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Kerala Tour - 2 Nights & 3 Days

Cochin- Athirapally- Alleppey- Cochin Day :- 1  Cochin – Athirapally (80 kms / 2 hrs) On arrival at the Cochin airport or railway station. You will be continuing the drive to Athirapally. Athirapally, the land of rivers and forests has something to boast of, the splendorous, 80-feet high and 330-feet wide, waterfalls which has rightfully earned the title – the Niagara Falls of India. Check in to the hotel and rest of the day enjoy the beauty and stunning glory of nature in the Athirampilly waterfalls and the forest. Overnight stay at Athirampilly. Day :- 2  Athirapally – Alleppey (112 kms / 3 hrs) Check out of the hotel after breakfast for the onward journey to Alleppey. Alleppey, the backwater kingdom, with a labyrinth of waterways crisscrossing the district making it more of nature’s blue strokes to be traversed with the famous houseboats, originally called Kettuvallam. Check in to the houseboat for an overnight stay in the houseboat starting from 12 noon with a welcome dri

Why do we have Death?

Hey Guys!!!! Sorry, I did not write yesterday as a mark of respect to my neighbour aunty of 86 yrs who passed away yesterday early morning. Bringing me to the thought of death. Death is one situation we are not comfortable with. But death is one truth we will have to face in our life regularly. Then the question arise. Why is it we have death? A :- Because we have birth? How are we born? A :- Well, that's complicated. But I know one thing, Physical Life happens from nothing. If physical life happens from physical nothing, there is a time frame for each life and after that time frame, its important to return back to where it has come - to nothing. What is physical? A :- The things which can be defined with our five senses. Now why should it return back to where it has come? A :- I can give you several example, look at the working of the day and night, after night (physical nothing), the day comes and then the night follows. Its in circles, its a continuing proce

How Rain is Formed

Dear Guys Sorry, I was a bit late in getting myself to write something. To be frank, I was enjoying the rain, you know the heavy sprinkling of water and getting oneself wet. But this was not that simple it was really big rain (as the elders say, Torrential Rain). And my weakness during rain is to drink steaming coffee by watching the rain. Do you know, at that moments, I feel melancholic, thoughts flow, dreams are woven and during this rain, I thought about writing a story, about my best character in my heart - Antsy. And today's story is about How Rain is Formed. How Rain is Formed      It was unlike any other day for little Antsy, who was getting pesky due to heat and humidity. She really wanted to take a dip in the pool. She put on her bathing suit of golden brown and righted herself with her antlers and her fore legs. She walked daintily to the swimming pool, a small bottle cap half filled with water and plunged herself in the water, which was a little warmer than ex

How Do we Prioritize?

Hey Guys!!!! I know its long since I have written something, its not because I purposefully abstained from it but my one and the only flaw - laziness took control of me. Sorry, I know that's not a convincing one. But its true. Now, I have decided to overcome it.  I have decided to write, but what to write? I do not know and that too daily, that's one hell of a glitch I am in. So let's put some priority. The list of priorities can be as follows:- Whom should we prioritize or About What or  About Which Subject. My answer :- Kids Their Learning Subjects Any Subjects And after answering this  above question, we can get to the next level How would you go about it? My answer :-  I don't know. But that doesn't mean you would not know. So after answering the question, you have the blue print of your goal. So guys, go for it. Let me check on my issue today and for sure would decide by evening. So see you tomorrow. Take ca