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The Smooth Hoses

Yesterday, while I was walking with my cousin,she was speaking about an incident which made her heart skip a bit. The incident was like this, two parents were taking their kids aged 5 and 7 yrs old to school.The parents were talking shop and deeply engrossed in it and the children were walking before them on the pedestrian street for sure, but there was a difference, the pedestrian street was the dumping yard of big fiber hoses of the telephone exchange. The hose was so smooth that even cats could slip and fall, on that these children were walking easily. When she said it, the first thing that came to my mind was, the children live the moment, whatever comes to mind, they do. They do not look at the consequences of their actions. The wise would say, think twice before you act. It is good, but if our whole life, the moment, the day, the months and years,then there would be time only for thinking and no actions. So let loose your fear once in a while and take the risk, but don&

How to Pacify Cravings

Today I met a lady, who has a husband as well as another man to keep her fulfilled. The funny thing is the fulfilling man is of the same status, married. But the sad part is, both have children. They are still in the state of education. I do not know why, seeing the lady with that man made me sad. Companion is good, but if the one you are legally bound doesn't get to fulfill your inner cravings, then what is the guarantee that the next one could pacify your cravings? No guarantee. Its a risk, but if the risk backfires, would you risk for another person? What is this cravings? Cravings is something which comes from the very inside of us. But we cannot explain it because its an unexplainable phenomenon. But there is nothing unexplainable. There is an answer for every question. So cravings is the inner quest for love. First and foremost know that no human can fulfill that quest for love. They have their limitation. Don't blame them. You too are in the same boat. Some p

The Cindrella and the Prince

Today I watched a Cindrella movie, not the fairy tale one but another one. As a romantic, I love that story. But I was thinking, what made it tick? But one thing I learned from this story Everyone has a good phase and bad phase in life, fairness and unfairness in life. And fairness or good phase of life is a happy moment. But the bad phase and unfairness is a sad one, we all know that. But as we watch this movie we find that bad phase don't stay for long. Even if we are against the most powerful person in life, the bad phase is short lived. Its great to know, right? If you want an example, take a wave, sea wave or an ocean wave. How long will the crest stay on high position, which means, in the raised position? Mere seconds or a minute and a half. Its the same for the lowest part of the wave too. That is what nature teaches you. Don't stay too depressed when you are at your lowest level because its just for mere minutes or an hour and a half, not more. And that

The Act of Surprising

I do not know how it is for you. But for me, I love surprises, not the bad ones eh. But how can we give surprises to our dear ones is a thinking matter. Yesterday was my mom's birthday. You know, mom's are not that easy to get surprised. But my gift for her simply dumbfounded her. Don't ask what gift I gave. But I loved that moment of her surprise. Now, why do we get surprised, have you thought about it? we think, the sun rises, goes around the whole place from morn to night and then the moon would make his appearance, etc...etc... Its the usual and one fine morning, if we get to find the moon instead of the sun, we are surprised. Its the same for people too, father, mother, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, children, etc..etc.... behave as they should, either strict or beautiful or naughty or whatever but one fine day when they change their route map of behaviour we all get surprised. But why do we change our route map? For others to see us? recognize us?

The Destructive Architect

Today, I met a Swiss architect who created the place, where I was working. So I just wowed to my colleague, saying , "He is a genius" The reply shocked me. "Genius!!! Bull Shit. I can never tolerate him." "But why?" "He build, demolishes.....builds demolishes, minimum three time he does it in order to get the perfection. Where would we accommodate the cost? Now do you feel to wow him?" "At that time I just sat there dumbstruck and open mouthed. If the architect had accidentally become a doctor or a chef or an astronaut or whatever, what would have been the situation?" Dead man. Why does this happen? Because he is not doing his home work. When we do the home work, we get a chance to think about the pros and cons of the work planned, our past experiences on that type of work and even if we have experience we also try to get some extra advices on it. Then we could avoid wastage and make our work successful Whatever profess

The dead lives or dies?

I am always of the belief that the dead is gone forever, never to meet again. But certain incidents of my life proves otherwise. My dad was my best friend and confidante. He helped me out in all my stick situation. But it was until college and after that I was totally alone. So after my marriage, I had to face a very sticky situation, which I couldn't handle on my own and there was no one to confide other than God. That night, I dreamed my father, helping me out of this situation. Waking up, I thought, my sub conscious was acting up. So I just let it pass. But the miraculous part was,the problem got solved, so smoothly, that it was not my doing. Then years later, I was in search of a place to stay and knew no one nor the place. But that night I dreamed my father and the next day, I got a very beautiful, affordable and safe place to stay. So what does that mean? The dead lives or dies? I would say live. So don't feel sad, when they go from us physically. You can also r

Don't Be An Ass

Patience is one thing, which every person needs, but for parents, the most. Not because the children are naughty. They are the cutest things in our life, but they are not the only cutest things, do remember. Every parent has lots of other cute factors, which can really put us in boiling point on a daily basis. But unfortunately it bursts in front of the child, because, they unsuspectingly fall cutely in front of us, unchaining the devil within us. And not only that, the child becomes the Judas of the day and eventually, makes him for the rest of his life. Oh!! you didn't get it? Its simple, we always blame the child for the said outburst, but in real, the child was just a scape goat. There is no use blaming your kid. They are here and they face their own problems. But is it fare to add our problems, to them with all the fan fare? You can share your problems with your children, but don't burst on them and slander them with blame. Usually the outburst happens, when

The Worst Mistake A Parent Can Ever Make

A Parent Should Never Make this Mistake Don't judge your children, according to what others say. It happened once to me, when I was small, not so small, exactly during my adoloscence. At that period, my boarding mistress was my sworn enemy. She didn't have any complaints against me. So when my parents arrived, she told them, I received a love letter (Love affairs are taboo in boarding schools and Indian culture), which was a fib. My mother had her vapours, then and there. Seeing my mom's anger, the boarding mistress was glowing with pride, she was able to even a score against me. But my father, didn't utter a word. He waited for the storm to abate and then he spoke slowly, in front of me. "Sr. I am glad to hear, that my daughter received a love letter, or else, I would feel, she is not a normal girl. So where is the love letter? Can I see it?" That gave her the sweat. She replied, "Oh!! I was not expecting you. So I burnt it." opening up the

Invest for Generation

The one thing a parent should try to inculcate in his daily life is, request your child's help whenever and wherever possible and especially in your work. (Well, be there to supervise, eh) It helps him to know what you are doing. It helps him to develop his confidence. Giving him a sense of responsibility, that his parent has faith in him. There would be a rapport between you and the child. And this moment is a connecting moment which builds a stronger relationship which is a foundation that would cross generations. Which means, when he becomes a parent, he passes on to his children and that passes on. That should be the role of every parent, invest it for generations. Whatever you do, share it with your children both good and bad. Then it would cross all barriers, generation, culture and age. See you tomorrow. Until then take care. Bye Meena

Change Unlimited

Roses are Red Lillies are White and Water is Blue, then lots of ------ follows But if you hear it now, you would roll your eyes because the similes are all different now, then how would the sentence that follows would we believe? We would not because, we tend to change, every other second and that is good, if it is good change or else you would be tagged unreliable. So better be careful. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye. Meena

Gay Affinity

Yesterday I had the weirdest experience of gay affinity. Seeing so openly, it really scared me to death. If it wasn’t a direct sighting, I would never have believed it possible. The incident happened thus, I was literally running for the evening class, as I was late by 10 minutes, which was no big deal in the real sense of Indian culture, but I didn’t want to take up that part of my culture into my daily life. So I took the auto rickshaw and was flying, when the auto driver slowed and stopped. I was wondering, why this man wanted to act at this juncture. The auto was waiting and I opened my mouth to ask what the matter was, when I heard him ask, a boy, who walked like an elegant girl in a man’s attire, "Come, I'll drop you to our destination." I just gaped at the auto driver, "Seriously, he had already a passenger, " Me " and still inviting another person, not to sit near me but near him." My eyes really bulged out with shock The uneasines

Patience Making Machine

If I had patience today, then I would have been a princess. But, what use, does a princess have,if the stipulated work, doesn't get done within the time limit? That would be sad, right? Well, I took all my patience, but still, I couldn't complete my work. And the result, I became a zero. That is what happens, when technology rules our life. Though it is easy to advice to not depend on computers or machines, just imagine, how are we going to get our work done with perfection? So try to buy good machines, which has a good history, service excellence, reliability and resilience. You should not look at the price. Then I guarantee, you would not have to become a saint to have patience. The machine would do it for you. Want to bet? I am planning to dump mine, even the garbage man would run. Hi....Hi.... See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye. Meena

Let Go

Try, I do, but no use. I always think that every work at home or in office, should be done by me alone, only then, I get the perfection and satisfaction. Its all good and fine. But at the end of the day, I would be dead tired and angry with the whole lot, thinking, why are others, especially my kids, not committed as me. Do you know why? The reason is me. I am not allowing them to do their share of the work. So then, what is there for them to be committed about? Nothing. And in the process my children would be like potato sacks in front of television or video game and a curse to the society. I would not allow that to happen. So I decided to share my work. Let go of the perfection part and give a chance to make kids know the beauty of perfection through trial and error. One advice, parents. Don't overdo on what they did, let it be, as they did because, the too should feel proud of what they have done for their home, for their family and we too should appreciate that, only then

Striving To Create a Diamond

I have always wondered why some people like some things, where as the same thing is detested by others. Is there a science behind that? Yes. You know, magnets attract only iron filings and nothing else Rocks or to be specific, coal, graphite and diamond are all formed from underground, but some are used as precious stones and kept in lockers, while the others are used for other purposes thrown here and there in open. Likewise, we are also born with a value for sure, like the category of rocks, but if we have to be differentiated, we should work for it, like, coal, graphite, diamond, whatever. The more harsher the life,the better the value of a person. want to bet. See you tomorrow Until then,take care. Meena

Proud To Be an Indian?

India celebrated 67th Independence on August 15th. You know, being free from, something which we are uncomfortable with. For India it was the British. But the situation at the time, when we were fighting for freedom, India owned the largest iron factory Asia's longest rail road A Strong and efficient administration and bureaucracy British style education system. A systematic agriculture system and United several princely states under one country - India. But now, how is India? Well biggest Democratic Nation, with every politician owning a political party. Population wise, bursting in the seams, where each religion professes to have their generation follow up. Country is being divided and divided with each state wanting their own place, people according to the lay of the land. Agriculture is becoming scarce, as information technology is the pie of the profession. The railway lines are for cities alone. Development of India takes place only if bribed. Great isn&

Stop Rebirth

I do not know whether you would believe, I was thinking, I would be in my own coffin today. But when I woke up, I totally forgot about my death part and went for my ritual visiting my creator,to His place. Usually, when I am there, I am very talkative to Him, saying something rubbish in your standard, but not in my standard eh? Mark it, O.K So it was at that time, that I remembered I was supposed to be a soul. Oh you want to know, why specifically. I was not keeping well in the morning, I was feeling dizzy and I was having a splitting headache and I thought my pressure was getting low or something. So I started eating chocolates, big , small, hard, soft, but still I was not keeping well. Then I thought,my end is coming closer, good, because we all have this call at one time or the other, but my only request was, I want it to happen, when I am at home, than in a public place, where the people get confused, of what to do with my corpse and me in the mortuary, wasting my precious time

Good Friends

The third factor that touched me in the movie, Kungfu Panda is the people, who is helping the Panda, when he barely knows to fight. A praying mantiz, a snake, a monkey and a tigress. And they fight the opponent and receive the wrath and fury of the enemy before Panda gets to fight. Here, I was thinking of my friends. You know, lucky are the people who have at least one friend as the above set. I was lucky to have many such friends, even now, they call me and say Hi and if I really am in a fix, they try to help me out in ways, which I would not have imagined. We cannot select friends, they come to us. They are the iron filings and we, the magnets and the best part is this magnet only attracts selective type of iron filings. Do you know why God has given friends for us, to help us when we are in need, to shield us from harsh realities. But lucky you should be to have good friends, they are the route map to reach Self Realization. See you tommorrow. Until then take care, Bye Me

Pride Goes Before a Fall

The second thing, that really touched me in the Kungfu Panda movie was, the teacher being beaten by his pet student like a dog. I really felt like smashing the student to extinction. The teacher gave his everything, his knowledge, his love to his pet student and he repays it by harming the teacher. The reason? The teacher denied the scroll, that gives the power to become the student, the dragon warrior. The student was none other than a tiger, a very strong and smart tiger, whom, the teacher brought up from obscurity taught him all the techniques of Kungfu and made him capable of killing or handling thousands of opponents in one stroke, if we are in his position, naturally, we too would have a feeling of who is there to defeat us. Have you heard about the saying, 'Pride goes before a fall'? That is apt in this student's case. He had a feeling, that no one can defeat him and that pride made him lose his senses, his way of behaviour and that is what happens, to all pr

The Dragon Warrior

Yesterday, I happened to watch the movie Kungfu Panda. There are three things that touched me. The first one, which really awed me was the selection of the dragon warrior. And the person selected was a Panda who had no knowledge of the basics of kungfu whose main focus was eating. But still he was selected, why? Is it really possible? The answer is always an emphatic Yes. That is what we should know. In the real world, we all are born with lots of drawbacks, that is natural, but there is a gem within us, which has been camouflaged by our flaws. We always are focusing on our flaws, which makes us the imperfect beings. But we get to unwrap the gem through circumstances which we face on a daily basis. Years back, if someone had told me, Meena, you would have your own blog and you would write several books. I would reply, without an iota of doubt, "In another life, not this one." Really I did not like to write because, I was not good at writing. but circumstances, made me to

The Act of Gifting

Today, I was gifted with a chocolate with nuts, you know the crunchy type of chocolate. I am actually not a nutty person. But since it was a gift, I did not want to say no because, the expression on his face, was so expectant that I really didn't want to splash cold water on his face, by my boring attitude. Because there is a history behind it. Long time back, when I was small, I had a favourite nun, who happened to be my boarding mistress. You know, these sisters get to celebrate their feast days as well as birthdays. Their feast days are always grand, lots of gifts, wishes and sweets. Since it was my favourite sister's feast, I also wanted to give her a gift. But what can a lower primary school kid, staying in a boarding school gift her teacher.If you ask me, there is nothing. But I used all my resources like, used cards, sketch pens,etc..etc.. to make a unique card and an expensive pen, which someone had gifted me. I wrapped in a used presentation wrapper and satin ribbon

Imagine Overdrive

I love eating and lazy at cooking. The normal vice of a housewife. But that doesn't mean, I shirk my duty of cooking. Since I have to do it, I thought I will give my best shot, without any thought. So this thought part is the best part. I have a very lively imagination of how my food should look and taste and what the dialogue should be are all pre recorded into my being. And what has been pre recorded is what I get, the very taste, the flavour and the dialogues all happen exactly as planned. Does it ring any bell? Come on guys, I have been saying all these for so long, that its high time, something clicks into place. OK, I will not brag on, its the creation of nature, the first creation by God, remember? He had an idea and he just put in a word and Lo behold! we got the perfect creation. So my advice is, don't go into the act of doing something without thought. Have some great imagination and for sure, it would happen exactly as you had imagined. Want to bet. See you

The Power of Prayer

You know, for me, I was bought up in a prayerful atmosphere. You know, morning wake up, prayer, go to church or temple or mosque or whatever. After, returning, prayer before breakfast, prayer before going to school and in school, another set of prayers, then in afternoon, again prayer, then evening prayer and in night, the last prayer. I know, you might be thinking, its a lot of prayer. But imagine, the mentality of a school going kid from the age of five who has been going through this, till the age of seventeen, naturally, I should be averse to prayer. But unfortunately, I got attached to it, not for the long recital of prayer, forget that part, even today, thinking of it, gives me goose bumps. But the talking part, between my drop of soul with the ocean of God soul, is so powerful, that believe it or not, you could be wonderstruck, with the speed it gets fulfilled. I always say to everybody and anybody to just inform the God soul, with your soul, whatever you feel, just plainly an

The Beauty of Belief

There is a flaw for me, I believe that all human beings are good, even if they hurt me, then too I do not place any blame them. So naturally my friends has classified me as a half crack. Anyway, that is no big deal. But if a pain in the ass person comes face to face and deals with me, then, how do you think I would deal? It happened years back, I was seven years old. I am rarely at home at that time. So unknowingly during one of my holidays, circumstance necessitated me to go to my neighbour's house. I met a man, very smart and good looking, I spoke to him for sometime and returned. That night, I heard shouting and yelling in the middle of the night. It was from this man's house. So I asked my cousin, why so much commotion in that house and her reply just froze me to death. She whispered, even in your dreams Meena, don't you dare go near that house. The man hasn't an iota of sanity. He sometimes get so violent that he attacks, anyone and everyone, who he doesn

Sow Wisely

What you sow, so shall you reap. Don't think that you should be a farmer. Its the actions, thoughts, words, what you sow and it will return it back. See you tomorrow. Until then take care, Bye. Meena

Fulfilling Other's Expectation

Today, I happened to be in a position where I had to live up to someone else's expectation. Usually, a human life is always living upto someone else's expectation. When we are born, our parents have an expectation, when we study, along with our parents, teachers too have expectation. When we grow big, the circle of expectation gets wider. But are we able to keep up to their expectation? That is the most dumb question we would be trying to answer. One thing we should remember, in life we are really having difficulty in fulfilling our own expectation, then, what would be the success percent of fulfilling other's expectation? Yes, you are right, it would be zero. But, if you include their expectation as yours, then you can make yourself happy and in the process, others could become happy. Life is surrounded by a lot of people and you are one among many, but don't put your self in that maze and vanish off. Each thought, each action has a lot of investment fro

Have Faith

I have always believed that what we believe is what we get and that too exactly the same no less or no more. I work in a place, where nature is given more prominence, cats eat rats or snake eats rats, or crows scavenge or whatever. All animals are there, roaming about freely. So yesterday, a wrestling competition was taking place from the ceiling of my office. I thought it might be the rat and the snake. But I was not very sure. Anyway I didn't feel scared, though it was happening exactly overhead and the ceiling was made of bamboo mat. But my colleague was scared to death, she was saying, Meena, just move off from there or else, the rat or the snake might fall on you. Anyway I didn't budge, but my friend moved away and exactly at that moment, the rat fell down exactly where she had sat. At that moment, I knew, why the rat fell, because, my friend believed that it will fall on her. So now you understood, why I am saying this. I would like to suggest, if you want something to

The Unfairness of Life

According to the traditional Hindu religion, tomorrow the living will have the cleansing dip for all the dead souls. I think you understood, all the sins will be cleansed from the dead soul. But in the real sense, whether you are dead or alive you will go through the consequences of what you have done, whether you take your holy dip in Ganga or Brahmaputra or from the river originating from heaven. It would not get cleansed. I am not being fanatical, its a fact. that is the way the nature is made, or else, there is no use doing good, if it is not returned, the strong would overcome the weak. Then we say, life is not fair to us. But don't worry,life is always fair. If you have done something good, it would cross time, tide and lives to reach you. There would never be a barrier for the good you have invested to return to you and that goes for bad too. Now I would not discourage you to take the dip. At least you will know, that mistakes are always mistakes, whether you are the son

Pass On Your Effect

For me, I am glad I am a human being. Not because, I can do several antiques, but we hold more power than any living beings. You might be wondering what antiques. Simple, the best way to watch people, have a cup of coffee near a hectic road, with lots of shops, traffic, etc..etc... Then you will get to see the antiques of human beings. While I walk to work, I used to wonder, the topics of thoughts, I cover in a span of twenty minutes. When we meet our foes, friends, so different are my thoughts. When I see food, another set of thoughts. But the funny part is, we don't openly air our thoughts for all to hear, do we. But, without our knowledge, thoughts have taken control of us, are you aware of that? No. But now, its time to take note, its very important that you control your body and mind with your soul, which shows the right direction. How do you know, that soul has upper hand of your body? You would not be angry. No hatred for others would touch you. You would alway

I Have Lost Hope

I do not know, what my aim in life is. I have only tried not to hurt anyone. But still, I do not know, why I was born. Today, I faced death. If I had passed away I would have been really glad, not because I am scared of life. It is because, I have not made any difference in anyone's life. The blog I write was my own growing. It helped me a lot. But, this world is not for me alone. I have to give space for the others. But, when I do that, I wanted to give my best to my fellow people. Not like an Einsteen or Newton or the saints or great people. But like you and me, first family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, then the world. I think, I have failed everywhere. As I write this, my tears want to come off its confinement. My life is a failure. But I wish and pray, that the whole world will be happy and their wishes be fulfilled. Today is my brother's b'day. I wish him a happy birthday. May God bless you. I really hope God sees my dilemma. See you tomorrow. Unti

The boat which entered into the Heart of a Ship

I have my tea everyday, sea facing. where ships, boats, sea gulls,dolphins all move around in their own fine pace. So yesterday, while I was having my coffee, a big crude vessel was passing by, very slowly. I say huge because comparing the boats passing this vessel, was like an ant beside an elephant. While this ship was passing me, a small, smaller than the regular boat was literally chasing this ship. I was thinking, the boat driver might have gone crazy. If the ship blows a horn, the boat would fly, that much flimsy was this boat. I am not well versed in the communication system between a flimsy boat and a ship, whether its morse code or wireless telephone or whatever, but be sure, no shouting took place. Anyway, a message passed between these two, the boat came closer to the ship and a man started climbing on to the ship, only then Icannoted the ship had lowered a ladder for the boat. I was wonderstruck, how much courageous the boat driver was, as to come so touchingly close

Shed not Other's Tears

Today, the first of August. I was planning to have a great day. Starting a month with good happening is a good omen for the whole month. It would be filled with loads of good happenings. Hmmmm...its great to know, isn't it? But if it is drenched with someone else's tears, then what should the omen be. Thus the day started , a girl was offered an accountant job, when the girl arrived, she was given a menial job. Just imagine the shock the girl might have had. Interviewed for one and appointed for another. She was literally crying her eyes out. Better ask why? She resigned her previous well paid job to take up this job. But there was one thing too, as per her educational qualification, she would not get this job anywhere. But what struck me is her tears. The whole building went silent. Yes, its true, tears really breaks the other person, who has to watch it. Its like a death, not only to the weeper, but also to the onlookers. Do you know, why that happens? All people are one