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The War of Kurukshetra

Sorry, yesterday, I wasn't able to talk much, as sleep was trying to overcome me, I had only one thought, bed. But there is one thing, which I don't understand, why we should sleep? Yeah, I know, good for health, etc..But why should nature create such a state for all its living creation on this Earth? Have you wondered it? Well wonder it now. Actually, in the Bible, I have not seen a literal sleeping of Jesus, well there is, this sleeping in the boat part, but other than that, nothing, saying slept at night. But why is it like that? Is it not very important? Hmm.. actually, we will have to think about it. Sleep, hmmmm. I love it. And I feel, you people too like it, don't you? Do you know why? Because we are dead to the world for some time, that means, we get a chance to forget our sorrows, hurts, losses, whatever bad we are facing will be dead for sometime. But, do you know its not healthy? To cover our problems in sleep? Do you know problems are good for