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Don't Be An Ass

Patience is one thing, which every person needs, but for parents, the most. Not because the children are naughty. They are the cutest things in our life, but they are not the only cutest things, do remember. Every parent has lots of other cute factors, which can really put us in boiling point on a daily basis. But unfortunately it bursts in front of the child, because, they unsuspectingly fall cutely in front of us, unchaining the devil within us. And not only that, the child becomes the Judas of the day and eventually, makes him for the rest of his life. Oh!! you didn't get it? Its simple, we always blame the child for the said outburst, but in real, the child was just a scape goat. There is no use blaming your kid. They are here and they face their own problems. But is it fare to add our problems, to them with all the fan fare? You can share your problems with your children, but don't burst on them and slander them with blame. Usually the outburst happens, when

Pride Goes Before a Fall

The second thing, that really touched me in the Kungfu Panda movie was, the teacher being beaten by his pet student like a dog. I really felt like smashing the student to extinction. The teacher gave his everything, his knowledge, his love to his pet student and he repays it by harming the teacher. The reason? The teacher denied the scroll, that gives the power to become the student, the dragon warrior. The student was none other than a tiger, a very strong and smart tiger, whom, the teacher brought up from obscurity taught him all the techniques of Kungfu and made him capable of killing or handling thousands of opponents in one stroke, if we are in his position, naturally, we too would have a feeling of who is there to defeat us. Have you heard about the saying, 'Pride goes before a fall'? That is apt in this student's case. He had a feeling, that no one can defeat him and that pride made him lose his senses, his way of behaviour and that is what happens, to all pr

The Power of Prayer

You know, for me, I was bought up in a prayerful atmosphere. You know, morning wake up, prayer, go to church or temple or mosque or whatever. After, returning, prayer before breakfast, prayer before going to school and in school, another set of prayers, then in afternoon, again prayer, then evening prayer and in night, the last prayer. I know, you might be thinking, its a lot of prayer. But imagine, the mentality of a school going kid from the age of five who has been going through this, till the age of seventeen, naturally, I should be averse to prayer. But unfortunately, I got attached to it, not for the long recital of prayer, forget that part, even today, thinking of it, gives me goose bumps. But the talking part, between my drop of soul with the ocean of God soul, is so powerful, that believe it or not, you could be wonderstruck, with the speed it gets fulfilled. I always say to everybody and anybody to just inform the God soul, with your soul, whatever you feel, just plainly an

Life Energy

O. K. Now you want to know what is life energy. We will start with, what is energy? I'm not going to go scientific. To be simple,  Its the power passed from the power source to the powerless. With this sentence, we can understand that it would be difficult to live without energy. That means, its life giving. So we can name it Life energy. But what is that energy? I'll give an example, in the physical world, where we can see, feel, hear, smell and taste, the life giving energy is the sun, but still we die, all living beings die. That means, sun is not the real life giving energy. Then what, this is where, the God part comes into play. The spiritual part. I know, you feel, that I'm odd, but, its true, man is not made of only, some organs both internal and external, we are made up of, soul too or you might say the spirit. O. K. You might need a proof. Do you know, no living being can live without air, but can you see air? No, you can't, but that doesn'

Overcome Destiny

I do not know whether you believe in destiny or not, but I believe, that's a sad fact. (Sigh) You might think why I feel depressed about it. Well if we make a mistake, then we can run away from the fact that it was not my doing, it was already destined. But is it fair? No way, when Judas betrayed his master, we say it was already destined, but was it fair for Jesus, was it fair for Judas, if he had an iota of sense, he could have asked sorry, at least both the master and the disciple could have had a better ending. Now nothing can be undone, good. But what about us, we too have this problem, at every turn of life. Actually, its very confusing. But I decided one thing, right or wrong, I am going to enjoy life and not bogged by this issue. Yeah I understand, you want to know, how it could be achieved. Well it isn't that difficult because live with your heart, then everything would just end supebly. You , might want to know, how can that happen ? If your action can

Better Be Clean

Today I was searching for a rented house, the broker took me several houses, big small, spacious, congested, but one thing that stuck me was, the time to decide, these guys wanted to know, then and there itself, whether  I was willing to take the house, but unfortunately, I really hated to say it on his face, that I didn't like it. But you might think, why I didn't like it. It was simple Most of them were dirty. In some places, I didn't even feel like getting in, then I knew, how much big a role cleanliness plays in our life. Yes its true, you might think foolish. For example, after bath, how do you feel? Refreshed right? And believe it, the people near you too feels your freshness, they feel like being with you. But on the other hand, if you have not taken bath for two days, how would you feel? I know you won't feel anything because you have the guts to stay without bath for two daysbut for others you are a stinker and not only that, they would run away

Don't dream away your Life

You know guys, I always liked to dream. Thinking of what lay in store, etc..etc. But the funny part is, it happens only during study time or prayer time or when the power fails and it starts from my own room or wherever I am, it goes sky high or sometimes round the world and in the end my mind returns to the place I started the dream. So now where am I? Exactly, in square one, which means, in the starting line of a dream? Do you know what I learned from the dream? Don't just dream away your life,  work on it and that too very hard, and pray for its success, only then, you can give company to your dream. You might think, why we need to pray. Do you know, when someone is very fortunate we say, ooh, he's lucky, when a batsman can score a hundred, he is lucky, when a bowler can get hatrick, we say he is lucky, this lucky part we get from prayer because it is God's grace. And I for one believe in God's grace. Today I was watching Master Chef programme on television

Steadfast Commitment of the Tree

Rafael, why is it that we are like trees? Nature, is our users manual, which shows how we should live, and the tree is the pictorial representation or we can say real life representation, now we learned, the importance of sun for the survival of plants and be sure, that the plant have no choice, because its a necessity, without sun, it will not live. We too have a necessity, a necessity for survival, not by food or water, but by our inner light, without that we would be lost. Now the next quality of tree, which is very important for its survival is, steadfast commitment to the soil. What does that mean Rafael? First and foremost, it stays true to the soil whicg gave place for its survival and even after death, it would hold steadily the soil together and give the very last of its very being to its creator, the soil, which means, we should have a commitment to our creator, that too an unwavering commitment. We are not the owners of our being, it has to return back to the cr

Man is like a Tree

Man is created like a tree. Rafael,  are you kidding? No, its a fact, but the only difference is, the tree should be upside down, to become a man. But that's weird Rafael,  how can that be possible? Well, take our hair, it looks like the root of the tree, our hands and legs, looks like the, Branches? Yes, Branches And what looks like leaves? Well physically nothing because itsthe power house of the tree, which becomes our internal organs, but still we have the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, etc systems. The best thing Ifelt awed was, there are two main outlets and inlets, one is the leaves, that would come to the whole tree above the ground and the other part is the root,  which completely lies under the ground which cannot be seen and our body too has the same system, the eyes, ears, nose, skin, mouth, etc are a sort of both outlet and inlet, which can be seen, while the outlet and inlet of our internal organs are inside the body, which cannot be seen. But

The Two Most Nos In Profession

"Rafael,  what is the most important thing, that we should never do when we are in a profession?" First and foremost thing is, never be insincere to your job, its actually like cheating your boss,  the people you served. Never hate your job, its a source of income, helping you and making you a respectable person, giving you a social security, you are throwing away the chance to prove your mettle. These two are the most important things that you should be careful never to do in a profession, if ever you do it, then the chances of peofession kicking you out would be more. All nodded. I think its more than enough for today. Until then Take care Bye Meena

Seven Tips To Have a Great Profession

"Rafael, which is the best job, which has more scope now-a-days? One of my cousins is sure what he wants, but his parents are knocking all doors and windows, to know the scope of each job." "But that's bad on your cousin Mark, why can't the parents understand, what he likes?" "Children, don't criticize your parents, they think only of your future, after 10 years, they should ensure, their children, would be able to sustain themselves and not have to extend their hand for help. Now you feel unfair because, they study the pros and cons of this decision. But if they do not check it now, then you would feel the unfairness after 10 years, so which is best?" "Now is better." "Good, but you can give them the confidence of your choice." "Really!!!! How?" "Remember, the perfection of the job, is what bring success to the profession, even if you are a sweeper, no matter, how many people move around the plac

Definition of Life

Rafael, I would like to know, how would you define life, according to you. So that we too understand, what it is. Hmmm, that's tricky I usually get answers more from nature, since, its open to all. So I'll give it from there itself, if you don't mind. No not at all, go on, we are all ears. Life is like an Ocean because It has depth,  which cannot be easily measured, our life cannot be measured in the sense of our feelings, our worth and above all the relationships bound with each other. Life is an ocean because it has ripples on the surface the daily ups and downs of life, the small happiness and sorrows, the small winnings and losings are all  like the ripple of water. Life is an ocean because it is vast, we do not know where it ends or where it starts, but we know it is there, just like life, we do not know where to start or where to end, we just live. Whatever or however you define life, there is one thing you should know, it has identity, the identity of

Three Choices.......?

"Hi Rafael,  today I got mu results. " "Well,  that's great news, congratulations." "But Rafael,  you didn't ask whether I passed or not." "Its not necessary to pass or fail, now you are entering the next phase of life, whether you like it or not, you are there and I'm glad, you have reached here safely Ajay. Now you would have added responsibility of making decisions and if it backfires, then you are held responsible, if your choice was right, the praise would also be yours, in this phase, you have many experiences and with that, many friends and foes and a lot of explanations, etc..." "Yes Rafael,  I'm aware of it because my mom had already asked me to decide which subject to take two years back. She had asked me to put three choices and not to put too much heart on the first choice alone." "Why did she say like that? Do you have any idea?" "Yes guys, she told,  if by any chance, we miss on

Hey, Have You Seen Nature?

"Rafael,  today it was really windy, wasn't it? I thought it'd rain, but the wind took away the clouds. " all nodded. "Yes Mark,  I had some casualties in my garden,  some branches were downed by the wind and all the plants have been shaken to the very root. Now it takes time to get back to normal, anyway, the vigour with which it was growing,  might not be revived but still,  it would grow just fine, anyway, the next time, when a storm comes by, it'd be much more prepared. " all nodded. Oh!!! That' terrible Rafael,  your garden was so beautiful,  the trees were the show pieces (all nodded) Yes, but what can we do, we cannot control the wind, well for that matter, when nature is hell bent to make such havoc, we just have to wait to let it do the damage. But that's unfair Rafael There is nothing unfair,  Monica, the nature is our own extension. What does that mean Rafael? Now look at the storm, it really messed lots of gardens and t

The One Thing We Have No Control

"Rafael, its easy to say to find what we are comfortable with. But in practice it is difficult. Even though if we go about finding it, we feel bored by searching from one activity to the next and before long we will know, its no use and we become losers." "Hmmm that's too bad, I thought you guys had some punk in you. I thought you were go getters and not sit and complain all the time." "We are go getters for sure Rafael, but this is a life situation, we can't waste the whole time testing what we are comfortable at." "OK so you people are serious,  that's good, but there is one thing, we have no control, even though if its life or death situation, there is a back pulling factor." "What is it Rafael?" "Its time." "That was what we were saying." "ou were saying about the earlier the better and save time, but I was meaning another time, which means, whatever is happening to us or what shou

Easiest Route to Face Life

"Rafael,  what's the easiest route to face life?" "Be simple." "That simple?" All smiled. "Yes, that simple,  when you were small what was your worry? " "Thinking of it now, there eas nothing, when angry, happy, hurt, whatever emotions we had eas shown then and there, not even bothering to think of its consequences. But now, its so complicated, that I'm not sure whether to do it or not do it, or say it or not say it. I'll have to plan each and every thing of my life. Its really tiring, Rafael.' "Always on the tight rope?" "Exactly. " "Not knowing where the next step would end?" "Yes absolutely right. But that is so boring, one after the other. Life should be really enjoyedisn't it Rafael? " "Yes,  it is. But not in the sense like party, booze and all that sorts. It would lead to more inner emptiness leading to hopelessness." "Never think, that thi

Our Homing Device

"Rafael, today I happened to hear a sermon on television, it was about God naturally, but what got my attention was, the priest spoke, 'People search God,  when they have no hope of survival,  when he is in the deepest of gorges.' But,  I don't understand how does man know where to go, when he himself has not seen God? " "Great question Rebecca,  what does birds do, when the sun starts to set?" "Return to the nest, naturally." "Yes you're right, but how would they know where the nest is, when there are so many trees of the same type and so , many nests?" "Well, I don't know." "Yes, its complicated to answer. But one thing we know for sure, that it surely reaches and stays in its own nest, that means, it has a homing device inbuilt in it. Now for babies, they immediately recognize its mother, in a maze of other faces, how?" "The same homing device. " "Yes, Just like that, even i

Why are we sad?"

"Rafael,  our headmistress retired. She was our Chemistry teacher. She was very kind and very loving too. The whole school were crying when she bade farewell.  Why should it be sad, when we seperate from our loved ones?" "I am sorry to hear, that a good teacher retired because of age. But still you people should feel lucky, that you have had first hand experience of a good teacher,  just think of the students who are now planning to join school?" "Yes its true Rafael,  they're really unlucky on that score.  But still,  why are we so sad, heartbroken?" "Any relationship tthat's been joined with love cannot be broken,  even after years of seperation, we do have fond thoughts of them, the hurt part comes, when our mind takes over and sows the seed of fear, whispering to our intelligence,  if she goes, you would feel alone,  the person replacing her can be a militant matron, thus bringing a sense of hurt, loss and loneliness, making it a fe

What Will happen to my life?????

"Rafael,  I really am very frightened of this life, what would happen of me?" "That is your mind saying,  a spiritual person would never fear of anything. " "Are you sure,  Rafael? " "Yes quite sure,  its because they always are in the shade of  love,  peace and happiness,  which only the soul could provide, then they have full faith in the all powerful God,  who guides their every second of their lives,  so naturally whatever the circumstance, they would accept it as it is, then where is the scope for fear? " " Nowhere naturally." "Exactly,  but if your body, your mind,  your intelligence guides you, there is only one scope in life, tension. .....tension and all the diseases attached to it. Since,  the body or the mind or the intelligence do not know, what awaits us, the next year or the next monthor the next week. " "Don't go that far Rafael,  no physical intelligence cannot predict what awaits us the n

Don't Dare....

"But Rafael, there is a situation, that I cannot understand, we are always on the cross, one way or the other, is there no end to it?" "Yes, that's a good question, Ajay, there is a way out, sure." "That's a relief, how?" "Easy,  face it." "What does that mean Rafael?" "When a dog chases you, which is the best route out?" "Stay where you are and no running." "Yes, that's right, or else you would have to run the whole time until you tire and every time you meet a dog, naturally the fear overcomes you and you run and how long would you do that?" "Our whole life?" "Exactly, and will the problem go?" "No, that is what is happening to us, we are always crucified because, we have been running from the problem before and the fear within us is overcoming us. So its better, you come face to face with the problem and take the brunt of all humiliation, fear, hat