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Worlds Best Business

Hey Guys!!!! Its our duty and our destiny to make our presence known by helping others. But do we have the chance to do it other than the stray kind words, a helping hand, a small amount of cash and loads of smile, love, tears and hugs. Is it sufficient? Not all people have the privilege to have bank balances,  Not every person has the educational qualification to earn a five figure amount, forget about six figures Not every person has the capital to invest in big businesses, forget about international business in more than 150 countries Not every person has the acumen to do business. I am a travel agent, I have seasons for my business and during the off season, I will have to ensure that I have a backup money to sustain my expenses and imagine the strain to live during this scarcity. I needed a regular income, where I earn according to the time invested, energy invested and without much money or to be frank with no money to invest. Well, we all expect that one day w