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Just Shut Up!!!!!!!

Chapter - 23 All took seats for breakfast. Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened. "Father, where did you get the Amulet?" "In my bandage." "Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced. “Father, sorry, I didn’t get your permission, but I felt, Alfonso needed it, more than me.” “Don’t worry my child, you did the right thing or else, I would not have walked.” All nodded. “But father, how did it return here?” “It has served the purpose of protecting. If I am not wrong. he might actually be right on our door step.” “Really!!!!!!!!!!!” “Hmmmm.” At that time there was a knock on the door and Sanjo ran to the door and indeed Alfonso and the rest of the crew was there safe and sound.” “Oh Captain!!!!!!!!!! we were just speaking about you. But you were quick in returning. Did you kno

Be Thankful for The Gifts Received

Chapter - 22 “ Dr. Martin slowly undid his bandages and in one of the bandage he found the most surprising thing.” “What is it Rafael?” “It was the Amulet, the chain and the medal, which he had given to his daughter. What is it doing in my bandage? Shaking his head, he placed it on the table, undid his bandages, had his bath and got dressed, he was feeling his body, his legs, his hands. He couldn’t thank God enough for making him walk again and that too so soon.” “His heart was skipping with joy and at the same time weeping, seeing the love of God.” “Its true Rafael, we do not know the value of what we have until it is taken from us. But by then it would be too late.” All nodded. “Yes Mathew, but this is a reminder to us, we might not get a second chance like Dr. Martin. So try to acknowledge the gifts God has given us and cherish it with your life, use it wisely what you have. For example, people who smoke, use liquor and drugs, they are misusing their

Have Faith in Your Wish

Chapter - 21     “I’m sorry to say, but he didn’t ask to return?” “No????????? Then what did he ask? Actually, he went to meet the hermit to get a passage to the year he had left, isn’t it Rafael?” “Yes, but, Alfonso felt, there is something more important than, his necessity to return.” “Really, what is it?” “Dr. Martin’s limbs to be joined and heal it completely.” “Wow Rafael, that’s a touching gesture, Dr. martin would never know the truth, but still, Alfonso is gifting a very precious wish to an unseen person. Its sad too, isn’t it Rafael?” “That is the speciality of love Mark, there is not enough time, space and opportunity to do good for our loved ones. No acknowledgement is needed when we have done anything out of love and be sure, that act would return to the owner in the same coin. So whatever you do doesn’t go to waste. Keep that in mind.” “So Rafael, you say, that Dr. Martin would pay back for the wish?” “No Mathew, Alfonso wo

Waiting with Love....

Chapter - 20  “The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.” “What was so special about the gift Rafael?” “Well, every time when the hermit arrives, he brings something unique, which satisfies her need, that brings the old lady lasting happiness, inner peace and above all contentment.” “Rafael, what is it, you are really trying our patience.” “Well, that is what he brought, patience.” “Rafael, are you joking? How can we bring patience?” Rafael smiled and nodded. “Yes Ajay, he had brought patience and that too which could be seen and felt.” “But how is that possible?” “Patience is one big thing, which is very important in every living being’s life.” “A mother has to wait, till her baby is out of the womb. A bird has to wait to hatch its chick. A child has to wait to grow, sun takes time to rise and set, the flower takes time to bloom, season has a time to arrive, trees takes time to bear fruits. And we have to wait to see the results and for

If There is a Will There is a Way

Chapter - 19     “I would like to meet the hermit. Make the necessary arrangements.” “Yes your Majesty.” “The hermit’s day of arrival was two days after. So the minister made the arrangements for the princess and her guests to meet the hermit.” “Was it easy Rafael, to meet the hermit?” “It was easy for them Rebecca, not because of the power the princess held, but by the purity of their soul, they cleared their way, both the princess as well as Alfonso.” “How do you know that Rafael?” “The first and foremost proof is,there was a hermit to help them, and secondly, the date of the arrival of the hermit, usually a hermit never ever comes out of his hermitage, thirdly they didn’t have to go in search of the hermit, the hermit is coming out and meeting them in their area and fourthly, the timing, they didn’t have to wait for long. All these happens when, they are destined to do it and they hold the key to the lock, so they could easily unlock the door and la

Know your Future

Chapter - 18 “Rafael, there’s a small question, which has been nagging at me for sometime,  before we go to the story, you told there is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives. Rafael, do you mean to say that even after death, we would relive on this Earth?” “Yes Monica, we would be born again physically, but our spirit, our soul has only one life, there is no death for the soul. We are born from the God soul and end in God soul, but if we have to get united to the God soul we should gain perfection and that is possible only when we fulfill all our wishes, promises and clear our curses, bad behaviours, etc…. until then we will be born again and again.” “Thank you Rafael, I’ll have to redo my life.” All nodded and smiled. “Now Rafael, what happened to Alfonso and the crew, they rectified the problem of