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Pride Goes Before A Fall

Dear Guys This is a comment I received for one of my posting. I really would like to share it with all my readers, who spares some time in my blog and I hope you do not mind Steve. This got my attention when I needed a reminding!!!! Steve Finnell  has left a new comment on your post " Pride Goes Before a Fall ":  PRIDE IS THE ERADICATOR OF INTELLECT Pride can cause you to appear intellectually challenged. The devil had a pride problem. The devil knew that Jesus was God in the flesh, and he still tried to tempt Jesus to sin. [Matthew  4 : 1 -11] PRIDE CAN CAUSE YOU TO APPEAR INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED. Pride destroys the faculty for understanding. Pride hinders the power of discernment. Pride is a road-block to clear thinking. Pride clouds our judgment. Pride restricts our comprehension. Pride causes us to think we are smarter than God. Pride opens the avenue for us to believe man-made doctrine. 2 Peter 3:16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them