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Seven Tips To Have a Great Profession

"Rafael, which is the best job, which has more scope now-a-days? One of my cousins is sure what he wants, but his parents are knocking all doors and windows, to know the scope of each job." "But that's bad on your cousin Mark, why can't the parents understand, what he likes?" "Children, don't criticize your parents, they think only of your future, after 10 years, they should ensure, their children, would be able to sustain themselves and not have to extend their hand for help. Now you feel unfair because, they study the pros and cons of this decision. But if they do not check it now, then you would feel the unfairness after 10 years, so which is best?" "Now is better." "Good, but you can give them the confidence of your choice." "Really!!!! How?" "Remember, the perfection of the job, is what bring success to the profession, even if you are a sweeper, no matter, how many people move around the plac

Respect Your Soul Mate

Chapter 36 Isabella was dumbstruck when she heard Alfonso saying callously her future and her father was too happy to hear it too. She just wanted to flee from the place.. She wished if she had dropped dead.” Nobody knew what was going through her except Dr. Martin. So he didn’t delay, what he had in mind.” “What did he do Rafael?” “He heard everything what Alfonso had to say and smiled and nodded.” “Yes you are right Alfonso, it is time for her to decide what should she do.” All nodded and Dr. Martin turned to her daughter and asked, “Daughter, what do you think, I tried to persuade Alfonso to take you to the island, what do you think, do you want to get married to a nice man and live a life of utter boredom or accompany Alfonso and become a piratess?” Isabella couldn’t believe her ears. “Father, are you saying that I can decide between the two evils?” “Yes, my child, you have a choice, if you want my consent, I’ll give for the second one.” All mouth ga

The Right Job

                 We are in an age where we give the children a free hand in selecting their professions, the courses they need to study, the future they plan to select and   the parents just had to open the wallet and pay, nothing more. That was what I was thinking until today, when I met a girl who was studying for the entrance of Civil Services Preliminaries.             I was real awed, because I had spoken and worked with lots of IAS officers and the like but not a fledgling, aspiring civil servant. So I asked her, what made her decide to select this job? She said, "Actually, I didn't  have any idea about my future profession, what I should opt for." So after her degree, she went for a retreat and they guided them to opt for the civil services according to the Intelligent Quotient test conducted. And then too, she didn’t know, what she was involving herself into. But now after studying so much in the coaching centre and being with other students and previous candi


            Work, what is it? Is it doing something for a purpose or is it doing something because somebody has forced us to do? Well, there are many definitions which is better to avoid as anyone can define work according to his circumstances. A fortnight back, I had the opportunity to meet some special group of people whom we see only when necessary – the medical staff. My mother (mother-in-law) had a stroke and she was hospitalised for a fortnight. We were at the mercy of the hospital staff, especially the nurses. My mom(biological mother) was a nurse, so usually I had a high esteem for this group, as my mom was a dedicated nurse and her friends too were the best in the field. So I was not unhappy of my mother being hospitalised. My mother was really an old person, aged approximately 85 plus and she was paralysed on the right side. She couldn’t move or talk or eat or defecate on her own. We were new to this situation. So, we (my husband’s family and myself) were literally at the mer