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Think Twice Before You Act

Today I happened to watch the world premiere of Ashiqui 2, a bollywood movie. Everything was good, the story line, the acting, direction, cinematography. I really was awed by the picturisation of the alcoholic. It was really superb. But in the end, it got broke, it got flopped. According to the thought process of an alcoholic, yes, he might commit suicide, but a movie maker, who, holds many a people's expectation, should have channelized the weakened attitude of the alcoholic to the path of victory . But unfortunately, he didn't. I was disappointed, because its marketing, was done ages before. So there might be lakhs of viewers, who might be an addict of something, which he is unable to break. So the chances of him committing suicide is more. Is it what we should wish of others? Its like escaping, running away from your faults. I believe in the strength of human mind, his will power. I will give an apt example, An Indian dancer, named Sudha Chandran, met with a road

Don't Compromise on Dreams

Could you please explain the best sights of the place? That would be the first question any tourist would ask before he plans to go to any destination. Which includes both you and me. But this question was directed to me. That really was a question, isn't it? Usually we don't bother about the details of our own places. You know, the place I live is a tourist hot spot and I have not seen most of it. But I have visited several places out side our place. I really felt ashamed. Because I am a story weaver, when I say about a place, I try to give the story behind it, that's interesting isn't it? Yes I know because, along with my writing, I also organise tours. Just for a living. That is necessity. Do you know, before getting this job, I was planning to take up a job because my mom was very sick. So I was unable to return to my well paid job. So I set my conditions, of my job and I attended two interviews too. They were willing to have me, but some or he other conditions

To All The Liars Of The World

Continuing Yesterday's venture , of returning to the womb. We have to take several steps. I will give an example, my own example. It was when I was small. I was a joker, which means, I would crack jokes and make everybody laugh and sometimes, it included lies too. But as I grew older, I do not know, how I outgrew out of it, but I didn't feel anything funny about these jokes. I completely stopped it. But the sad part was, the lies returned to me amd was repaid in the same coin. Since I hadn't done much damage with lie jokes, I had to bear only a few but the consequences of it extended my whole life. I had to live with people who only lied or averse to truth. I was shocked. How did this happen? Then I knew, my destimy was conmected to lies. Either, I totally abstain from lies and reach my destination without casualty or churn around this mess of lies I have already created and go on creatimg more of it. You might think, lies is O.K. But believe me, its better to die than

Are You A Stinker?

Day before yesterday, I had to collect a money, which in normal circumstance, I'd forefeit than face those people.  The money was an advance given for a house. My cousin told them, he doesn't want the house, so he asked to refund the advance amount. The owners were so angry, that they started talking vulgarily and they promised to refund it the very day. For that, I had to go. Just imagine, my fear. I really hate fights and especially verbal assaults. But what to do, I had to go there. I went like the sacrificial lamb, ready to be slaughtered. But the reception they gave me was simply astounding. They spoke so lovingky and really wished that we had not cancelled this deal. But still, they were gave suggestions and how to search for homes and also offered me tea. Then I had this eery feeling, whether,  my cousin heard them right or not, but, its true, he heard the worst I got the best deal. But that doesn't mean, that I was good looking or spoke sense. Its because I had a l

Overcome Destiny

I do not know whether you believe in destiny or not, but I believe, that's a sad fact. (Sigh) You might think why I feel depressed about it. Well if we make a mistake, then we can run away from the fact that it was not my doing, it was already destined. But is it fair? No way, when Judas betrayed his master, we say it was already destined, but was it fair for Jesus, was it fair for Judas, if he had an iota of sense, he could have asked sorry, at least both the master and the disciple could have had a better ending. Now nothing can be undone, good. But what about us, we too have this problem, at every turn of life. Actually, its very confusing. But I decided one thing, right or wrong, I am going to enjoy life and not bogged by this issue. Yeah I understand, you want to know, how it could be achieved. Well it isn't that difficult because live with your heart, then everything would just end supebly. You , might want to know, how can that happen ? If your action can