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Compromise? Not a Chance

Hey Guys!!!! Yesterday I watched a movie and in that, the groom’s father gives a toast to the newlyweds. The gist of the message was “Be Happy, Be in Love and always be ready to compromise only then married   life will be successful.” For me the first thought was “Oh not again!!!!!.” You know I learn my lessons from nature. There are two places which is my favourite – the sea and the forest. So I got to wonder why do I like those places, now I know why, they make compromises for the other. There is no division of territory, if there is no division, then there will be harmony. That is what that old man whom we say as the father of the   groom meant, when you get married, your partner is an extension of you. You shouldn’t be able to decide where you end and your partner begins. I know it’s a tall order to think as such but that is the only way to co exist or else you sure are doomed guys because you wouldn’t know when you got exited.   You don’t differentiate your own body par