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The Importance of English Language

Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them. One cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history , appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs. Respected Teachers And My Dear Friends I am here before you, to say a few words about “ The Importance of English Language ” No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5 % by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experience, and 80% by your communication skill. English , / the mother tongue of   America   and   Great Britain/ is being spoken by half  the world population./ It has gained the status of international language/ due to its universal use and appeals as a language of science and technology/. English is practically a language of administration, science, literature and diplomacy./In the medium of international communication, / direct use of English by most countries of the world/ has made it an effective medium of global intercommunication,/

My Best Friend

A Friend in need is a friend indeed. Honourable Judges, respected teachers and my dear friends. I am here before you to say about "My Best Friend" . My best friend is a person who is always close at heart. She wakes me up in the morning with her dazzling smile making my day a perfect one. She pampers me with her loving words, teaches me my day's work, nourishes me with my favourite food, dresses me with love and care and drops me to school on time thereby developing confidence in myself and making me the best of student, friend and daughter. Who can that friend be, none other than my mother. I would cherish her, as it is only once in a lifetime gift. Mom, I love you. Thank you. Its just a kindergarten speech. But mothers are too special to ignore, accept them as they are. Take care of them you would never regret it. See you. Meena

The Genuine Religion

"Rafael, there is one issue, I cannot understand." "What is it Ajay?" "Sorry, don't misunderstand, but you have been speaking of church, mosque and temple to help us reach our destination, but we all believe there is only one God, then there should be only one religion to reach the goal, so which is it, Rafael?" "So now you started thinking, good. All religions are true, they lead us to one goal, but whatever the religion, there is one thing, you should know, that decides the genuineness of a religion." "Really, what is it Rafael?" " Religion which teaches the importance of love, lives love, sacrifice out of love and breathes love, where hatred is conquered by love, where the goal to reach is achieved only through love. Then that religion is a true religion." "Are you so sure Rafael? How do you know, this is the right religion?" "because, the religion of the soul is love. So if you have to rea

Give Reign To Your Soul

"So Rafael, you promised, a story regarding giving full reign of our life to our soul." All nodded,  Rafael smiled and nodded. "Yes Ajay,  I remember, ok. Here we go, It's a story of a poor boy. He was very courageous and never feared failure.  He had only his father and no one else. His father passed away leaving behind a small piece of land and a small hut. Since he was small, the village elders decided to select a family who can be his guardian, until he comes of age. The village head was a very shrewd man, he voluntered himself to be the guardian of the boy. The boy shifted his residence and lived in the home of his guardian." "Was it easy for the boy,  Rafael? " "No it was not easy, but he didn't complain. He worked very hard during day time and at night, he would listen to the singing of the village head man's daughter, who was his age. Before long, he knew he wanted to learn music." "Oh! That's lovely. So was

My Mother

Hundreds Of Dewdrops To Greet The Dawn, Hundreds Of Bees In The Purple Clover, Hundreds Of Butterflies On The Lawn, But Only One Mother In   The Wide World Over. Honourable Teachers And My Dear Friends.           I’m going to speak a few words about “My Mother”. My mother is the best person on earth. She wakes up early in the morning and sends a silent prayer to God for the prosperity of the family. She, without a grudge works from dawn to dusk for the family. She wakes me up with her soft hands ruffling my hair and kissing my forehead. She carries me to the kitchen for my ritual coffee. I sit on her lap and she talks to me softly even though she has a thousand and one odd jobs. This is how she readies me to face the world.            She helps me in my studies and also plays with me. She dances with me taking away my inhibitions. She encourages me at every point.   She always has a ear for me. I can ask her anything even the moon from the pitch black sky and I’m sure she won

“My Pet”

“Loving without Conditions Caring without Criticism Frolicking with all its Might And that’s my Pet " Honourable judges, respected teachers, loving parents and my dear friends. I’m here to speak a few words about “My Pet” I have a very cute puppy named Tuffy. Small and fluffy, she is a Pomeranian. She is so white and looks at me with black eyes. My pet is my best friend. She wakes me   in the morning, by licking my face and in the evening, waits for me when I come home from school. I play with Tuffy and frolic around for an hour or two, she fetches my fallen pencils and erasers for me and pokes me when I doses off during my study time. She sleeps in my room as my companion, making me feel secure. Tuffy is a well behaved whelp. She barks when strangers come and doesn’t sit on the couch or the cushion. She doesn’t dirty the house and always keep herself clean. My family loves her and takes her to the market and for picnics too. One day Tuffy saw a snake near me, and immediately star