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Happily Ever After Series - The Best Part of My Life.

 Hey guys!!!  Do you know what's the best part of my life?  I get to live it. I have my own body and body parts. It works for me round the clock. It never says I can't. I don't have to pay for its services. I can dream my dreams. I can think my own thoughts. I can feel my own feelings. If I can do all these and many many more things freely. Shouldn't I be happy?  Yes, I should. Luckily I went through so many experiences in my lifetime and learnt so many things from people who went through both good and bad that I was lucky I didn't have to go through that again. Now I know, how fortunate I am. For that, I thank the Universe, my parents, my circumstances, and above all my choices.  In short, I am very very lucky to have got this life.  To be frank, I really really love my life. I thank the people who helped me and hurt me.  I thank my Self for being there for me from very small till now. Its never let me alone. So, is there a reason for me to be sad? No, never. Hope

Happily Ever After Series - Don't Reason Your Decisions

Hi guys!!!! You know, we always make decisions, one way or other. Imagine you are going out, you decide on a dress, shoes, the accessories you are planning to have along with you, the list of decisions goes on. No matter how it looks or how others feel about it, your decisions are yours only. You will surely face the consequences of your decision, no doubt. Nobody is going to share the consequences with you.  So what do you think? Will the consequences be different if you find a reason for your decisions? I don't think so.  My advice is, whatever you decide, " Decide with Love " because the decisions you are making are for you.  Your happiness depends on it. And one other very important favour I want to ask from you guys, Please don't make decisions for others. They are entitled to freely decide. Let them beautifully and lovingly decide, watch their expressions and dilemmas when they decide and be there for them when they need you, that's all, the rest they will m

Happily Ever After Series - The Disease

Hi Guys!!! My family is going through a cancer phase. When I heard it the first time, I didn't feel anything, no feelings at all because I knew it was the body's message to calm down, take rest and enjoy life. Personally, if it was me, I would have done just that, but unfortunately, it was a family member, who heard the people around. People swarmed from every walks of life and advised 1001 ways to fight cancer. The best hospitals, the best doctors, the best after service, etc..etc... The one thing they forgot to take into consideration is what would happen to the human being who has been afflicted. Anyway, I am writing this post after 6 months of the above issue. The family decided to surgically remove the cancerous part, do the radiation and finish off the situation in one go. Everything was a grand success, except the doctor removed the facial nerve which was passing by the cancerous area and the patient has no sensation on that part of his face. So now, when he smiles or ta

Happily ever After Series - Passion

 Hi Guys!!! I have always wondered, what makes our life worth living. Have you ever thought about it? A housewife does the same work from dawn to dusk. There is nothing different. They wake up early in the morning, take bath, pray, start preparing food, feed the family. After the kids and husband has gone, she starts, washing, cleaning, ironing, and all the knick-knacks which never come to anyone's notice until when she is no more. By that time, it would be too late to say a trivial "Thank you". So, why does a housewife never complain about doing this monotonous job? Because she loves doing it for her family. The keyword is "Love". That is what passion is all about. Doing the job selflessly, without conditions or reservations and with love it becomes a passion. You can have 1001 passions. So don't stop at one activity. When there is passion, happiness, success, and prosperity follows... That is the power of "Love". So from now on, whatever you do,

Happily Ever After Series - Why Is It Important To Remove Your Negative Thoughts

 What are negative thoughts? Let's first check the list of negative thoughts. Abandoned Accused Agony Alienated Alone Angry Anxious Ashamed Attacked Battered Belittled Bereaved Betrayed Bitter Boxed in Can’t breath Chained Cheated Claustrophobic Confused Controlled Crazy Criticized Damned Deceived Degraded Demeaned Demoralized Depressed Deprived Despair Indifferent Dirty Disappointed Disgraced Disgusted Dominated Don’t belong Don’t exist Don’t fit Embarrased Empty Enraged Evil Extrovert Failure Fearful Filthy Foolish Forgotten Freakish Frustrated Garbage Guilty Helpless Hopeless Humiliated Hurt Ignorant Inadequate Incompetent Insecure Insignificant Insulted Introvert Invisible Irresponsible Jealous Lazy Left out Lonely Losing control Losing my mind Lost Lustful Manipulated Mental Misunderstood Mistake Nasty Neglected Not approved Not cared for Not comforted Not needed Not nurtured Numb Offended Out of control Outcast Overexposed Overwhelmed Panicky People pleaser Powerless Pressure

Happily Ever After Series - What is BAD?

Hi guys!! Some say dark is bad. what is your opinion? Imagine there is no darkness at all and only light, is it good? You might answer, "I don't know." Yes, we really don't know. Because it is what it is. When the sun sets  and you are enveloped in darkness, can you do anything about it? Nothing. It is what it is. Clean and dirty, which is bad? Both are a state of being.  In the deserts, the sun is very hot. So they try not to be in the Sun for long periods. But in snowy areas, they try to have sunbath under that same Sun. So is Sun good or bad? There is nothing good or bad about the Sun. That's how it is. Good and bad are man created words. If you ask a baby what is good or what is bad, it will look at you and smile, because he has no words or thoughts. He just lives in the moment. So next time when something "BAD" happens to you, or you feel "BAD" remember, there is nothing bad in that situation. It was supposed to happen at that moment and i

Happily Ever After Series - Stop Making Resolutions

Hey Guys!!! Every year before the arrival of the new year, unconsciously we have a tendency to make resolutions or if we are young, we are asked to make resolutions. And we try to make sure that we follow it, but it's a rarity that we are able to fulfill it till the very end. Have you ever wondered why can't we keep our resolutions? Well!! Let's check why. When we break promises to others, we feel bad about it. But we don't even regret breaking the resolution or the promise we made. Yeah.. yeah... I know... we have 1001 reasons. In reality, there is only one reason - We don't VALUE or LOVE or RESPECT our SELF . You don't believe it? Let me explain. Let's check the dialogue we have with our self before breaking the resolution, I will give mine. "Meena, I think we need to break this resolution next time, we will do it much more strongly. I promise I will keep it till the year end, but for this once, I have no choice.. I need to break it.. I really can&

Happily Ever After Series - Connection Between Man and Tree

When you reverse a Man, it is similar to a tree. And  there  the similarity ends. Tree survives only if its external environment is favourable, if not, it dies.  But Man,  can not only survive all hardships but he grows stronger and more powerful when he faces hardship. Why? Tree grows from its tip but Man grows from it's root, that's why. So, know your potential and your worth and value your Self. Hint:- Don't go and look at your family tree. The root is in you, find it.

Happily Ever After Series - When Someone Shouts At You Angrily

When someone shouts at you angrily, the first question you ask yourself is, "What did I do wrong? " Your answer, "For correcting my mistake? But I didn't do any wrong." Your mind continues, "She hates me." And then you behave accordingly. How? By shouting back? or........ Forgive them? What is reality? Why do some people get angry for no reason or for small reasons? Because your action or your person triggered their bad memory. It's not your fault or their fault, it just came out from their emotional baggage unconsciously. When you know that they did it unconsciously, what will you do? You will forgive them and forget the incident, right? But if you don't forgive what will happen? Welcome aboard, you have created a memory for yourself and you will behave exactly like the person who shouted at you, but doubly strong than what they did to you. Do you want it? I hope not. If you don't clear this incident by forgiving them immediately, then it

Happily Ever After Series -The Best Competition

 Hi Guys!!! What happens when you overtake other's best? You become the best. For how long? Until someone overtakes you? You might say, it's life. When you step on all the peaks of this world, you feel elated for some time but after that, you have no more peaks to climb. Then what? Sweet memories and no more energy to live. Life is not a target to be fulfilled. When you reach the target, then what? The next target. And when you reach the top, then what? Sweet memories and a boring life to live. When you close your eyes, who is there with you? You answer might be "No one". But it's not true. There is one person, who is always there with you. and that is your Inner You or your Inner Self.  Look within you. There is a perfect and more powerful "you" waiting to be set free. If you can find that real "You", then no power will be able to stop you.  It's a lifelong process and every moment of it is more adventurous and exciting making you love you

Happily Ever After Series - I Respect Me

We always want everyone to respect us. For that, we go to any extremes to make people notice, our actions and words. And when the targeted people do not acknowledge it and do not respect us, we feel sad and depressed. Stop right there. Imagine you consciously smiled at someone. You should feel happy because you really gave a smile without expecting anything in return from that person.  When you are conscious of each moment of your life, you will feel proud of yourself and you'll feel, I really did a good job in smiling.  You do not need to do any grand gestures, just simple things in life can make a lot of difference. When each action counts, you will start feeling proud of yourself. So after each kind, loving and caring thought, word or action, be thankful and look around, you will feel that the world is changing around you. But in reality, its you who changed this world. So, let's start the journey together for  "A Happily Ever After Life". Meena

My Life After COVID

The same life I had when I was in school - CAREFREE. No Job, No worries, No commitments, No phone calls, No deadlines, No Targets. All the work, income, household chores, everything were handled by someone. It's the best time of my life. Thank you CORONA. Enjoy your life, this might be the only chance you get to live, So, "Live your life HAPPILY EVER AFTER TODAY." Bye. Meena