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Being a WoW Teacher - Sr. Daisy Kozhikott

Hey Guys!!!!! I would like to speak about a very good teacher, who really made a difference in a big way. She was a nun, her name is Sr. Daisy Kozhikott. In life I have always wondered why I made the choices I made. One of the choices was to become a teacher, believe it or not I had the mightiest stage fear you could ever imagine and still has (undoubtedly). I tend to forget when I am in front of people, whether it is a kindergarten student or big guys. But my life forced me to take a job to teach students from Kindergarten to class 12 and at one point of my life even bank managers and bank clerks. I didn't know how I was evaluated by my kids, nobody told me, how I was. I thought I was an okay teacher, please note :- Not a WoW!!! teacher, only okay.   I only became a teacher to be with my kids always... both at home and school and during vacations too, until the time I had to let go off them. But when I resigned from job I got the best compliment from the most unsuspe