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The Dream Job

Hey Guys!!!! Today I was talking to my son, who is in search of his dream job. From my point of view, its a bit elusive for him. But I am not voicing it loud to him. Seeing his quest, I felt, that I am seeing myself in his age, I too had the same problem. I really didn't like any job because I didn't know anything about any job. So I was not confident to put myself out there, thus making me a bad candidate to all the post I applied. I was passionate about being a doctor, but unfortunately, circumstances forced me to drop it and search for a new passion, which I didn't have, but that does not mean that I should skip living. I took my life one day at a time and here I am to say the story of " The Dream Job" When you think of a dream job, the first thing we think about is, be happy about it be expert in the field of work being comfortable about the work being at leisure always while working highly paid If all the above or some of the