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The Day you Take the First Step...

(29) “ God helps the strong hearted.” “What does that mean Rafael?” “It means courage. One should be courageous to meet God. Have you seen an infant take his  first  step?” All nodded “Yes Rafael, it’s a bit scaring.” “Its scaring for both the onlookers as well as the child but, it indeed takes the first step because, it has nothing to lose. Don’t think, that the child is thinking all these, OK?” All smiled. “The first step of the child is the miracle of God to mankind and from then on, its solely in the hands of man, to take the first step. That step needs courage. A courage to face all odds. Then we will naturally see the rainbow. The Mt. Everest summit, Tenzing and Edmund reached and many a people who have  written their names in the history for being the first in one thing or the other were not chicken hearted and for their bravery, they received very special gift, a place on Earth. But these people became famous not only for their brave heart but for their hard

Is Your Heart Strong Enough?

  (28)  There is one thing I would like to say before continuing the session of prayer. Because without this basic knowledge  we would not be able to go further. I tried to explain in the physical sense which I feel is getting more senseless than sense” All nodded. “Do you know the basic structure of creation?” “Atoms?” “Exactly Monica. Now, do you know the basic function of atoms?” “Vibration or its always in movement.” “Absolutely right. Since the basic character or innate character is always on the move, then naturally, what are the chances of atoms staying still?” “Rafael, its innate nature, how can it be changed. “ “Exactly its difficult but it surely comes to a standstill when they are in vacuum.” “Really, then what would happen to the atom? Won’t it loses its identity?” “Naturally it would die or the atoms decay.” “But Rafael, then what is the use of it afterwards.” “Good question, Rebecca. The specialty of God’s creation is its always in transforma

Did You Know That You Have the Power to Bring Time To A Standstill?

 (27)  “Rafael, we have taken the decision to be with God, after that, we choose a place of our choice and shut our brain and senses and go and meet our Father in Heaven with our thoughts, right?” “Perfectly right, Mark.” “Now, I know Heaven is above sky but other than that nothing. Can you explain it a bit Rafael?” All nodded “ Heaven is so vast that a 1000 suns would not be sufficient to light it but there is not even a single sun or moon to light it. But it always has light because, God Himself is the sun there. The light coming from Him is brighter than thousands of Suns put together.” “Rafael, the heat and the light of one sun is simply intolerable in summers, we cannot even look directly at the Sun then how come we would stand a chance in Heaven and look at God directly?” “That is true, but the sun here is the aura or the inner light of God and the warmth here is the love of God, there is no nook that is dark in heaven as well as in our hearts, when we are in th

Actually, Where is God?

 (26) So what is the first important thing you need when you pray?” “Accept God as My Father.” “Good and the second one?” “Be present for God.” “Exactly, Now for the third one, try to bring something special for God, which you feel He would love it.” “Rafael, God is God. He is the owner of all creation, what can we give Him, when we have nothing?” Rafael nodded. “In the story of Lord Krishna and Kuchela, which I told yesterday, there are two things that touched me, one was Lord Himself coming to meet His friend when Kuchela was in front of His corridor and the second was Lord eating greedily the pounded rice presented by His friend,  poor man’s last morsel. Do you think He had nothing to eat in His palace? What does that mean?” “His friend is very very special and his gift was very precious.” “Exactly, it is not the size of the gift, what counts is the attitude. In Kuchela’s case, the strong bond of love. Your presence is a very big gift for God, but along w

Don't Pray, Chat

  (25)   It was years back, I happened to read a very touching story about three men in an island, away from the maddening world. Their aim was to meet God. They were very famous across the world. One day a Bishop of the neighbouring island was passing by and wished to meet these famous men. So he requested the captain to do the necessary arrangements. The captain stopped the ship and arranged a boat for the Bishop, who reached the island safely. The three men, long, short and stout, frugally dressed welcomed him very lovingly. The Bishop introduced himself as the head of the catholic church of the area. Then he asked, “Gentlemen,  how are you planning to achieve the goal of meeting God?” Then one of them replied “Sire we have only one prayer, you are three and we are three bless us.” The Bishop nodded smiling. He asked them, “Did you know, Jesus taught us a prayer?” They nodded in the negative and requested the Bishop to teach the prayer. The Bishop willingly t

Did Jesus Really Resurrect?

  (24)   “Children, now we’ll have to go back to the instance after the death of Christ.” “Oh good, I was just dying to ask you Rafael, did Jesus really resurrect from the dead? Did he really came out alive after three days? Do you really believe it?” Rafael smiled.   “Yes Mathew, He rose from the dead, it is the gift of God, bestowed on every son, who takes the cross, accepts it with humility and without uttering a single word, goes through the path that Jesus showed, which is very difficult, but still, if we continue till the very end and forgive unconditionally all the people who had a part in getting us the cross, then He will give the power and liberty to us to live eternally. That I believe.” All nodded. “What do you think of the Holy Bible? Is it reliable?” “That’s what you proved, Rafael. Yes, it is reliable.” All noded. “Good, now you are capable of saying strongly.” All smiled.   “In the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus is narrated by the soldiers who