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Causes of Land Pollution

Land pollution is the pollution of the Earth's natural land surface by industrial commercial, domestic and agricultural activities. 1. Increase in urbanization :- Construction uses up forestland. This leads to the exploitation and destruction of forests causing imbalance to climate. There is more demand for water, hence reservoirs are built causing the loss of land. 2. Increase in agricultural land :- As the human population grew there was a greater demand for food, thus more land allocated to agriculture. 3. Overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers :- Chemical herbicides and pesticides kill bees and other pollinators. Chemical fertilizers do not put minerals into the soil. Consequently, the crops grown have very few minerals and causes non-biodegradable chemicals to enter and accumulate in the food chain. Vegetation alone has the unique ability to convert inorganic minerals absorbed from the soil and water into organic forms that animals and humans can use. Beca

Any other Gods?

The next best thing I learned from my friend is, never expect anything from human beings. Its not their fault, they are imperfect in the physical sense, which naturally transmits through their thoughts, words and actions. But the eventual heart break is very drastic. If you want to avoid the last part - the heartbreak part. Then you should abstain from attachment. When we are attached to something or someone, we expect a lot from them or from it. And that creates heart break and we are not here to waste time breaking our hearts. Breaking, joining and healing is along process. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. The owner of the monument Taj Mahal in Agra was so obsessed with his wife, that he was a living dead after her death. And he was like that until his death. I know you would say,it is sad. But I was thinking about his obsession that he forgot to live. There are some people who would get mental imbalance or sometimes commit suicide because of his obsession. This is a very v

Six feet Soil

Two days back, I met my cousin brother. So he was speaking about his work place. The atmosphere his higher ups create for the lower employees was the highlight. He said, how a new employee was treated when he made a mistake. The gentleman was warned, at that time another superior officer joined hands with this superior, saying, he did the dame before and the other superiors too joined. Its so humiliating to be working under such idiot supervisors. But I do not understand, how educated people could behave like that. I have heard, education refines man. Here I feel, it has refined the human heart and left intact the animal instincts for the rest of the society to tolerate. I have worked in different places and the attitude of the people are different at different circumstances. When they are far from home, out of state or country, people tend to be accommodating, understanding and helpful. No harassment or anything and these people when they come to their home town, they do not chang

Home Alone?

In all religions, to kill is wrong. But I have thought, only a very few would have the courage to kill another person. So why God bothered or let me rephrase it, why religion included this law, into our daily life? But as life took me to wide experiences, the meaning of killing gained great depth. In the movie home alone, there is a part, where the boy says, 'I do not want a family.' Here only the mother hears, she is hurt. If the family had heard it, they would naturally hate the boy, just like we put a killer in jail, out of society. The first part is about the boy asking help, which no one bothers to acknowledge or help. He is also humiliated, which explodes as hatred towards the whole family resulting in killing the whole family in the small heart. I hope you understood what killing really means? Its hatred. Hatred doesn't kill another person, it kills us. If I hate my brother, nothing happens to my brother, the real killing takes place in us. Anger clouds de

Think Twice Before You Act

Today I happened to watch the world premiere of Ashiqui 2, a bollywood movie. Everything was good, the story line, the acting, direction, cinematography. I really was awed by the picturisation of the alcoholic. It was really superb. But in the end, it got broke, it got flopped. According to the thought process of an alcoholic, yes, he might commit suicide, but a movie maker, who, holds many a people's expectation, should have channelized the weakened attitude of the alcoholic to the path of victory . But unfortunately, he didn't. I was disappointed, because its marketing, was done ages before. So there might be lakhs of viewers, who might be an addict of something, which he is unable to break. So the chances of him committing suicide is more. Is it what we should wish of others? Its like escaping, running away from your faults. I believe in the strength of human mind, his will power. I will give an apt example, An Indian dancer, named Sudha Chandran, met with a road

Abstinence is strength

O. K. So now we are truthful. What next? Hmm,. That's the problem. Its really a tangle of things, which we have to untangle. Well, we will take one at a time. What do you say about cravings? I don't know whether you would believe it, but I am crazy with sweets. I love so much sweets that I could eat a quarter kilo of sweets within fifteen minutes. Even after I grew big, I had this craving. And every one used to scold me for eating so much sweets in a go. This made me think, why should I hear all these scoldings, so I quit eating sweets. When anyone offered sweets, I declined, but you know people, 'Meena don't act smart, we know you love sweets. why do you make so much scene?, etc..etc.. that is the contradiction of life. Don't get too screwed up on this. But you have a bigger goal, for that we surely have to stop this craving. You know, its very easy, the only thing is just be strong enough to have the will power to say no, when the craving raises its head. T