the handkerchief in his left hand and when it gets dried resoak it and give it to the patient to hold in the same hand. Make sure he keeps his hand away from the body and a dry towel under his hand so that the excess water doesn’t wet his bed. Do this for one hour continuously and you will see the result. But don’t do this when he is sleeping at night, I suggest it be performed b