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After Death Where Are You Planning To Go?

Well, everyone would like to be in heaven. But there are several checklist you should fulfill to reach heaven. We will just check one of the check list – Remove negativities in you. Let me tell you with the help of a story. Smitha was preparing a vegetable patch in her backyard. While she was digging in that patch, she saw a glittering stone. She washed it. And to her surprise, she found that it was gold,  covered in hard dirt and rock.   Imagine, the gold as you and the dirt covering the gold, are your negativities, like hurt, anger, hatred, sadness, bitterness, etc. which you have accumulated in your lifetimes. Back to the story, Smitha knew, how to extract pure gold, she started breaking the stone to small pieces.   When you are a human being, when you have a physical body, you can clear your negative qualities by your conscious choice. If you don’t clear it or remove it by your own free will, then the circumstance and the people around you, will forcefully remove it out of you, whi

A Life Lesson You Should Learn From Children To Make You Successful

    Why are children always happy? Why don’t they have any problems? Let me tell you a story. Two-year-old Jacqueline and her sister, 17-year-old Soniya were watching the Animal planet. Both were  watching a lion chasing a deer. After the show, the lion came out of the Television set. Soniya ran out screaming, but, baby Jacqueline welcomed the lion with a smile and started playing with it and it never harmed her. Why did Soniya run? because Soniya judged the lion for attacking and killing the deer and Jacqueline accepted the lion as it is, without judgement.   Let me tell you Another story   3 year old Dennis saw the tip of a saucer at the edge of the dining table. She stretched herself to take it, but in that saucer, there was a cup too. So when she pulled the saucer, she couldn’t hold it in her small fingers, both the cup and the saucer fell down and crashed on the floor. But Dennis didn’t stop there, She took a piece of the saucer, unfortunately, she cut her finger. Blood started oo

Sorry, Please Forgive Me...

    I have always wondered, if Adam had replied to God, “Sorry God, Please forgive me.” What would have been the result? We don’t know, because he didn’t say it. But one thing we all know, we are all carrying the consequence of his one mistake. And adding to that, we are making several mistakes both knowingly and unknowingly. If you knew, that your mistake will affect your children and all the generations that follow, will you make a mistake? of course not. And You will be very careful when making each decision, right? Well from now on, you can be careful. But what about the past mistakes?   If you do not correct it, while you are alive, then you will be passing all the consequence of the mistake, on to your future generation. That’s sad right? How can you correct it?   You are an Energy Being . Each time, when you do something negative, like being angry, hating someone, hurting someone, not helping someone, lying, robbing, cheating, killing, etc. it becomes a memory in your energy lev

Nobody Needs Me

Hey Guys!!!!! "Nobody Needs Me"  is a dialogue or a thought every human being goes through at one point or several points in their life. I too had it several times. Its natural. But how do you face it, that is what makes the difference. Saying it loud helps, I didn't mean shout it, just answer Q :- What is the problem? A :- I feel unwanted, I feel alone, I don't know... I feel like dying..... Q :- But why? What made you think that? Is it because somebody did not acknowledge you or appreciate you or left you out? A:- I don't know...... its the feeling of sadness its just coming up, I don't know, I can't put it into words. I don't know how to explain. Q:- Okay, can you say what happened today in your life since you woke up? A:- Say all the details.... every single minute one, even if it is just nothingly nonsense, just say it... Q:- There lies the answer, a small minute matter triggered this thought. I will give my life experience It wa

Aim in Life

Hey Guys!!!! I know, its weird to speak of aim in life. If I say, everyone has only one aim in life, then how much more weird it will be? Yesterday I met two Australian ladies who came to India to follow a Yogini (a female sage) named amma. The younger of the two is a staunch believer of amma. She has been following her for the past 8 years. So I asked her "What good of amma do you use in your daily life?" She replied, " I don't know, I guess, amma helps a lot of people and that I do too." And she asked, am I following amma. I replied in the negative. Its not that I am against anyone or anything. Its because I should know, why I would like to follow a person. So while talking, I was asking myself, why am I here in this world in the first place? While evaluating life - sitting in the chair and wasting tons of words (part of profession) to impress others. Is it worth it? What is my aim in my life? This put me in a search mode, well, its n

Never Cross The Invisible Boundary

Hey Guys!!! As a human being, we have several boundaries - the boundaries of countries, lands, seas, air,  houses, rooms, personal space and even relationships. Now, why do you need these boundaries? For the smooth running of relationship between countries, people and between family members. I do not know much about history about creating boundaries and I am not going into it. I am much more into getting into the ways and means to have a life with happily ever after. One day, I met a mother of two boys and she was complaining that she does not want to welcome one of her son's friend (been together from childhood till 27 yrs) . I was a bit surprised, because this long a friendship, does bring out a special affection, so I asked her, "Really!!!! Why?" She replied, "This boy, whenever he comes to my house, comes directly to the kitchen, opens the refrigerator and checks out whether there is any food to eat and if there is anything he takes

Tips to Save Love Marriage

Hey Guys!!!! Love Marriages!!!! Hmmmm....Its so fantastic an experience to be in Love. And I love to see the happiness when these guys decide to get married. In India, the elders, just sigh and shake their head and say, "Its no use, they are doomed to break." And Lo Behold!!! it so happens as such. Do you think, its jinxed? Everywhere in the world its the same. Do you really feel that the Lover couple purposely do what they do because they want to break up the relationship, which they have decided to be happily ever after? We all know the answer to it. Its Emphatically No. Then why is it they break up? Well, we'll check out how we can save a break up from my perspective. Full stomach is a must. Have a secure job, or else, love can sustain until the stomach rumbles, afterwards, believe it or not, you are going to fight for sure - For Food (ha..ha..ha.. what a joke!!!) Little acts of kindness is a must. Whether you believe it or not, the lady is the ligh

Love Your Neighbour as Your Self

Hey Guys!!!!! How should we live? Happily ever after? or be tensed or depressed when you have a problem?  or be sad when something bad happens? or Be elated when something good happens? Well let me get some cool facts of our physical body. Emotions create chemical reactions in our body. It affects the balance of the body.  The best chemical reaction in your body happens when you are in Love . What is Love? Love is an emotion, where you are happy to have with you whether its a person, animal or thing. You can connect with that no matter wherever you are. You would like to be a part of it in whatever circumstances. Its a feeling that is created by a chemical reaction which happens in our body. For example, Do you love your body? Do you love the right side of your body or the left side? The nose or the eyes? Will you hurt the part which you don't like?  You might think, why I am asking these weird questions?  Imagine you love your right side and hate the left side,

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Live Like a Bird

Hey Guys Sorry, I was not able to talk anything about the Bible for a long time. Its nothing personal, the time is an essence and the energy is another. There were several duties which I had to fulfill on a war footage basis. And I am happy to say, I completed it. You might wonder what it is. " Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" I have always wondered how this will happen, like how will human beings live without having any money.  My first experience with having no money with me was, when I was in class 8. I had home from boarding and was with my father, he was planning to buy a house and you know, all the money was in the bank and I do not know what the issue was, my dad had only Rs. 2 with him and we lived with just Rs. 2 for 1 week. (In those times, there were no ATMs, if we need money we will have to go to the bank). But we lived ver

Never Ever Say Goodbye!!!

Dear Guys Today, I had a very sad experience, when I came face to face with separation of one of my best friends. You know, that is when we feel that nothing is predictable, Remember, "The moment we have now is the best moment and it doesn't necessarily last".  Each word, each action, each attitude do count in the long run, when we create our own destiny. But we tend to forget that in the long run, the destiny is created with many others tagging along. In short, our  destiny do have a greater impact on others than to us. The destiny starts with Words falling from our mouth. I will give an experience of mine. My children, I have two. They are very arrogant, some times, I really hate that when they show it to me and I do not tolerate when they show that attitude. Once, it so happened, that my younger son, said something arrogantly to me and Bang!!!! I  smacked him right on his mouth. (In India, we parents have the privilege to both pamper and punish o

Throw Your Trash

Hey Guys!!!! I am continuing from where I left yesterday. I had requested you to just let yourself give a break from your  and let whatever thoughts come, to pass it through you, right? And have you tried? What did you feel? Well, I will say it for you, your mind will be a junk yard in a moment,  am I right? I will give an example, yesterday, I had an experience where one client asked me, whether there is any chance of getting one room for three days in a specific hotel and when I checked there weren't any availability. So, I said, no, its not available and they left immediately and I didn't feel sad or odd. But after a few minutes, my mind worked, "Hey Meena, you could have proposed another hotel and for a best price too, and then the thoughts started swirling around, if I had done that, it would have been better, if I had thought about it this way, then I could have another business, etc...etc.. a 101 questions went unanswered. Do you know what the ending wa


Hey Guys!!!!! Today, I have not done any work set for me. You might think, what I did?  nothing, just wasted my time, that is all. But did I? I do not think so, but if you look in the sense of work, yes, but as a human being, we are entitled to just be idle or just be there for us, for me. I have only myself for me. If I cannot spare my own time for me, then who will? So, here I am watching a very romantic Bollywood movie and smiling like a joker, crying like a crypot and I do not regret it even for a moment. I remember once when for the first time, when my dad taught us to swim, it was like fighting the water with legs and hands and hearts and strength. Once, when I got the feel of it, it was just a matter of enjoying it with caution. Everyone knows life is to be lived, but that doesn't mean always we should live productively, its just letting go off the leash of oneself and get a breather, where you do not have to decide, just let it be.  It is at that time, we open our

Doubting Tom

Once upon a time a young man named Sadiq and a young girl named Haseena got married, they were new to the business of marriage. Both were innocent to worldly vices. They shared their wows and woes. One day, another boy named Ansar came to this village and saw this girl, immediately, he wanted to have her. He checked her background and came to know that she was married. That didn't stop him from wanting her. He dreamed of her as his girl and started plans to make her his. So he befriended Sadiq and became inseparable. One day, when Sadiq was away, Ansar came to Haseena's place and requested to use the toilet. Haseena without any fear allowed him to use the toilet. Haseena went to the kitchen to prepare food for Sadiq. At that time, Sadiq arrived to find Ansar coming out from the toilet and Haseena, nowhere in sight. This, made Sadiq angry, he started doubting Haseena. He made her life a living hell and slowly, the innocence which was there when the family life began started fad