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The Nun Who Suffered

Today, I felt sad, the reason, one of my nieces is getting married. I know, your eyebrows are raised. But if it was just a normal marriage, like a girl meeting boy or vice versa, whether love marriage or arranged marriage, then it was OK, but my niece was a nun, had taken her final vows and from there, she abandoned her vows and returned back home. And I asked the reason for this decision, her mother was all tears, saying she was starved and the food they gave was old and stale, etc...etc.... And not only that, she didn’t do it alone. She was accompanied by two other nuns. So this happened because of the ill treatment in the convent. This same situation arose when one of my colleagues resigned from job. He was really appreciated in his work place. So I was a bit surprised when he quit. I asked, why he quit and the reason really got me unglued. You might want to know, what it was, right? Well, he said, “All are taking leave and I had to do night duty for a week consecutively and i