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How Rain is Formed

Dear Guys Sorry, I was a bit late in getting myself to write something. To be frank, I was enjoying the rain, you know the heavy sprinkling of water and getting oneself wet. But this was not that simple it was really big rain (as the elders say, Torrential Rain). And my weakness during rain is to drink steaming coffee by watching the rain. Do you know, at that moments, I feel melancholic, thoughts flow, dreams are woven and during this rain, I thought about writing a story, about my best character in my heart - Antsy. And today's story is about How Rain is Formed. How Rain is Formed      It was unlike any other day for little Antsy, who was getting pesky due to heat and humidity. She really wanted to take a dip in the pool. She put on her bathing suit of golden brown and righted herself with her antlers and her fore legs. She walked daintily to the swimming pool, a small bottle cap half filled with water and plunged herself in the water, which was a little warmer than ex