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Shut Up and Row the Boat Until 20

Hey Guys!!!! How are you? Today, I would like to talk about kids from the perspective of a mother or let me say parents. I met a mother who was taken to the police station because she asked her daughter to clean her room. Just Imagine!!!!!! In India, there is one famous saying coming out from 99% of the elders "Children, we too once rowed the same boat." Yes, its really true, the meaning of the saying is, every parent was once a child. They know each and every stage of life, the difficulties passed, the joys of life, the decisions made, mistakes faced, etc...etc.... and reached the prime of life - now. So, they can say it without doubt, they have indeed rowed the boat. But, have you wondered, why these guys including me, get agitated, when the kids make mistakes? I will say a story, which happened in my life, when I was young, just for an example and the difference between a child and a parent. Years back we had a tape recorder, but during those times,