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Are We able To Fulfil Expectations?

Never!!!!! That is a basic truth for all human beings. We cannot fulfill others expectations. Its not your or my fault. Its the basic way of things. But are we able to fulfill our expectation? I would say Yes. One wonders why? Well, its easy, when it comes to fulfill others expectation, the deciding factor is others or themselves, some guys are really perfectionist and if they are our measuring markers. Believe me, "We are Doomed!!!!" Anyway, I would say, its really good, that we are compared with the best and in the long run, we tend to measure ourselves with that standard, thereby raising ourselves to that stage and striving for that perfection. Can I say one thing? I would rather say, do not put a marker for your standard. Marker restricts you to only a certain standard, you can go above that, for sure. Isn't it good news!!!! As I am saying this markers and expectations and standards, I feel like I am talking about a marathon, with lots of markers, sta

Never Ever Say Goodbye!!!

Dear Guys Today, I had a very sad experience, when I came face to face with separation of one of my best friends. You know, that is when we feel that nothing is predictable, Remember, "The moment we have now is the best moment and it doesn't necessarily last".  Each word, each action, each attitude do count in the long run, when we create our own destiny. But we tend to forget that in the long run, the destiny is created with many others tagging along. In short, our  destiny do have a greater impact on others than to us. The destiny starts with Words falling from our mouth. I will give an experience of mine. My children, I have two. They are very arrogant, some times, I really hate that when they show it to me and I do not tolerate when they show that attitude. Once, it so happened, that my younger son, said something arrogantly to me and Bang!!!! I  smacked him right on his mouth. (In India, we parents have the privilege to both pamper and punish o

Throw Your Trash

Hey Guys!!!! I am continuing from where I left yesterday. I had requested you to just let yourself give a break from your  and let whatever thoughts come, to pass it through you, right? And have you tried? What did you feel? Well, I will say it for you, your mind will be a junk yard in a moment,  am I right? I will give an example, yesterday, I had an experience where one client asked me, whether there is any chance of getting one room for three days in a specific hotel and when I checked there weren't any availability. So, I said, no, its not available and they left immediately and I didn't feel sad or odd. But after a few minutes, my mind worked, "Hey Meena, you could have proposed another hotel and for a best price too, and then the thoughts started swirling around, if I had done that, it would have been better, if I had thought about it this way, then I could have another business, etc...etc.. a 101 questions went unanswered. Do you know what the ending wa


Hey Guys!!!!! Today, I have not done any work set for me. You might think, what I did?  nothing, just wasted my time, that is all. But did I? I do not think so, but if you look in the sense of work, yes, but as a human being, we are entitled to just be idle or just be there for us, for me. I have only myself for me. If I cannot spare my own time for me, then who will? So, here I am watching a very romantic Bollywood movie and smiling like a joker, crying like a crypot and I do not regret it even for a moment. I remember once when for the first time, when my dad taught us to swim, it was like fighting the water with legs and hands and hearts and strength. Once, when I got the feel of it, it was just a matter of enjoying it with caution. Everyone knows life is to be lived, but that doesn't mean always we should live productively, its just letting go off the leash of oneself and get a breather, where you do not have to decide, just let it be.  It is at that time, we open our

To All the Owners of the World, My Blessings!!!!!

Dear Guys, You might think, why all these formalities. Well, to become an owner of a firm or anything is not an easy thing, they have the courage to take a risk, along with that, they tend to help lots of life for the people who are not lucky to own even a spare of cloth without working. And work, its not easy to find. In this scenario, to own a work force can be had by only a select few. But the attitude of the workers can discourage the mentality of the owners.  Naturally, they get hard hearted to the working class and just focus on making their venture a success. But these are all not I want to talk. No single person has the same experience as the next person, but the feeling generated will be the same because that is the basic oneness of humanity - the soul. Now, we are again deviating from the topic of what I wanted to say. Today, I do not know why, I happened to meet one of my colleagues, who happened to resign from her job. You know, in India, its a very big decision

Kids Day Speech

“If a child is given love, he becomes loving ... If he's helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he has been truly valued ... he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others.” Honourable chief Guest, Reverend Manager, Respected Principal, Loving teachers and non teaching staff, Dear Parents and friends I am here before you to speak a few words about “Kids Day”. Let me first thank our dear principal to have given us our own special day, and my class teacher who gave me an opportunity to speak on this occasion in front of you all. No matter, how many school days or play times we have, there is one day, which we feel recognized by the whole world, and that is for The Annual Day. Though the kindergarten section gets to perform, they get immersed in the maze of higher class performance. We all know the kindergarten section is a non entity with respect to a school as big as this one. But in my School, we kindergartians h

I Fear, Do You?

Hey Guys!!! I would like to speak about Fear. You know, fear of darkness, thunderstorms, stray dogs, etc...etc... I had all these and much more, I was not aware of it until one fine morning, a very old priest of my father's acquaintance took my pulse and said, "Mr. Mathew, your daughter is a frightened kid. It would be advisable, if you could give her juice of Naruneendi ( Hemidesmus indicus) . It is actually an ayurvedic medicine, which had no taste but some taste, I cannot explain the flavour of the taste. I had consumed two bottles, before returning to the boarding school. As time passed, I was wondering, did the medicine really work? And I would say, not really. I had all the fear which I had before but there was one difference, I was aware of it. When the fear raises its head in me, I would know and analyze it, "with fear, will the problem in front of me get solved?" "No" "Then what is the point in fearing?, just face the problem and

Not Faithful? Be Faithful

You know, 90% cases, reported  for marriage break ups is Faithlessness. Like cheating on your spouse, having an affair with another person, etc....etc.... Why does it happen? Well, to know that we will have to check on the basic fact about oneself. It is all connected with the person Me (in your case, its You) What is faith? Its the belief of what one have of oneself, of God or of others. It is usually a positive belief, only good things. And it usually filled within the heart & mind so tightly that there would not be an iota of doubt. Now, when we have a small speck of doubt in our belief, it becomes the truth and we find ourselves facing this doubt, just like looking in a mirror. I will give an example, you have been invited for a big party and you want to look the very best, but, as the days get closer, you get to get tensed, thinking of all the possible mishaps like a small pimple on the face or a car break down or whatever usual fears and lo behold!!! exactly

Save 10 and Make 100? Forget it!!!!

Hey Guys!!!! I hope you are enjoying life. Well, I am. What is your criteria of enjoying life? To have more money than you can spend? or To have good Health? or To visit places? or To be Happy always? What is happiness? Oh!!! its complicated to answer this because its a mix of all for some, but for others, it would be specifically some things which, one do not have. It is natural. I am writing this because, I would like to see everyone happy all the time in their life.  What is Life's happiness? Its not very easy to define life's happiness. But I can simplify it by an Egg Omelette . The Preparation :- Break an egg into a bowl.  Whisk it Add salt & whisk again Pour it on a hot frying pan greased with oil  Sprinkle some pepper powder when half cooked Cook it until done And the end result - a perfect Omelette. If you love omelette, then it will be a beauty to the eyes, flavour to the nose, perfect taste to your tongue and softnes

Shut Up and Row the Boat Until 20

Hey Guys!!!! How are you? Today, I would like to talk about kids from the perspective of a mother or let me say parents. I met a mother who was taken to the police station because she asked her daughter to clean her room. Just Imagine!!!!!! In India, there is one famous saying coming out from 99% of the elders "Children, we too once rowed the same boat." Yes, its really true, the meaning of the saying is, every parent was once a child. They know each and every stage of life, the difficulties passed, the joys of life, the decisions made, mistakes faced, etc...etc.... and reached the prime of life - now. So, they can say it without doubt, they have indeed rowed the boat. But, have you wondered, why these guys including me, get agitated, when the kids make mistakes? I will say a story, which happened in my life, when I was young, just for an example and the difference between a child and a parent. Years back we had a tape recorder, but during those times,

No Promises Please!!!!

Dear Guys!!! Today, I do not know whether I should be sad or glad. My thoughts flew to my dad, who was one of my best friends. Though it has been 27 years since he passed away, there are somethings which I learned from his life experience and the one that really moulded is me his death. My mother cried from the moment the doctor gave the verdict, he has passed away. She cried for months, followed by years. Slowly, I came to know, that my dad could not fulfill 90% of his promises he made in his ife, the 10% he fulfilled was for me and it was 100% of his promises he made to me. Then and there, I decided never make promises, which cannot be fulfilled, yes, I understand, that its simply words. But behind those words are attached the hopes and expectations of not one, but many persons, remember, each action always ensues a chain reaction. I have always wondered, what my dad would have thought when he became a soul. Well, I cannot be a judge of his character, but if I were i

Social Network and Youth - Speech

Life is a post with likes,/ love, /follow,/ friends, /comments /& share./ To get to know someone without actually seeing them in person./ To express oneself within nano seconds./ Editing & Deleting posts, when they don't make sense./ That…/ is our Post Millenial Generation /– The Youth/ Honourable Judges, Respected Teachers & My Dear Friends/ Today, I am here before you to say a few words about “ Social Network and Youth”/               We are in an age of interactivity, /multimedia/ & multi-tasking,/ Social Media or Social Networking has a very important role in the life of our youth./ Google,/ Facebook,/ twitter,/ youtube, etc./ are some of them. /Social Network,   has both positive and negative impacts depending on the usage. / Hacking, pornography, etc. are some of the few bad things possible through social networks/ but in contrary/ it can play a vital role in the capacity building of youth./ The technologies like blogging, / uploa