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Wishing you all a Simple Love filled New Year

"Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday time. Take time to reach out to those you love and maybe even to those that you don't!" Rex Maughan CEO, Forever Living Products Quoted in December 2016 Forever Magazine Isn't it a touching message? Its really a simple message, no forcing, giving you the freedom to choose, but still thought evoking, right? While reading this, a thought came to my mind, why do we have people whom we do not love? I was watching spy kids movie. Well, which one I don't know, but it is the movie where two brothers are not on speaking terms for many years (Just Imagine!!!!), but the best part is the end part, where, one brother says that he doesn't remember why he was angry with his sibling which unfortunately was the same situation of the other. Mistakes do happen, it might be hateful and hurtful and I know its very difficult to forget. I do not say to forget, its your choice, but we can forgive them can't we?  Make sure