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The Act of Gifting

Today, I was gifted with a chocolate with nuts, you know the crunchy type of chocolate. I am actually not a nutty person. But since it was a gift, I did not want to say no because, the expression on his face, was so expectant that I really didn't want to splash cold water on his face, by my boring attitude. Because there is a history behind it. Long time back, when I was small, I had a favourite nun, who happened to be my boarding mistress. You know, these sisters get to celebrate their feast days as well as birthdays. Their feast days are always grand, lots of gifts, wishes and sweets. Since it was my favourite sister's feast, I also wanted to give her a gift. But what can a lower primary school kid, staying in a boarding school gift her teacher.If you ask me, there is nothing. But I used all my resources like, used cards, sketch pens,etc..etc.. to make a unique card and an expensive pen, which someone had gifted me. I wrapped in a used presentation wrapper and satin ribbon

To All The Liars Of The World

Continuing Yesterday's venture , of returning to the womb. We have to take several steps. I will give an example, my own example. It was when I was small. I was a joker, which means, I would crack jokes and make everybody laugh and sometimes, it included lies too. But as I grew older, I do not know, how I outgrew out of it, but I didn't feel anything funny about these jokes. I completely stopped it. But the sad part was, the lies returned to me amd was repaid in the same coin. Since I hadn't done much damage with lie jokes, I had to bear only a few but the consequences of it extended my whole life. I had to live with people who only lied or averse to truth. I was shocked. How did this happen? Then I knew, my destimy was conmected to lies. Either, I totally abstain from lies and reach my destination without casualty or churn around this mess of lies I have already created and go on creatimg more of it. You might think, lies is O.K. But believe me, its better to die than

Don't dream away your Life

You know guys, I always liked to dream. Thinking of what lay in store, etc..etc. But the funny part is, it happens only during study time or prayer time or when the power fails and it starts from my own room or wherever I am, it goes sky high or sometimes round the world and in the end my mind returns to the place I started the dream. So now where am I? Exactly, in square one, which means, in the starting line of a dream? Do you know what I learned from the dream? Don't just dream away your life,  work on it and that too very hard, and pray for its success, only then, you can give company to your dream. You might think, why we need to pray. Do you know, when someone is very fortunate we say, ooh, he's lucky, when a batsman can score a hundred, he is lucky, when a bowler can get hatrick, we say he is lucky, this lucky part we get from prayer because it is God's grace. And I for one believe in God's grace. Today I was watching Master Chef programme on television

Definition of Life

Rafael, I would like to know, how would you define life, according to you. So that we too understand, what it is. Hmmm, that's tricky I usually get answers more from nature, since, its open to all. So I'll give it from there itself, if you don't mind. No not at all, go on, we are all ears. Life is like an Ocean because It has depth,  which cannot be easily measured, our life cannot be measured in the sense of our feelings, our worth and above all the relationships bound with each other. Life is an ocean because it has ripples on the surface the daily ups and downs of life, the small happiness and sorrows, the small winnings and losings are all  like the ripple of water. Life is an ocean because it is vast, we do not know where it ends or where it starts, but we know it is there, just like life, we do not know where to start or where to end, we just live. Whatever or however you define life, there is one thing you should know, it has identity, the identity of

Three Choices.......?

"Hi Rafael,  today I got mu results. " "Well,  that's great news, congratulations." "But Rafael,  you didn't ask whether I passed or not." "Its not necessary to pass or fail, now you are entering the next phase of life, whether you like it or not, you are there and I'm glad, you have reached here safely Ajay. Now you would have added responsibility of making decisions and if it backfires, then you are held responsible, if your choice was right, the praise would also be yours, in this phase, you have many experiences and with that, many friends and foes and a lot of explanations, etc..." "Yes Rafael,  I'm aware of it because my mom had already asked me to decide which subject to take two years back. She had asked me to put three choices and not to put too much heart on the first choice alone." "Why did she say like that? Do you have any idea?" "Yes guys, she told,  if by any chance, we miss on

Easiest Route to Face Life

"Rafael,  what's the easiest route to face life?" "Be simple." "That simple?" All smiled. "Yes, that simple,  when you were small what was your worry? " "Thinking of it now, there eas nothing, when angry, happy, hurt, whatever emotions we had eas shown then and there, not even bothering to think of its consequences. But now, its so complicated, that I'm not sure whether to do it or not do it, or say it or not say it. I'll have to plan each and every thing of my life. Its really tiring, Rafael.' "Always on the tight rope?" "Exactly. " "Not knowing where the next step would end?" "Yes absolutely right. But that is so boring, one after the other. Life should be really enjoyedisn't it Rafael? " "Yes,  it is. But not in the sense like party, booze and all that sorts. It would lead to more inner emptiness leading to hopelessness." "Never think, that thi

Why are we sad?"

"Rafael,  our headmistress retired. She was our Chemistry teacher. She was very kind and very loving too. The whole school were crying when she bade farewell.  Why should it be sad, when we seperate from our loved ones?" "I am sorry to hear, that a good teacher retired because of age. But still you people should feel lucky, that you have had first hand experience of a good teacher,  just think of the students who are now planning to join school?" "Yes its true Rafael,  they're really unlucky on that score.  But still,  why are we so sad, heartbroken?" "Any relationship tthat's been joined with love cannot be broken,  even after years of seperation, we do have fond thoughts of them, the hurt part comes, when our mind takes over and sows the seed of fear, whispering to our intelligence,  if she goes, you would feel alone,  the person replacing her can be a militant matron, thus bringing a sense of hurt, loss and loneliness, making it a fe

Rather Sweat Blood, than....

"Children,  the only rule in the religion of love is,  'Love thy Neighbours as thy Self'. "Rafael, I just wanted to ask a question" "Fire away Raj." " You said the life of Jesus was role model for us, how to overcome our different life situation, which life situation which Jesus overcame touched you most, Rafael?" "Good question Mark,  the act that touched me is, 'sweating blood'. "Ouch,  that's indeed a touching situation. Its true Rafael.  But,  why did you get attracted to that specific situation? " "Once when I was young,  one of my rivals, poured ink on my home work,  I felt so angry,  that I really felt like smashing his face,  but I knew it was wrong and it would lead to more enemity. So I tried to control my fury,  by clenching my hands to fists,  grinding my teeth,  so that I don't utter a single word, which I would regret later and shut my eyes and took a deep breath,  at that time, I

Why Do I Believe

"But Rafael,  you itself told me that God Created Jesus from His very soul, then how come, God and Jesus have any difference?" "Yes there is a very big difference Monica." "But how come this difference arrived?" "God, is complete soul, full of love. But Jesus along with the God soul has the physical body of human beings, which pulls him away from being with God or like God." "Ooooh that means, its like evil, the devil which takes us away from God, isn't it Rafael?" "Yes, exactly, both good and evil are within us children and what you choose to do is what comes out of us." All nodded. "But Rafael, there is one thing I do not understand, the teachers or the priests, who leads the people to christianity does wrong, then how will we feel to follow them?" "Never ever judge others by their action because, as I told you, when we are covered with the physical human body you make lots and loads of mist

The Secret Room

"Rafael,  what do you mean by silence?  Is it not talking,  like silence in class, in library? " "Good question Ajay, silence is not talking,  there is a room inside you, where your soul resides, the real you is inside that room. " "Wow, really?  Its unimaginable. But what has this room got to do with silence,  Rafael?" "The real you grows in silence and not in noise. You can sit in a noisy room and talk over the din, but still,  you can be silent and that is what we need." "But now that's confusing, how do we make our room inside us silent, rafael?" "To be silent,  we will have to clear our thoughts. When thoughts come, stop it, don't allow to come inside the room of your soul." "But Rafael,  thoughts are what make us, just imagine,  we without thoughts?" "Yes, its true, but that is what causes the noise inside you, for example, you saw a very good pen with your friend and you want to hav

Six Tips To Easy Living

"Rafael,  you spoke about some qualities, we'll have to develop from very young, one is never betray your friends. "All nodded.  what are the rest?" "Hmmm... good question Rebecca,  I'll put it directly point by point, then we'll discuss it later,  is it O.K?" "Yes Rafael. " "Good, so here we start. ● Be truthful :- "If you ask, why it is so important, then there is only one answer,  if you havea habit of lying, then quit Iit, or else no one would believe you. Faith os the foundation of all relationship." All nodded. ● Obey elders:- They were once our age, at that time, what we are thinking now, has already been done by them and they have already borne the consequences. If its good, then they would not interfere or else, bear in mind, they would not sit still, until we obey them or else, we would face the same consequences. At that time, they would surely say, 'I told you' So why waste on experimenting exp

The Moon For Your taking

    Chapter - 30 "Hai Rafael, Now what happened to the island Alfonso bought? Did they really buy an island?" "No Ajay, they didn't buy an island. It was lwss inhabited area , where they were not known. So Alfonso wanted to start afresh, hi s life, where no one judges him for his past. So he bought a small piece of land and then the other inhabitants, wanted to take off from their residence to move out of that island. So they requested him to buy their land too. Thus, he got a substantial amount of the island, literally owning an island." "What did he do with that place Rafael?" "Well he planned to build a small township. He contacted Dr. Martin about it and h e was too eager to help Alfonso." "But Rafael, can we get an island, just like that?" "We can get anything we want, if we wish for it or if the wish had been there for some time. The wishes are just a vibrations coming from the mind , the physical bo

Pray your Way Out

Chapter - 29     Rafael, my mom’s sick. What should I do?” “I’m really sorry to hear about it mark. First thing, take her to the hospital and then just send a prayer for her well being.” “Does prayer really work Rafael? What is prayer , in the real sense?” “Body is just a physical encasing of your soul and for the well being of the physical body, your soul should be well too. You are a drop of God soul and we get our energy from the God soul. So when a drop requests the God soul to give energy for others as well as ourself, it would surely reach the person you requested for as well as you, but for the prayer to reach God, you will have to do good and think good and say good, only then the obstacles would be cleared. So do pray, a lot and get the blessings of God. We will also pray for your mother mark, so that she will get well soon.  “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd…  Chapter - 30 U

Family First

Chapter - 27     “Now back to the story, the lady died. So we buried her in her own courtyard and the princess too stayed there until all the rituals were completed.” “Rafael, did the hermit stay back?” “No he left, saying, the old lady is accompanying him to his hermitage, as she always wished to go there. So he left immediately.” “But Rafael, how can he do that? Isn’t have any consideration for the old lady?” “Yes, he had, Rebecca, that’s why he left immediately. For the people who have find the path to God, know that there is a soul, which lives forever and for them the soul is important than the body, that’s why he left because for the soul there are no barriers. And he knew, the love the old lady had towards him. So she would reach there to see his place, that’s why he ran.” All nodded. “But Alfonso, the old lady left and the hermit too left, then how did you return to the main land, with a fleet of ship filled with gold?” “After burying the o

Don't Blame, Take It In Your Stride

Chapter - 24 “Alfonso smiled delighted, “That’s a relief. I got a bit worried about the Amulet. ” All nodded. “Now don’t you want to know, what happened when we left from here?” “Yes son, that would be nice. I really would like to know every minute detail.” All nodded. “But before I start the story, I should thank you, Isabella for your timely assistance.” “Me? What did I do, except giving my amulet to you?” “That is what saved us all or else we would have been fishes in the sea.” “Fishes, you are not joking, right? :No, Isabella, it’s truth. But except for me, all the others turned to fishes.” “ What happened?” All were ears and sat on edge of their chairs, to hear clearly.” “After we left here , we reached our ship. We had the perfect climate and the right wind for sailing peacefully, when we reached in a place our ship sank into the ocean.” “What!!!!!!!! you got drowned?” Isabella asked wide eyed “So our ship is lost capt

Lost in Time

Chapter - 17 “Rafael, what happened when Alfonso stepped on the open space?” “The act which happened 2000 years back came back to life.” “What!!!!!! You mean, the prince and princess on dry land?” “Yes Mathew, the ocean floor disappeared and instead of the ocean and all the crew members transformed into their old self, the witch, in the act of stealing the crown of the princess and the prince with his sword.” “Wow!!!!!!! So they have turned the time back within a few seconds.” “Well, you can say that Mathew, 2000 years, some minutes and seconds.” “But how did that happen?” “There are some deeds, which we are destined to do. No matter we think, that there are so many people in this wide world, some works, it could be fulfilled through us and at that time, we are the key to the lock. Our presence is enough for the action to be done. Here Alfonso was the only person, who could save the princess, that is why, he got the amulet, as a protection, tha

The Lifeline

Chapter - 11 “Rafael,  what was inside the bag ?” “It was Alfonso's coin bag, which he had placed on the clinic table and with it a small pouch.” “A small pouch? what was inside it Rafael?” “An Amulet.” “Amulet? What does that mean?” “It’s an object to ward off evil. Here it was a medal on a gold chain, there was a message along with it, “I have a feeling, that you would need it very badly than me, the very moment you see this, wear it, don’t delay. It’s a prayer medallion, Pleaaaaaaaase.” “Wow!!! but do you believe in all these amulets  Rafael, is it true, that it would ward off evil?” “First and foremost, be known that all things are made of atoms and atoms are invisible vibrations. It is formed by the power of your thought and when you think good and when you with the power of your thought pass on the love which comes from the inner soul to the person who wears this medallion, or any things around you, it would natural become an a

Sow the Right Seed

Chapter - 9  “Good, back to the story, they talked, sang and joked all the way back home, there a big surprised awaited them.” “What surprise Rafael?” “The men who had cut the doctor into pieces were awaiting them.” “What!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!! My God!!!!!!!” “But why?” “Well they were brought by the police.” “But how come the police came to know about it in the first place?” “Immediately after they left Dr. Martin’s clinic, they had a squabble in the pub and in that fight, they spilled all the details loud and clear for all to hear, ending them in prison. This was part of the interrogation, five in chains.” “Five members!!!!!! But anyway, its good to hear they are not roaming scot free around the place.” All nodded. “If you have done a wrong children, its not necessary, that you should be punished, you can be the best person in the whole wide world for all to see. But, the inside police, the very soul of yours, he is very very