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Which Route?

Take Risk is easy to say, but do you know what you are taking risk from?  deciding  between good and bad or black and white or yes and no, which means we are replanning our life. If we are following the same route, there is no need for any thought, we can even reach destination closed eyes. But in this type of life, there would be no room for growth, it would be stagnant, that is the time we take a decision, to cut a new path, it would not be easy. That is a bit risky, but still,if you are courageous to make the move, then, that would be a turning point to the path of success. The lives of famous people proves it. Even Gods too proved that, taking risk can resurrect you from the dead. Yes you guessed it right, Jesus Christ. He took the decision to die on the cross and look what happened, he resurrected from the dead. That's impossible, right? But that's the beauty of taking risk, you making the impossible, possible, making yourself invincible. Isn't it cool? Yeah

Steadfast Commitment of the Tree

Rafael, why is it that we are like trees? Nature, is our users manual, which shows how we should live, and the tree is the pictorial representation or we can say real life representation, now we learned, the importance of sun for the survival of plants and be sure, that the plant have no choice, because its a necessity, without sun, it will not live. We too have a necessity, a necessity for survival, not by food or water, but by our inner light, without that we would be lost. Now the next quality of tree, which is very important for its survival is, steadfast commitment to the soil. What does that mean Rafael? First and foremost, it stays true to the soil whicg gave place for its survival and even after death, it would hold steadily the soil together and give the very last of its very being to its creator, the soil, which means, we should have a commitment to our creator, that too an unwavering commitment. We are not the owners of our being, it has to return back to the cr

Is Holy Spirit God?

"Rafael, is the spirit of God,  God himself? " "OK, can I ask another one to answer your question. " all nodded. "Can you name  your body parts?" "Yes Rafael,  we can." "Good,  now can you name your driving force, your thoughts, your will. Have you seen it?" all nodded in the negative. "Good,  even I too have not seen it." All smiled and nodded. "Rafael,  is it our soul?" " No, soul is our real self, but the spirit is the driving force of all human being,  For God,  He is completely soul, there is no physical body, which means, the spiritof him is so pure, that whatever, we see and don't see around was created by God 's Holy Spirit and that gives continuity is the holy spirit.  But for man, its totally a different cup of fish." "What does that mean Rafael? " "It means that because of our physical body, our spirit lost its driving force, the power of will,  all take

Do We Really Have to Pray?

"Rafael,  if we can make miracles happen from our soul,  then,  what is the necessity of going to church or temple or mosque to pray?" "Good question Mathew,  man has been so immersed in needs and tensions, that he has forgotten his identity thereby bringing him misery the whole life." "Ohhhh that's terrible,  but then what role does a place of worship has in our life,  Rafael? " "Believe me, it has a very big role than you can imagine." "Really,  then don't put us in suspense because I for one am really lazy to go to church, but if you say that it has a very big role,  then I would surely change my priorities,  Rafael. " "Good Monica,  Now what is water to our body? " "Its life,  Rafael,  we cannot live without it." "Exactly,  and what about,  air, can we live without it? " "You might be kidding,  right? " "No, frankly asking,  so that I can explain to you."

Marriage - A Necessity?

Chapter 37 “Then what happened Rafael, did Alfonso and Isabella get married?” “Yes they got married, before long.” “But Rafael, is it necessary to get married?” “Man, when born has only one goal, to be united with God, but since they gain a physical form, they lose their goal in the process.” “How do they lose their goal Rafael?” “Simple, the soul is locked in the physical body and there the goal too gets blocked, thus losing sight of it.” “When man is born, he has several basic needs like food, water, air, clothing, then it grows to name, fame and money. But even if we fulfill all the needs to the brim, it would not bring contentment, then man understands, that the missing thing is love and for that, another quest starts, the perfect love, a love which really brings contentment.” “Do we really get that type of love?” “In the physical world, we would not get it, but if you are spiritually awaken, you will know, no human being can give you that

Destined Tool

Chapter 31 "Hey Mark, How's your mom?" "Not so well. But she is picking up." "Good." "So what is today's programme?" "Well, why don't we continue the story Rafael?" "OK, fine, no problem." "So we ended where Alfonso got a whole island, without much problem." "That's right. But there was a problem with the island. It didn't produce anything or it didn't have any people to work." "Then what is the use with it Rafael?" "Well, when a thing comes to the hands of the right owners, it would start working wonders. It would get life." "But how can that be possible Rafael?" "Its simple. I told you before, we have a goal to fulfill, that is why we are born. So the things that are connected with the goal, when it reaches our hands starts to work extra time to help us fulfill in reaching our goal." "So the island was on

Keep Your Promises

Chapter - 26 “Rafael, there is one thing I don’t understand, why people give so much importance of keeping a word?” “Hmm. That’s a good question Ajay. Can I ask a question?” “Sure Rafael. No problem." "Good, I offer you a new car and will give you by evening. What would you do?” “Oh I’d be delighted and be in seventh heaven Rafael.” “Why should you feel that Ajay? I just said it, I didn’t give you the car.” “Your word is equal to giving the real one Rafael, that is why. You do not say just like that, if you are not planning to give.” “Yes Ajay, that is what is behind the word, it is equal to giving and that is why we should keep our word or else do not give it.” All nodded. “If by chance, we break a word, what will happen?” “You are killing a soul and you know what is the fate of the people who kill” “Yes Rafael, death sentence.” “Exac

The Unending Life

Chapter - 15 “ Christopher nudged Alfonso with his snout, he was actually a dolphin now. So Alfonso straddled on him and all the crew followed the princess to a cave and the force with the water was coming, it was very difficult to get into the cave.” “Oh!!!!!!!! so its good, that they became fishes or else, how could they have got in?” But Alfonso held on to Christopher tightly and they travelled for sometime. “Alfonso, how come you didn’t transform and we did? forget I asked. Now I know, why this many years, no one was able to help this princess. They might all be becoming fishes” Christopher spoke to Alfonso with his thoughts. “But Rafael, how did the princess stay young and not died?” “Good question, Mark. There is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives because that wish or that duty is imprinte


Chapter - 6 “Rafael, I’m really getting scared. Let me cross my fingers.” All smiled. “Don’t fear Rebecca, that is not very good for our body, the root cause of many diseases like acidity, head ache, stomach disorders, shoulder pain, high blood pressure and sometimes strokes and brain haemorrhages too happen due to fear. ” “Oops!! thank you, Rafael, next time, I’ll make sure that I quit fear.” All smiled. “Good, now shall I say, what they replied?” “Yes, please do.” “Maam, we tinker around high waters with our ship.” “And what type of tinkering? fishing? or sea diving?” “Well, to be exact, fortune hunting.” “I don’t deny the ocean isn’t a treasure house, but don’t you think, it would be better if you could search for your treasure here? With your two strong hands, you can work hard and a mind so clear and an attitude so straightforward, you are surely going to be winners.” Alfonso spurted his coffee and started coughing.  All the crew gape

The Apparition

Chapter - 4 “Isabella ran behind Sanjo, to know what the commotion was  all about, what ailment had befell Sanjo’s friend, that it necessitated, such commotion?” thinking so, Isabella reached her destination right behind Sanjo, who had no time to give a hint of their presence. Isabella stopped dead in her tracks.” “What in the name of God are you doing here?” “All eyes turned towards the door, the medicine man, who had introduced himself as Dr. Martin was lying still, Alfonso, who was covered with blood and holding a big bandage which was half wound around Dr. Martin, the other crew members who were also covered with blood looked at the new comer. But seeing the beautiful apparition near the door, they felt disoriented.” “Hey lady!!! what are you doing at this hour in a place like this? Can’t you see blood all over the place? If you want the medicine man, he is out of service for the time being.” “And why should that be, Mr?”

The Medicine Bag

Chapter - 3 “Actually, what was the reason that Sanjo couldn’t ask anything?” Rafael smiled. “Beauty.” “Beauty? Rafael please say it clearly.” “The lady standing in front was the most beautiful one, Sanjo had ever set eyes upon.” “Well, that’s natural because, he has no opportunity to see a woman at sea.” All nodded. “Yes, its true, Mathew. Now, there is one difference, there are two types of beauty, skin deep and soul deep?” “Oh Wow!! that’s cool. But what is the difference?” “Well, skin deep beauty, is just beauty which deteriorates as time passes. It can be kept intact only with regular make up  and the soul deep beauty, stays till the very end of time, there is no need of make up.” “I’d rather have the soul deep one, at least I can save on make up.” All smiled. “That’s a wise thinking Rebecca and it is easy to achieve too.” “Really, hey guys sorry eh. I really would like to know how I can make myself beautiful.” “No problem

Sorry Sir, You Just Missed

(57) “Rafael, today what is special?” “Well I met a girl, who was always  late.” “But Rafael, in our school late comers are not allowed in class. So we try not to be late.” “That’s good. But do you know, the consequences of late coming?” All nodded in the negative. “Shall I say a story?” “Yes please Rafael. It’s a pleasure to hear your stories.” All nodded. “Thank you for the compliment Monica. But I would like to make a difference in your lives with these stories. You should become the perfect beings and do with the full knowledge of why you should do it so.” All nodded. “Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Gretel. She was beautiful and very intelligent, but she had a problem. She never kept her timings. She was always late, but she had a knack to talk sweetly and her beauty too helped her a lot in pacifying the person who waited for her.” “But Rafael, then its doom for the lesser mortals, who are not beautiful or people who are not