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Little Drops Make a Mighty Ocean

My God! Would you believe it? Better ask, what? Should I say it? Now your curosity has aroused right? I know, but actually, there is nothing to be curious about. Last day, my mother and myself went to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. So ee were roaming around the place, when we saw a banana shop. We were glad to see so many varieties of banana. But we needed just two kilos and the shop keeper entertained only wholesale deals, Seeing our presence, he tolerated us patiently and hearng our request, he elaborately directed to a far away shop and said, you could get there quality banana and dismissed ussmo8thly, But my mom, got into the very next shop and asked for two kgs banana, the shoo keeper was willing to give us the said kgs happily and seeing his willingness, we bought one whole bunch of banana. I know, you might say, what's so special about it. Yes, there is, the first shopkeeper was a good businessman, but, the second one would be successful. Little drops