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Love Your Neighbour as Your Self

Hey Guys!!!!! How should we live? Happily ever after? or be tensed or depressed when you have a problem?  or be sad when something bad happens? or Be elated when something good happens? Well let me get some cool facts of our physical body. Emotions create chemical reactions in our body. It affects the balance of the body.  The best chemical reaction in your body happens when you are in Love . What is Love? Love is an emotion, where you are happy to have with you whether its a person, animal or thing. You can connect with that no matter wherever you are. You would like to be a part of it in whatever circumstances. Its a feeling that is created by a chemical reaction which happens in our body. For example, Do you love your body? Do you love the right side of your body or the left side? The nose or the eyes? Will you hurt the part which you don't like?  You might think, why I am asking these weird questions?  Imagine you love your right side and hate the left side,


Guys!!! In my previous post, we proved that we are all part of the Universe, where we have no barriers. So how come then we see all these things around? Its because we live in the box of our five senses. We know and believe a world of five senses. If we see or hear or taste or smell or feel then we believe or else we say, its simply a fluke!!!! And we think, we are intelligent. What do you think? Are we intelligent? I will say, if you and I accept and believe only what the five senses say and trash it out which is outside its purview, then you and I are A VERY BIG MORON!!!!! Why? If a scientist says, you are made up of trillions of cells, will you believe it? Have you seen it? Have you felt it? Have you tasted it? Have you heard it? Then how do you know it? The real truth cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt, its above that. Intelligence is guided ONLY by the five senses. So its time to put the five senses in the trash box and live life freely and give a BREA

You & Me

Guys!!!! You know I think either I am insane or on borderline of insanity. My tagline is usually "We all are made up of cells which are packets of energy." That is the end of the story. But last day, I happened to hear that there are billions of galaxies in this universe and you are just a speck. So while I was thinking on that, I wanted to connect the speck part as me. But unfortunately I landed in non-entity part (means you are a zero). You might wonder how. You know that you are made up of atoms, right? Now we are going deeper into the atoms. Atoms look like a solar system. See the below image So if each atom is like that image, it looks like a solar system see image below :- We are made up of atoms and surrounded by atoms. The pictures shown above both looks the same. If the whole universe is like this, then where would I be or you be? Everywhere or nowhere? What do you think? I am crazy!!!!!? Ha....ha...ha... Meena


Dear Guys I want to pass a very important message which we all face in our daily life, Problems!!! One of my friends, he committed suicide, when he incurred insurmountable debts. One of my friend's son hanged himself to death due to love failure. As we get older and older, when we hear all these, we shake our heads and say, "Very sad". Yes, it's sad, when people do not have the courage to stand by their actions and rectify it when it is a mistake. But the first thing is - to acknowledge and accept the decision. Man is the only creature in this whole universe, that has a choice to do what he feels right for himself as an added bonus right for others. He has the capability to learn in depth before deciding. Man has the power of intuition, where one need not have any deep knowledge of the situation in fact about anything except follow the instincts. Its all good and fine, we have choices and we utilize it to the maximum. And still why do you think, we have a

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Live Like a Bird

Hey Guys Sorry, I was not able to talk anything about the Bible for a long time. Its nothing personal, the time is an essence and the energy is another. There were several duties which I had to fulfill on a war footage basis. And I am happy to say, I completed it. You might wonder what it is. " Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" I have always wondered how this will happen, like how will human beings live without having any money.  My first experience with having no money with me was, when I was in class 8. I had home from boarding and was with my father, he was planning to buy a house and you know, all the money was in the bank and I do not know what the issue was, my dad had only Rs. 2 with him and we lived with just Rs. 2 for 1 week. (In those times, there were no ATMs, if we need money we will have to go to the bank). But we lived ver

Bible - Man's Users Manual - The Parables - The Mustard Seed

Hey Guys There is one thing that is very good to know in the bible regarding the life of Jesus, there is no mention of his adolescent age, his youth, his growing period as man. What does that mean? Simple, the rest is left to you. Your decision, your plans, your experiences. But whatever it is, it is solely your responsibility. It is made by you, all the circumstances you are currently facing. Its like the rising and setting sun, the plant growing and dying. Its a cycle, if you do something, you will have to face the consequences good or bad. So now Jesus comes in front of the public at the age of late 20s and early 30s. He didn't just get out of His house and started His work. He prayed on the hill top for 40 days without food and filled Himself with the Spirit of God, by baptising Himself in the river Jordan, then He started his public life. Now, that's trouble!!!! Imagine all the people, either on the mountains or dipping themselves in the river before any ventu

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Parents

Hey Guys When you are a child, if your parents are spiritual, they will surely make you to pray to God, no matter whatever reasons you put against it. You are in a phase where you have been introduced to God. You either go to Church, Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc.... on a daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis, according to the circumstances. From childhood to youth is a long time and that is how it was for Jesus too. That phase of His life is explained in two simple sentence. "Then he went down to Nazareth with them (He was 12 yrs old at this time) and was obedient to them."   "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men" When you live obedient to your family, I have found that the children are much more focused and live wisely. They become stronger, both physically and mentally. That is an important message I would like to pass, to all children.  "Obey and Respect unconditionally your Parents and Elders"

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Spirituality

Hey Guys As I always say, to start at the beginning is more easier to understand than barging in between.  This is the continuation of the previous posts, so if you want to understand the head and tail of what I am saying please do read the previous posts heading Bible - Man's Users Manual I was actually planning to do this as a book, but I thought that if there are any criticisms and ideas of yours, I can incorporate in these posts and in the end make it as a book because you guys are also part of the universe that God has created and you are an integral part for my growth and the growth of the Universe, so its essential to accept and respect you as you are. "Blessed are the children, whose parents guide them to God."  As children, we are not aware of  the spiritual aspect of our existence. But every parent has a duty to guide their children to the Creator. Jesus' Parents also did the same, whatever religion they followed, they made sure Jesus also

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Empty Handed

Hey Guys!!! This is the continuation of the previous post, so if you want to understand the head and tail of what I am saying please do read the previous posts heading Bible - Man's Users Manual from the beginning. Now Jesus was born and seeing His situation, we feel, He is going to starve. Actually He was born in a Cow Shed and still the Kings came, the shepherd's came. The best part is, all were informed by an external force, the Angels for the shepherd and the Star for the Magis, which is above all human knowledge and thought,  they all came bearing gifts and the gifts that the Kings brought would take care of Jesus and His family without any impoverishment for His entire lifetime and much more and the lambs from the shepherds for the daily needs. Do you know what that means? There would be people who would be brought for our express needs and our needs are taken care of no matter where we are born, how we are born or to whom we are born - our daily needs as

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Man's Birth

Dear Friends Before starting, I would like to know why we are here in the first place and why we are taking the life of Jesus as our User's Manual Do you think, that Jesus- The Son of God, should be born at all? No.  Ans :- God promised Adam that He will reinstate Man to the garden of Eden and be with God, where there are no mediators only Man & God. Now it is the duty of man to follow exactly what God says to return back to Him. And that is why Jesus was born, to show us the way to God, to Eden. That is why Jesus told, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  That is why we are using Jesus life as our Users manual to reach the Garden of Eden.  Believe Me, its not Easy!!!  Back to the Explanation :- So now, we know that even before the parents of Jesus were married, Jesus was conceived without any physical involvement or in any physical sense with Mary by anyone. That means, we  too

The Bible - Man's Users Manual

Hey guys!!! Life is different  for each and every one - The rich, the poor, man, woman, sick, healthy, young, old, etc..etc... etc... All are unhappy with their circumstances Have you wondered why? Well, since I have my own set of mind, idling around, I couldn't find any answers to that complicated question.  So the answer struck me when I bought a watch for my son. The first thing he did was, he started reading the users manual. I for one, was shocked.  For me, watch is just for looking time and well for setting the alarm. So, I asked my son, why are you reading the users manual? the shopkeeper has already explained to you in great detail, how it works. So why bother with this book?  shaking his head  he replied, "Mom, he just gave me a general idea, but if I have to show my friends why I bought this watch, I should know its very best features, and in the Users Manual,  the makers specify it in a clear cut way. If we follow it by the book, it will last long and wi

Tips to Make Oldage a Happy One

Hey Guys!!!! I happened to read in one brochure, Oldness can be loneliness. Do you think so? For me, I don't. I have always wondered that old age is the best time to be peaceful and quiet. If you have a family, who is OK with caring their elderly parents or family members, then oldage is the best time. Well if there isn't a family, then too, its the best time!!!! There is one thing you should remember, we cannot make anybody happy with our good actions and intentions, but we can make ourselves happy, right? So do what is right and be happy, whether you are young or old. Now consider I am also old, I make my old age happy by 1. Just zipping my mouth shut. No free advice, unless asked. - Each word is more powerful than a two edged sword. It can hurt not only the other person but also myself. So its better to shut up most of the time and save myself from heart break!!!! That's my policy   Free Advice :- Anywhere in the world, whether you are young or old,  you wi