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Don't Let Society Dictate Your Life

Hey Guys!!!! Today, as I was walking back home in the morning, two nuns were rushing to work, one a senior and another a junior. They were wearing their official nun's dress and the senior had a hand bag and a carry bag and the junior a backpack using as it should be. She was not shy to carry it on her back. Nobody felt it odd that a nun is having a backpack on her back, but the senior was not comfortable with that. She forced the junior to take off the backpack (It was quite heavy) and offered to carry it for her in her hand and gave her the carry bag.  It was an eye opener to me, though the junior was comfortable with the way she took care of herself with that bag, the senior was making sure that the junior conducts herself as the society dictates. Its not weird, we all do that in our daily life, the question everyone asks before they do anything is, "what would people think?" And we direct our life according to the society's norms and also accordi

Aim in Life

Hey Guys!!!! I know, its weird to speak of aim in life. If I say, everyone has only one aim in life, then how much more weird it will be? Yesterday I met two Australian ladies who came to India to follow a Yogini (a female sage) named amma. The younger of the two is a staunch believer of amma. She has been following her for the past 8 years. So I asked her "What good of amma do you use in your daily life?" She replied, " I don't know, I guess, amma helps a lot of people and that I do too." And she asked, am I following amma. I replied in the negative. Its not that I am against anyone or anything. Its because I should know, why I would like to follow a person. So while talking, I was asking myself, why am I here in this world in the first place? While evaluating life - sitting in the chair and wasting tons of words (part of profession) to impress others. Is it worth it? What is my aim in my life? This put me in a search mode, well, its n

Let God Take Over

Hey Guys!!! I know, its very difficult to understand the unseen God and His workings. But believe, there is a very big Super Power, who works in the background at all times. Have you wondered how your human body works? Do you have any role in any of its workings except for the basics of eating, drinking, resting and keeping it clean? When you look at the sky, how beautiful everything is placed, have you role in any of it? Look at the nature, how much abundantly its giving us, have you any role in it except for utilizing it to the very maximum? But I say, this super power has the lead role, and that is who He Is - The Almighty God. I would like to say an incident which happened very recently, my friend John wanted to purchase a car but he had no money to give for his downpayment, so he asked his friend for a loan and his friend readily accepted to lend him. So he booked the car and paid a small amount as assurance that he will pay the downpayment when the car arrives, which w

Judging Others

Hey Guys!!!! I remember when I was small, I told something bad about somebody to my dad, I have never seen him so stern before or after that incident. He sat up straight and looked directly at me and said, "This will be the first and the last time, you will speak ill of others, never ever judge others. When you make a mistake and the world around you point at you, and say, you are not a correct person, how would you feel?  Do you want that?" "No Dad, I wouldn't want that. I am sorry. I didn't know." This happened when I was 7 yrs old. When I heard my dad say so strongly and the way he told me, believe it or not I really felt fear creep through my very core. That was an eye opener, From that very day, I make sure that I consciously would never speak ill of others and I try to stop if others speak as such. Whenever I come to that situation, that fear just wakes up within - shaking the young Meena from within, to say, "Shut up Meena." Its not

The LoC of Friendship

Hey Guys!!! Friends are the best, when they are there to support us, guide us and lend an ear to hear us. But when they try to take the place of someone, then that is where they cross the Line of Control (LoC). We all have a place in life, no matter what, be there and don't overstep it. Last day, my friend, a married lady who has a good-for-nothing husband and smart two daughters. So it was natural, she needed someone to hear her problems and that was with her colleague, who was a man. Their friendship grew, they helped each other out, now the man wants to have a say in each and every aspect of her life - to whom to talk with, to whom to be with, etc...etc..... that was the death knell of that beautiful relationship.  Whose mistake is it? It is nobody's mistake, we cannot control our heart and the effects the other people have  on us. It can escalate for sure. Then there are the famous "circumstances", like my friend, she has to take care of he


Hey Guys!!!! The one relationship in the world, were we take it for granted, until we know the value of it, when we lose it. We cannot define friendship in set of words, but it covers  vast aspects of several relationships, bypassing all categories of relationship like relationship between spouses, parent-children relationship, teacher-student relationship, student/s-student/s relationship, colleagues, employer-employee relationship and the criteria goes on and on...... its a never ending saga of bonds or connections. How do we define friendship? two persons connect together by helping at the right moment without any bias of gender, place, caste, community or religion?    or is it The unconditional love, without any expectation of returning the favours received.  But one thing is for certain, It never tries to cross the border of etiquette or hurt the other person purposely. Its an all giving and all consuming connection These features are more pronounced when we are

Its Boring & Lonely

Hey Guys!!!! This is an apt description for this generation or shall we say the mankind of this era? What happened to bring us to this situation? Well!!! its high time to re-evaluate our lifestyle, what do you think? Shall we? If you want it in a sentence what's wrong with us, then face the truth, we have a void within ourselves that we are trying to fill it with some sort of activity like having fun, party, eat, shop, sex, learn, read, pray, surround with friends, family, love,  the dream girl/boy, etc..etc.. but still you cannot fill it, you are not happy. The happiness we get from the above activities is a momentary thing. After a day or two, you are in the same craving state, a feeling of something missing. Its an unending void and it cannot be filled, no matter what you do. Did you know it? Well, its true, you cannot fill it with the activities stated above, but don't lose heart, you can be fulfilled in the simplest way,  if you love your self, if you respect


Hey Guys!!!! The best thing about smiling is, it has many expressions packed into one single smile, its like 1000 words are packed into one smile, its like the pleasure of presence expressed. Its lots of things. For example, you see a person, instead of saying "Hi!!!" you just smile. So when the smile is returned, its like, "Hi!!!! It was a pleasure meeting you or it might mean, I am not averse to have met you, etc..." If the smile is not returned, then he/she  is not interested in making acquaintance with you. When a mother sees her child - the first expression is the smile and that goes for the child too, the expression of happiness, love and relief packed in one. When a lover sees his love - the first expression is the smile of Love, happiness and contentment. When a husband sees a wife - again the famous smile. For each and every facets of life, smile is a must, an inevitable necessity. Isn't it beautiful, Communication without languag

Never Cross The Invisible Boundary

Hey Guys!!! As a human being, we have several boundaries - the boundaries of countries, lands, seas, air,  houses, rooms, personal space and even relationships. Now, why do you need these boundaries? For the smooth running of relationship between countries, people and between family members. I do not know much about history about creating boundaries and I am not going into it. I am much more into getting into the ways and means to have a life with happily ever after. One day, I met a mother of two boys and she was complaining that she does not want to welcome one of her son's friend (been together from childhood till 27 yrs) . I was a bit surprised, because this long a friendship, does bring out a special affection, so I asked her, "Really!!!! Why?" She replied, "This boy, whenever he comes to my house, comes directly to the kitchen, opens the refrigerator and checks out whether there is any food to eat and if there is anything he takes

Early To Bed Early To Rise Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

Hey Guys!!! Today I would like to speak about a very special saying which has a very big impact in life,  "Early To Bed Early To Rise Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy And Wise." As a boarder (living in boarding school), the early to bed and early to rise was a must, I had to wake up at 5 am to go for the 6 am mass and that goes for all the boarders. At that time, I wished if I had been home, I could sleep to my heart's content, but that was childish thoughts to just simply waste time - sleeping. Now I would like to ask a simple question, have you gone to space and seen the galaxy or to the depth of the ocean and seen the many wonders inside?  For me the answer is no but I have seen it in movies, I grew up with stories of the dolphins and octopus, etc.... but if we have gone or not, they give a sense of awe, just when we look at the vast ocean or look up at the sky, they make us feel small - a sense of being a speck which is nothing with respect t

How to Stay Always Healthy

Hey Guys!!! Have you wondered why some sickness cannot be cured? or why one fine day, you are afflicted with sickness and for lifelong you are bedridden? It does not mean that you had a viral attack or vitamin deficiency or some such sort. Any sickness, which is curable can be said due to above reasons, but when it doesn't cure after all the medications and treatments, then you will have to go deeper - A depth within you. Just like we going into the deepest part of the ocean or the universe, but its much more easier to go into you. If ever you have read my previous blogs, its mostly full of crap called love. Have you wondered why all the religious books reiterate that Love thy neighbours as thyself? Well, there is a secret behind it, Love, compassion, kindness, peacefulness are all part of the same emotion – Love. Each emotion other than that stated above creates acid in your body. Any acid when it falls in any part of the body destroys that part

Take Risks But Not Recklessly

Hey Guys!!!!! Have you had a moment of thought, when you felt, what if I had done a thing in a different way? To be honest, everyone gets this thought at one time or the other. During the time of decision, we decide, to play safe. But after that we see the results of the decision and that is when we think, what if I had done it the other way? It is natural, but I learned this very early in life. In boarding school, every moment of my life circumstances was due to the decisions made either by me or by my boarding mistress or by my parents or my friends. Even though my parents think that they provided me a pampered lifestyle where I didn’t have to do anything except eat, drink, study, play and pray, they forgot that in these activities there are people involved and very different types of people.   So I had to make decisions, several times a day on a regular basis. For a three year old kid, decisions   were made with ease and without fear some decisions have ba